Friday, February 24, 2006

Audacious Acting for Adolescents

Well, I'm off to teach my acting class. I love the kids I teach. I usually have about 12 kids. It's really a trick to get them to be quiet. I asked the Foundation Director, "So, how do you keep these kids quiet?" She replied, "You don't"
We-he-hellllll..Malena's got the answer! Pizza and sparkle stickers, hats and feather boas! Ohh yes!(Divert their attention!)If Lorraine were here, she's do her stand up routine with a little fiddling. Kids LOVE Lorraine.
I'll be sure to take some photos today. I showed one little guy the LaM CD yesterday. I said, "This is what I do when I'm not a Mom"
He just kept looking at it with bewilderment. Then he finally said, "That's You?"
and I replied, "Real Life is dissapointing isn't it."

Hee heee. Maybe today I'll wear make-up! Naaaaaaaaaaaa! I'd rather spend that time making journals and giving out pizza. The great thing about kids is, they don't care what you look like as long as you love them.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Last Minute Gig

Hey, Twin Cities folks! Last minute gig tonight, Friday and Saturday at Kierans Pub in Minneapolis. Tonight and tomorrow with me, Big Johnny and Paul Score and Saturday with me , Paul Score and Paul Regge, from 9-1 each night..

We have taken to calling the band " Fabulous Lorraine and Boys " lately as we never know who is going to be playing, but for Saturday night with me, Paul and Paul we could call ourselves " Lorraine: Appalled "

Sorry...Back to your regularly scheduled Blog....

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Welcome to our Haunted World , Chris Ewen!

Here is some exciting news for you all....Malena and I have been plotting and planning the new CD lately, and today we talked Chris Ewen ( Future Bible Heros/ Magnetic Fields ) into coming on board and doing the music with us. He was the genius behind the Dark Sonnet and Let The Rest Of The World Go By on MIRROR MIRROR , and the more we listened to those songs the more we thought that was the feel we wanted for the next CD, which currently has a working title of " Haunted CD " as everything on it so far seems to be really spooky. ( you think???? what us??? )

I have loved Chris's music for years and he has been doing my CD booklets since the Flash Girl days, and we are beyond excited to get a chance to really do a project with him. This is going to be some fun! Hopefully along about Halloween again you will see a new little Haunted Thing come into the world......

This is going to be music. Music so lovely you will want to rip out someone's heart and eat it.

Or something like.

OK, I am off to play at the Half Time with St Dominick Trio later this evening , look for me by midnight. ( oh, how spooky I have become! I sound like our sweet Nocturna, but I am all haunted and inspired now! )

Love and Haunting-ness,

Monday, February 20, 2006

I'll Tell me Lorraine

glitter graphics

I'm advertising for the Fabulous Lorraine! Oh yes! Rainbow Brite herself will be entertaining the masses at Charlie's Pub ALL DAY and into the NIGHT on St. Patties Day. (I'm keeping the snakes out of MN for a while)
Lorraine has been talking about doing her hair green for the special event. I say, YES! I want colored hair too! I'm stuck with the Mortisha look. Which is ok, but colored hair rocks. Takes you back to the fashion doll days. So, all us LaMies are looking forward to some hot St. Patties Day photos! I wish I was singing with HER! I have a green corset! So, go and listen to Lorraine fiddle away with her fairy music and think of me, sitting in my green corset...

Here's a little poem I wrote about a true shamrock sighting at Lorraine's house.

Shamrock Girl
They say you have an uncanny knack for finding four leaf clovers
And as we sit, having tea in the garden
you show me this gift with effortless persuasion

"Ah here's one for you sister dear"
You say, holding a perfect shamrock!
I wonder, in my head, if my magic is strong enough to do the same.....
"If not here, now.. then when?" I say
and sure enough, beneath my naked feet
was a shamrock, standing proudly amidst his three leafed counterparts.
Just for you!

"Ah, Once mastered, always attainable!" I said to myself
and off I went to find another............
Sadly, I've been looking ever since.
glitter graphics