Tuesday, May 23, 2006

And...we're off like a bride's bra!

Amongst feathers, rhinestones, fishnet and leather....is a mooumu clad Malena scurrying to get the last bit of merch done. I shipped 30 pounds of LaMie glam to Baltimore yesterday. I'ts been so fun making all of this for you. Kitty and I have infused all of our gifts with Magic and loving energy. I even bottled up some of my oldest potions. It will be a witchy fun time for sure! (she says in her LA girl accent) We'll be taking LOADS of photos for our fans who can't come. I'll be sure to get the goodies posted on our new SHOPPING site. (Thanks to Danth-the webmanth) We love him!

Here's a photo of the back of Lorraine's jacket I made her. She'll be stylin' honey! And to think it started as a man's western shirt. Hmmm. I had to Malenafy it. hee hee

There is talk of a live webcam LaMie conference. Nora is doing her best to make that happen. We're also planning to upload the concert footage to the website. (That might take a while) But, it will be COOL! Here's the schedule again if you need it.

Fri 08:30 PM - Opening Ceremonies (0.5 hours)
Fri 09:00 PM - Meet the Guests Reception (1.0 hours)
Fri 10:00 PM - Art Show Reception (2.0 hours)

Sat 11:00 AM - GoH Collaboration Panel
Sat 12:00 PM - Music GoH Childrens Concert
Sat 08:30 PM - Masquerade
Sat 12:00 midnight- Magic 101 with Malena

Sunday 3:30 PM Malena's Goth Makeover (1 hour)I'll help you get sexy for the concert!!

Sun 08:00 PM - Lorraine a' Malena's Music and Magic Concert Extravaganza!!
Sun 10:00 PM - GODDESS CORSET PARTY (supermodel work! Ohhhhhh yeah you must stop by)

Ok, my long distance LaMies...
We'll be sure to include you in everything we can. We will miss you all and we'll talk to you soon! BIGGGGGGG HUG HUG Kiss Kiss Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh. How is it possible to miss people you haven't met? You're all pretty damn cool, that's how!

Love and Chocolates,