Thursday, December 06, 2007

Cameras, Cages, Kitties and New Art

Being now snowed in for the winter, my poor car but a memory , except for the No Parking This Side of the Street tickets sticking out all over ( no, I will never figure out the system, me and my neighbours kind of play " Parking Roulette " whichever side of the street has more cars...) I thought tonight I might stay in and take some pictures with my new camera, just to see if it could be done.

Seems to be working! I knew the one with the least amount of buttons and features would be the ONE!

I have put up my Holiday Tree, and done some decorating....

( Like you thought there was more than ONE holiday here??? )

I recently acquired , thru a difficult series of negotiations, a couple of new pieces of art. You may recognise it from " The Vampire Hunters Handbook " and I tell you, the artist was one tough Dude !!! He said the model would only accept top $$$ for it tho, and so perhaps it was not his fault.....

And here is the second, that's the Stardust Dress, in front of it , on it's Dressmakers Mannequin, in the Romance Room...( the Strange thing on the right is Creature-Creature, she may get her own post one day.... ) If you want a closer look at the picture, well, go , you and buy the Vampire Hunters Handbook, what says Xmas more than Vampires?????

Our own Miss Kitty gave me a Fairy last time I was out in the land of Sun. She said " I found her, she's YOU, she's just like you. " Hmmph. Well, I know THAT sort all to well, I put her in a cage with Spiders and Fake Ivy, and now she is happy and creating no more mischief!!! ( our psychic Diva Malena, bought me the cage KNOWING it would come in handy at some point..... )

( and no jumping on the Cruelty to Faires Bandwagon, until you have had these Darlings flying around, you can't know, and it's a LOT bigger inside than out! )

Freaky Venus Seaweed , speaking of nuisances flying around, has been more devious than usual these days, just LOOK at her.....Here she is on the Coffee Table Fish tank looking like a House Cat...

And here is her own true self....

A little song about her came into my head last night. It's to the chorus of " Playground in my Mind. If you don't know the song, read it as a poem. If you do know it, I am sorry it will now be there forever....

I am a Bengal, and I destroy things,
Can I destroy, something for you?
Shred paper towels, jump on your table,
That's what I'm going to do...

I'm from the jungle , I am not tame
I will attack every thing that I see
You think you are safe , but look all around you,
Oh where, can I be?

My name is Venus, and now that we're married
You are my prey, and I'm after you
Chew off your legs or maybe your fingers
That's what I'm going to do...

There you have it, my New Camera. And a new song. ( again, forgive me if you know the tune, feel for me, I walk around my house singing it. All The Time. )

Love, Cameras and Kitties,

Monday, December 03, 2007

Malena's Weather Report

First of all, let me say 2 days of RAIN is not severe weather conditions! People here in La La land are such P*ssies. We get 2 days of rain and everyone goes nuts. "Ohhh the rain! We can't go anywhere" The freeways are jammed and there are accidents everywhere. Mind you, everyone still goes 75 oon the freeway. Hmmm. Wonder if there is a connection there? Buck up little shoppers! (I'd say campers, but WHO camps in LA? Not ONE Hummer in my neighborhood has ever been off road. Let's be serious) It's very simple...when it rains you drive slower! What a concept. I should copyright that...."Like It's like raaaaining, should we go like, ah! sloooower!" (LA accent insert here)

Meanwhile in the midwest there are REAL severe weather conditions. Enough snow to hold you hostage in your house! Miss Fabulous had to cancel her gig due to the weather. I do love to go see Fablo in the winter. Well, ok, in March. That way I can still wear my vintage dead fluffies and feel like I am roughing it in the "cold". When I was a wee lass I grew up in Idaho where it got to be 40 BELOW 0 at times, so I'm no wuss, I'm just an ectomorph.

A happy medium between LA fires big enough to summon up the powers of hell and a blizzard that grounds Santa would be PERFECT. Where would that BE I wonder?

I don't mind the rain. It gives all the flowers, brought in from everywhere else BUT here, (LA is really a desert) a drink and it clears away the smog in the air. NICE! And it gives me a reason to wear patent leather. Like I need a reason! But I can call my outfit, "rain attire" you see. That way all the old bitties don't think I'm into S&M for ONE day.

No one ever believes me when I tell them I'm really a housewife who makes brownies for the kids and lives in a house with a white picket fence around it. (makes for a great disguise for what's inside you see)

Rumor has it that I have a part in a movie playing a leather clad Harley Davidson ridin, gun slingin criminal...who happens to be a lesbian! Sign me up!!! Getting to shoot big guns and beat up boys? What could be better? It's such a change from my last film. Ha ha. I wonder if I'll ever be chosen to play a midwestern nerd who moved to LA to become a moviestar? Hm, might be out of my range. Miles always roles his eyes when I do all my character voices. The old texas cowgirl erks him the most I think. (It's so fun) My favorite is...

"Geter dun fer God!" Which btw, was a real saying on a christian church in the south. Yes, someone send me the photo!

When I tried to link the photo, this peaceful, loving message appeared on the blog. It just doesn't get any better than this does it? Can I get an Amen? Hallelujah!

I wonder if Jesus cried during the Christian Crusades?