Monday, April 24, 2006

Ladyhawk and Nocturna

Mwuuuaaaa ha ha ha!! I can be persuasive. Oh yes, my LaMie friends, Malena got off with just a brace. I told the Dr. about all our performances. I reminded him a little pain is worth being able to wear my japanese drag queeen coat. Trust me on this. So, he said to come back in a week and to be "gentle" on my wrist. Guess doing the tango is out, hiking in the park is out. Singing and practicing are in though. .Resting.... Hmmm, we'll see how that goes. Hey! The brace will inspire many new wristband designs for my Alter Ego Fashion Line. I'll have Miles paint it for me. I told my daughter it
was my "Laura Croft Superhero Laser shooting power glove." I've got the moves baby. Poor Lorraine has had to watch me dance around the house only to hobble to bed...not remembering I've got 2 broken bones. All together now, Sing it! Ain't nothin gonna hold me down, oh no I gotta keep on moven.." Needless to say I'm feeling better. The above photo was taken in the parking lot of the Dr.'s office. Snazzy, Silly, Sickly? Maybe just a little. We're having a blast...Now back to you Fablo!!

Hmmmm, me eh? It MIGHT be kind of late for poor Ladyhawk who has had her first expierence drving around LA these days A Little different than I am used to but I seem to be adapting well. Malena is singing to now, she practices more than anyone I know, with the possible exception of Mr Paul Score. That guy is ALWAYS playing, we are so going to have some fun in a few weeks!

( sooner if you live in Minneapolis...Tho I can't for the life of me remember when next I play, LA does that to you. )

Ok, Malena is singing some more, and I want nothing more than to listen to this and drift off to sleep when I can no longer keep my little eyes open. Hey, I bought 5 pairs of shoes today, ACCIDENTALY!!!!!

And drove the LA freeways, all in a very good cause. Thanks be all will be well,

Love and splints,
Lorraine a' Malena