Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy, Happy 4th!

I was going to just comment, but then I thought I might actually have a lot to say, so here is a late night post for you.....

(Side note, as I type Mim is SHREDDING a Wonder Women comic, and I mean DESTROYING the thing, no idea where she got it or why...)

Wonderfully fun gig tonight with Johnny. I got way excited about fireworks, and distracted the rest of the time, but I think the music was good. There were many people in Stillwater, a lot of them came by boat, it being on the river and all. (note to self, do not refer to them as "Boat People" from the stage)

Thanks to Aleta who brought her brother, his wife, Laserlady, Laserlady's sister, and her Mom and her Dad (I think) and Laser Ladies Man and the nice girl I can only remember as Flash Girls Fan. Also to Gayle who brought her WAY to cute son, loved the wee Sex Pistols shirt!!!! And Gayle, Malena is SO after your shoes! Personally, I want the knee socks. You have been warned!

We tried to call Kitty and do Little Ghost for her, but alas, she was out doing sushi with Red and missed it. She did however send me the original version, and promise me a NIN mix.

I couldn't bring Cabal to the pub, as he is too big. I brought Malena's puppy, Tink a few times when I had her, but she was just a little thing. May bring Cabal to the Brookside next week, as it is outdoors. Tomorrow is Take Your Dog To Renn Faire Day and I am pretty sure that will be an adventure....

I wrote up a Thing on my Fosters, Sabrina and Ginger, formerly Jungle Loves 1 & 2, complete with pictures, let me know if you are in the Minneapolis area, and want to forward it to people. I need a home for these Kitties!!!!

Mim has abandoned the comic and she and Venus are tag teaming with, uh, yes, that time of the month. It's pretty funny, Bengals are flying everywhere....

Love and Fireworks,

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Malena DOES like NIN! Who Knew????

I was going to do an entire Blog about "Malena, does she or doesn't she?" in regards to the whole NIN debate, hopefully ending with me being right, but the little Vampire hopped on and commented before I could do it, leaving me with nothing, and not to mention WRONG.

Sigh. Dev, you have to tell me these things. Just goes to show, you can know someone for years and never know....So I don't know NIN, where should I start, and more importantly, why???

This is one of the pictures, by the way, that our friend David took at the event the other night. It makes me happy. NEARLY as happy as the Neverwear photo Kitty did, to forstall another war, hee-hee! (Hey Kitty reads and posts here, David doesn't) Both of them are great to work with, and make me feel comfortable in front of the camera. No easy task that.

Dog school was full on Boot Camp tonight. Cabal is starting to get the idea that if he runs thru the course and does everything, he gets chicken. I will get fit. Between that and work tho, I missed my rehersal for a bizzare church gig I picked up on Sunday. Michaela is going to sing me the songs on Saturday, on the way to the Renn Faire.

(yes, I am going to a Renn Faire as a customer, WITH the Dog. First time for everything)

No Bengals escaped today. They got boiled chicken tonight, which the fosters LOVE, Mim is ok with and horrifies Venus. "WHAT??? IS!!! THIS!!!!" she says. " I can't eat THIS. You suck!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I am ging to stop staring at the screen now, hoping something exciting will occur, and go and stare at some SVU instead.

Love and NIN,

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Whole Lot Going On!

Lots to talk about tonight, here in Adventureland! First off, when I came back to the Spooky House to feed and love the Bengals, there was Mim sitting out front on the walk!

Venus was screaming in the window, and Mim was crying in the yard! She had managed to poke out a screen in the sunroom window and out she went. I have no idea where she had been, but she was COVERED in spiderwebs and bits of things. The really weird bit was that she had somehow managed to bring a toy to play with. Not a wee mousie, but one of those sticks with feathers on a string. How she go that out I do not know, but there she sat, so lost and alone....

My heart is nearly beating back to normal.

The solo Beekeeping went well, I needed to add supers to three of the hives. Supers are the smaller boxes with either frames, or rounds in them, and that is the honey we get to take! Frames are where they build regular comb, but we take it all and extract the honey. Rounds are sort of plastic round things, and that honey we leave in the comb, and eat it wax and all. (Malena really likes this, not so much me)

At least we don't have the problem These people do, trying to pick up 12 million escaped Bees....

I would go into more detail, but Miss Kitty has come thru with some photos, so let's move on...

This is me with Red and John at the Flea Market showing off our finds. My find was a really good one, the most beautiful necklace ever, and as it turned out a STEAL at $40. We looked up the designer when we got home, and her pieces start at $300 and go up! I am going to take a picture and write to her, as they are all one of a kind.

No visit to LA would be complete without a visit to the coolest shop ever, Necromancer

I bought a dead Rhino Beetle (not on a key chain this time, hee-hee, Malena will never let me forget that!) and two cool coffins for Malena and I, as well as some old keys, and spider light switch covers.

Kitty has been after me for a while now to pose for her Neverwear site, in a Neverwear Tee Shirt, which of course I agreed to do as long as she took the picture. There was a huge box of T's in the living room, so I got the great idea to take the photo Covered in Neverwear! (as opposed to being Covered in Bees!)

I love this picture, and I am thinking will get no arguments THIS time from Kitty!!!!

Love and Adventures,

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Off she goes....

Well, Lorraine is on the plane and I am AWAKE! Sometimes being a "creature of the night" is not fun. Like when the world starts moving at 6 am, which is just about when I get tired. It feels like noon to me right now, although I've been up since 10 am and went to bed at 4 am last night. Lorraine bought me a gorgeous coffin with bats engraved on the inside. It's one of the nicest in my collection. (I need a bigger house, or better yet a cave!) Believe it or not, coffins are quite comfy. Who knows why they make them so sleepable, but they do. Mr. Gaiman and I learned about that on 13 Nights. That wasn't my first time in a coffin, but (sh!) we won't tell anyone.

Annnnnd back to normal things...The event went well. It was sooooooo good to meet everyone. Especially Val, aka Panta....She is one beautiful soul, inside and out. Thanks for driving up here and picking up Lorraine and coming to my little party. I really appreciated everything, my beautiful witchy Poo. AND, Hail Cesar! ( the myspace guru of the Neil Gaiman fan site). He and his lovely femal friend,whose name I shamefully can't recall, came by to say hello. We loved seeing you. Here's a few photos of us.

David is working on downloading all his 500 + photos this week, as is Kitty. She took a HOT to trot photo of Lorraine with her Neverwear shirts. Kitty is a HUGELY talented woman. I wouldn't have a jewelry collection if it wasn't for her. Soon you will see all the new designs.

I also wanted to let everyone know how sorry I am that I often lose your requests for photos and signed things in the fast pace of what is my LIFE. No one can understand how hurried The Entertainment World is unless you are in it. (And my life looks like life on the farm compared to Lorraine's Boss) My sister (not kitty, but Margarette) has vowed to NEVER come to LA when I am about to film something due to my MOVE MOVE MOVE! state of mind and how fast paced things are. So, I'm sorry that a few requests have gotten lost in the shuffle of things. EMAIL ME AGAIN and remind me!!! I always mean to send them, I do! You know I love you all to pieces!

Now, I am going to concoct a plan for sleeping at night, like humans do.

Love and coffins

Your GSL

Monday, June 30, 2008

California So far....

I am going to have a lot of fun pictures to post after I get back, but I wanted to write something this morning, and Kitty has them all, and the little darling is still fast asleep. They are all here on her computer, but nipping in and grabbing them seems a bit cheeky to me. So we wait.

Kitty asked me last week why the Birdchick never posted here, and I had to say , umm...Well, we don't talk about BIRDS, and I am sure if we did something on birds her bird radar would kick in and she would be over here like a shot.

I wish I had a bird book and binoculars, as (this being a Tree House and all) there are a LOT of birds and I have no idea what they are. I know there is a hummingbird nest in the front yard, and a really cool orange bird that is not an oriole.

And I can HEAR an amazing number of birds ALL the time. They do not sleep. (Much like LA) they go all night, 1, 2, 3, 4 in the morning, they are up and at it. Then around dawn, they really go wild. I do wonder who it is chirping all night.

(and what they are saying. (Hey! My grandfather x 10 was the third bird from the left in the Hitchcock movie! I am SO in line for a part in the new Dawn of the Birds 4!!!!!! My agent is VERY excited!!! That's the Buzz!)

And the other Birds reply...

(SHUT UP! You're a bird! Buzz is for Bees!)

Anyway, LOTS of Birds out here.

Saw WANTED yesterday and loved it, as did Malena. Not so much anyone else we, and we loved it because it was Angelina in Leather shooting with guns at bad guys. If you want that, you will love it. If you are interested in believable, plot, pace, script and all that non-sense, you might want to wait.

I found the best necklace EVER at the Flea Market (WHY do they call them that??) The lady sold it for a price that was perhaps, a quarter of what it was worth, which made me feel a little bad, but when it comes to vintage amethysts, all's fair in love and war.

The Karaoke last night was loads of fun, like I had never seen before (Ok, so I had never BEEN to one before) LOTS of fine 80's music and I met SO many people, all so nice. Drew, home for a few days with Miss Kitty, did Whiskey in the Jar for me!! And he did some Duran Duran, a little Billy Joel (being as how he is out with him right now, he has had plenty of practice) and a couple of others my brain is not letting me remember) and did them REALLY well!

I have to say tho, (Sorry Drew) the highpoint of the evening was Malena singing "Something to Talk About" for me!!!!! GODS! That girl can SING, and MOVE!!!!!!! I wish she had dressed up a little more, same old boring skin tight jeans, heels and leather corset, but I guess it worked. (Hee-he, yeah it worked ) Especially when you can sing and dance like that. The place went nuts! Bonnie Raitt would have been proud. I sure was.

Today Malena and I are hoping for a little sit on the beach and talk all afternoon, before she takes me, sadly, off to the airport.

For now, I am going to try and figure out the mysteries of actually Making Coffee. It can't be that hard, lots of people do it.

Love and Sunshine,