Saturday, August 18, 2007

Great gig, Missing Malena and Freaky Kitties...

The gig tonight with Paul was beyond and beyond the best show we have ever done. The place was packed with our sort of people and they made the night. I had SO much fun, and if I may say so, I am generally pretty entertaining, but tonight was ON. It wasn't just comedy, it was ELLEN leval comedy...And the music wasn't half bad either.

I love it when this happens.

( Malena, I sure did miss you!!!! )

( Malena is BEYOND busy this week, and so hasn't been around much , our talks tend to be variations on " I AM SO BUSY I ONLY HAVE A SECOND , SURE DO MISS YOU WHEN ARE YOU COMING OUT TO LA ??? " )

( Answer: After Beowulf comes out...I will be all about sitting on the beach, the couch or webcamming for you FROM my bed in her little crypt )

My camera is truly dead in the water, due to a bizarre hairspray accident and generally melting down, so I can't take pictures of the Freaky Venus Seaweed until I get a new one. But I did come across this picture, which is freaky in it's own right and our Hera from Iceland has a one of these truly freaky cats, so it had the added bonus of reminding me of her.

( Hera, we need an update on you! You should come back soon! Yes, we can go once again to the trout farm....)

Now I know you lot are basically Evil, so let's have some Evil Captions on this Freaky Shot... ( Paul you're not all THAT busy...)

Love and beyond busy and Freaky Kitties,

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday, for lack of a better title....

Well, there isn't a lot of exciting wonderful things to tell you about today. All the power is back on, which is pretty exciting in my book, actually. Malena is beyond busy this week, but I am sure once she gets a moment to breath she will post something fun about what she is up to. And, I am sorry to tease you, but I did have one really cool thing happen today, but I have to wait a few days to tell you about it. ( it's not something to do with my Job or Boss, so settle down...)

I have been working hard these days, and I will say when ones Boss is going on a trip, that includes visits to China, Italy, Hungary, UK, Sweden, and Japan, there is a fair amount of work for the Assistant settling up all the travel and schedules. One tends to work at really weird hours...Our Kitty is helping from the road, but she is halfway around the world these days. ( and we SURE do miss her!!!! Maybe she will post a little something...)

On the video front, the Stellar Kimberly and the Amazing Byrdie are hard at work editing You all will be the first to know when it is done and ready to see. From the raw footage I have seen, it looks to be magic! Malena is truly amazingly wonderful in front of a camera. A mermaid, a fairy and a princess she is. I feel a little like a bull in a china shop in front of the camera myself, hee-hee, but she was born to it. I feel so lucky to get to work with people like her and Kimberly and Byrdie, ( and not to forget Ashley! ) they made the shoot SO fun, and made me feel SO comfortable.

Ok, so I am beyond tired tonight and have no brain left. I will leave you with this photo I found today and your mission, should you chooses to accept it is :

Caption.......Let's have them, my dears!

Love and Kitties, Lorraine

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Can This Be My Day?????

What a time it has been, lost power last night and only now just got it back. It was a bit weird ( no, of course I was not frightened being alone in a dark house with no one around and severe storms raging ) Simply called Malena on my cell and told her she was going to talk to me till I went to sleep, whenever that happened, and of course, it being two hours earlier there, and her being a LITTLE Nocturnal, this was not a problem.

One might think that the loss of power in an entire town and the street turning into a sea of mud might halt the DEStruction going on outside my house, but NO, those loyal devoted men were out at 6:00 AM , right on schedule.

I always wondered ( well, no not really ) how one would go about taking out a concrete sidewalk, and now I know. Clears up a lot of nagging questions ( well, no not really ) but in case you are curious, they take a steam shovel, huge THING with the scooping action and BANG it on the sidewalk until it gives up the ghost. This is not quiet. Not at all.

There being not much else I could do today at Work, I spent the day in the garden, ( except for running around trying to find an open store to buy candles, flashlights and ice, nearly jumped the man with the ice truck we did ) weeds , weeds , weeds! How do they grow so fast???? This would have been all very nice, and indeed, I thought, how relaxing, no e-mail, no phones, me and the veggies, ahhhh , Earth Magic, I shall tend the little guys and connect with nature.

At least I thought that for the first 5 minutes. It topped 90 here today.

I came home today to find , well, a HUGE hole in my front yard. My front yard is a very steep hill and this hole took out half the bank. Like if you fell in it, it would be Bad. I asked the workers, something tactful, like " HEY what the heck???" and they, when they were done laughing, told me, " well, They said we needed to go in that far"

Who are they and what are they doing??????

( I would have pictures of this Amazing Hole , but I took some HAIRSPRAY to my gig the other night , as I was having a truly bad hair day, and the top was coming off and hairspray gel stuff went all over my purse , coating my camera in goo, which was , apparently the last straw for the already on it's last legs camera )

The storms went onto 3:00 AM and along about 5:00 Adventure Kitty , Venus Seaweed discovered another wonderful thing about Adventure Land ( which is my bed , hours of fun to be had with a Sleeping Person, mountains to climb, acres to race across, and when Sleeping Person starts , in desperation, to kick out at Adventure Kitty, well, that only adds to the fun ) But Sweet Venus discovered that there is a subterranean facet to Adventure Land. Yes, she can now go UNDER the covers. A Cave of wonder and delight.

I write this to give you a wee look into my day, just in case you thought it was all glamorous video shoots, gigs full of adorning fans and Hollywood movies....And because I am now home, with power, have eaten dinner, SHOWERED and have many episodes of SVU, Top Chef and Gene Simmons Family Jewels ( yes, the secret is out, I LOVE that show, ) to watch until I go to sleep. ( very, very soon..)

And I can laugh abut it.

Love and the Good Life,