Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christmas Music

Hey LaMies! Today I found out we will be playing at the Warner Center Toastmasters Christmas Party. I talked poor Lorraine into playing CHRISTMAS music with me at this swaray! Luckily, we will be singing a few LaM songs as well. YEAH! I'd post a photo of us in our little red corsets, but alas it hasn't happened yet. But I WILL! Santa Baby indeed.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Online Pah-te Postponed

Good Morning!

Due to a slightly bizarre and totally unforseen set of strange circumstances , we are not going be able to have our online Pah-te this evening. Malena and I are both very sorry, and hope that you all understand.

When we spoke this morning , and realizeed we were not going to be able to make this work on the last day of the month this month, as we had planned since Halloween, we came up with the idea that we should wait until the weekend of December 9th-11 , as I will be out in LA with Malena then, and you will be able to see us both on the webcam.

How does this sound to everyone? Perhpas Sunday the 11th , same times?

We are truly sorry to have to postpone , as we were SO looking forward to it!!!!!

Love and regrets,

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Vampire revival

It's 3 am and I just got back from Beth's 21st birthday. What a cool group of people! I felt so old...but in a good way. I spent my youth flying around modeling and singing. Now, I am the fairy godmother of LA's cutest goth chics. Intuitive fashionista they are. I was the most casually dressed girl there too. (Sherpa, think of the possibilities. Mullie would die!)

When I arrived at The Cat and Fiddle, I was starving. After finding out their kitchen was closed, I had two choices, Carl's Jr or Grocery store. My age was showing through when I chose to eat dates and mango juice. Everyone else was jugging down jager and tequila. And when you're young, you can party till 4 am AND get to work at 8. I used to dance all night wearing 6 inch stilettos and a PVC catsuit. Now I'm still wearing the catsuit, I just make dinner in it instead. Miles doesn't seem to mind.

I got to read a few minds while I was there. Of course I did readings at the club. What else would I be doing? The waiters looked at me a little funny and I didn't even have my cards out. (Oh it could have been the 4 inch dead rhino beetle necklace with the skull beads) Haaaaaaaaa!

My guides told me someone would need a reading, and they did. I actually got a few answered prayers myself, although the person giving me the message had no idea. See how heaven works? Spontaneously yet perfectly planned. And girls!!! There were so many sweet guys looking for love. The old phrase, "All the good guys are either gay or married" isn't really true. Well, it is and it isn't. (In my book all gay guys are good.) So don't give up single chicas. They're out there, waiting for you. Dressed in their black jeans and skull t-shirts hoping some corseted diva will take them home to Mom. (We goth girls are yin-yang types. We dress sexy but at home we cook and sew and make home made cards to send to our Moma in law) Miles Mom is the best ever. I couldn't have married into a better family. I love you M-a!
Well, that is all to report of my night in Hollyweird. Nothing like a little nocturnal magic to revitalize this witchy!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Online Party on Wednesday!

Our second monthly Halloween Cross Country Corset Convention or, online chat , as it it is sometimes called is coming up on Wednesday the 30th , this month. It will be at 6:00pm West Coast time, 8:00pm Central time and 9:00pm East Coast time.

Send us your Yahoo IM ID and we will add you to our list so you can get into the chat. Malena and I are going to rummage around Yahoo IM tomorrow and see if there is an easier way to go about this, but it might be the way to go this month.

We will have two webcams going, so we will each have to invite you to view the webcam, hopefully one can view two at once, otherwise , you will have to choose who to look at , her or I.

( Malena, are you going to wear a corset? That may settle the question, hee-hee )

Last month was a fine Halloween Party, it got REALLY silly and if Big Sexy, the Birdchick and Paul all show up.....Malena and I are WAY to innocent !!! ( well, me anyway, hee-hee, she's a sassy little vixen ) Maybee we can actually get around to talking about music this time!!!

That's about it for tonight. I am counting my calories, taking my walks and waiting for a snowstorm that is meant to be swirling on thru this evening. If we get snow this winter I am going to ski every day, the past couple years have been really dissapointing, snow wise and cross country skiing burns more calories than almost anything ( about a million an hour, based on how it feels )

Hope to see you online on Wednesday, where ever you are...
( Sorry so late for you, Scottish K!!!! )

Love and Snow Bunnies,

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sleep and Virtue

Gigs are done, for the moment, which is both great (I can sleep again) and not so great ( darn they were fun!! ) I think this trio is going to be playing out more, it was simply to cool not to do it on at least a semi-regular basis. My Boss thinks we should use a different name each time ie : Fabulous Lorraine and the .....which seems kind of fun.

( Mullie suggeested Fabulous Lorraine and the Wankers or Fabulous Lorraine and the Sheepshaggers, sweet, but maybe not , hee-hee )


I started my new food journal thing today. Gads it adds up quickly. For me tho, it is the best way to keep track of exactly how much I am eating. No more junk food on the way home from shows!!! ( another week of gigs and I will have nothing to wear! ) Went for a lovely long walk as well.

( I know, weird idea, it will never catch on with mainstream America, eat right and take some exercise every day. Personally I think I am onto something )

I have also been reading more on Malena's site. Sometimes I forget how smart she is ( well THAT came out wrong! ) I mean I tend to think of her as my best friend and bandmate , and forget how much she knows about the mind , body and spirit connection and all such things. That was how I got to know her, some months before I got up the courage to actualy write to her, it was reading her essays and articles. I thought she was one of the most amazing women going. (still do)

Which is important, but more importantly, I want to LOOK as good as she does in a corset by BalticCon, so it's back to work. ( or workOUT as it were, hee-hee, I need to sleep )

Next month I do get to go to LA twice. This makes my heart very happy.

( tho the velvet gowns , orngina and chocolate came as a bit of a suprise, but hey, I'll go along with anything Nocturna comes up with ! These wacky Creatures of the Night!)

I hope you are all as happy, and I wish you a very good nights sleep....

Love and lullybyes,