Friday, August 10, 2007

A Post on a Movie Called Stardust....

I took some time off and went to the Movies. My Boss was all for this and gave me the time very gladly. I have been speaking to a lot of people who had already seen this Movie, despite the fact that it is just out today, and all them said it was good, very, very good, wonderful and a whole lot of fun.

I have read the reviews, the press, the interviews. As a matter of fact, the studio copies me on all of the reviews, the press and interviews. Heck, I arranged a fair amount of it myself. ( And was nearly driven mad in the process )

I have watched this evolve from a novel being written, to published, to optioned, to cast , to being made, and all of the other things ( that I now know WAY more about ) that go along with having a major motion picture launched.

But none of this prepared me for actually seeing it on the screen in the theater.

Yes, it is good, very, very good and a whole lot of fun, a description that could be termed , the tip of the iceberg. It is magic, pure, bloody magic. Brilliant. Fascinating. Hilarious. Astounding. Beautiful. Beyond captivating. The performances by the actors ( and there is some talent there, I tell you ) were as wonderful as the best music I have ever heard. The scenery was breathtaking. The story flowed like, well, the best story my own personal favourite author ever wrote. The script made me want to call Jane Goldman ( whom I have never personally met ) and, well, I can't think what I would actually SAY. ( doing a Wayne and Garth " we are not worthy " loses something on the phone.

I knew it would be good, but guys, ( you who have seen it ) never told me HOW good. Gods, it works. I am not sure I breathed during the entire film. I wanted to cry. ( did, in fact, all the way home )

So many people worked so long and hard to make this. And I am very sure I don't know the half of it.

They did good. It worked. More than that , it is Magic.

I don't generally talk about my day job here, but this , I had to talk about.

Go, and see this movie. And see it again, and again.

It will make you happy.

Love and Stars,

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Further Aventures from The Spooky Little House on the Hill

It's been a while since my last House post, so I thought I would put up some pictures of things and throw in some more Kitty Pictures , as they are darn cute. Yes, we have it all here folks! Bees, Small Animals , Movies, beautiful women in Leather!

Ok, I have decided to make a few outdoor repairs lately. For one thing the street in front of my house was boring, outdated and just plain BLAH! So I am having it re-done in yellow brick, to go with my yellow house. ( hey, if I knew how to paint vinal siding this house would NOT be yellow. I will keep the road tho ) Here are a couple pictures I took from the front of my house this morning of the progress....Or lack thereof.

( near as I can figure the way these people work is to start at 6:00am and work until one finally gives up trying to sleep and then they stop for the day )

I think that Gardens are an important part of anyones castle, and I have been working extensively in mine this summer , despite the heat. I am going for a sort of Adams Family motif.

As you can see from the next photo, I have gotten some new furniture and moved away from the old Victorian style. The Cats seem to think it was put there just for them, but I still think it adds something to the sun room. And I found out if you hide cheese all over it, you can then sit and eat your OWN dinner without providing for the entire, uh, pride. ( what is a family of cats anyway??? )

( and yes, Freaky Venus Seaweeds eyes really do glow like lazor beams...)

Here is a shot of Misty-Girl expressing her feelings about some of Freaky Venus Seaweeds antics.....

And here is one of Freaky Venus Seaweed expressing her views on life so far... " I eat, I sleep , I rend and kill, not necessarily in that order.." ( told you her eyes glowed, this is no Kitty , but an ALIEN from Venus! Note the scratches all over my feet )

Well there you have it. Tomorrow ( Friday ) I am taking some time off work in the afternoon before my ( seriously weird and somewhat daunting gig, ) and going to the Movies.

You should too.

Love, Freaky Kitties and Stardust,

PS Yes, for those of you wondering, it is ENTIRELY possible I have been working too hard....Hee-hee!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Honey of the Woods

(image courtesy of and Bean's coloring skills.)

The bees have been working very hard this summer. It's amazing how much they can produce when they have a good queen. This queen is kind and helpful to all who work for her. Everything must be on time and build to perfection, or at least that's what her mother had taught her. You see, this little Queen was very young when given the Thrown. She loved her hive and at 15, was doing her best to appear wise and noble. It shows in her honey. We congratulate her on her first harvest of honey. Oooppps! Or should we say, "Thank you for letting us steal your honey and rip down your old condos without stinging us to death!" Yes I'll go with that one.

Here's our little bees stampeding into flight.

Here's a picture of the real teen bee.
You see, Lorraine and I are right, REAL queens DO have big bums. I could be queen of the world!

Lorraine sent me this package of honeycomb. I must say, these are amazing creatures. It tastes, as Lorraine said, "Like the woods". I couldn't agree more. With me on my model diet, I tried to find a way to add protein to the snack because I LOVE honey. (sugar is a no no when you are training) So, I cut off a small cube and coated it with roasted flax seeds. Mmmm. It was baklava without the butter. Heavenly! Who knew about flax seeds? (My vegan friend told me about these yummy, unknown seeds)

The honey put my favorite "Really Raw Honey" brand to shame. The honey was clear and bright, like the color of sunshine. It's texture was much lighter and not as syrup-y as the honey from the store. I am treating this little box as a precious gift, know how long it took for our queen bee and her workers to make such a tasty piece of art. Each little comb was perfectly shaped, like bee condos. I felt a bit guilty eating this delicate piece of sweet architecture.