Saturday, May 05, 2007

Red, Dead and Cuddley


Miss Fabulous sent me the cutest box of goodies. We are celebrating her hair, since she is the only one out of the two of us who can use color. My hair is stubborn black. It doesn't color, it just goes pumpkin orange and falls out. Back in high school I wore every color in my "Bruise Pallet". These days, it's plain black. So we must look to Fabulous Lorraine for our hair fashion tips. He ehee.

Check out the t-shirt! Dead and Cuddley!!! That's me!! I have worn it for 3 days now. I already managed to get blood on it, but hey it's a goth chic shirt. I figure it will add to the charm.

I AM dead after this last shoot. Wait till you see my rodeo queen photos. Ye ha baby. I wore Fablo's pink wool cowboy hat for the full effect. I even had the rodeo wave down, much to Miles surprise. (I did come from the wild west, much to people's surprise. No exotic blood here really, just a Welsh wench.)

The city mouse has learned much from her fire haired country friend. Thanks to Fablo, I don't run from bees anymore, I grow my own lettuce and tomatoes and I can make brownies from scratch, well kind of. (I have the book that tells me HOW, I haven't actually done it yet) We mice are getting our gardens ready. Hers is filled with edible things, mine is filled with poisonous things, mostly. Not the roots, just the leaves! wink, nudge.

Here in the "city" everyone gets burgled or robbed. Somehow with the arsenal of swords, guns and knives we own, not to mention both of our tempers, I'm not to worried. (But explaining that to our neighbors without sounding like skin head nut jobs is another story.)People in the new age community ask me if I'm afraid of the "spiritual energies" Miles draws and "brings in to our home". What? Like he's channeling Satan? Sorry no, Satan lives down the block and designs brat doll movies. (seriously, his real name is Bob Lizarraga) I like saying hello to him using his nickname though. Almost Everyone over 50 turns their head with worry. If I did see a scary TEVES "energy" hanging out here, I'd tell the dude to guard the house!

We went looking at houses and I told Miles when we get our "compound", I want a 20 foot cement wall with razor tape on the top and a sign that says, "unannounced visitors will be tortured and shot". He disagreed. He thought a tribe of Aboriginal warriors with blow darts would be more fun and less traceable. For now, the life size Darkness Bust saves us from most pushy missionaries and "Good lord, you need saven'! " types, not to mention the minions of Satanic Beings just flying around the neighborhood waiting to be discovered by Miles Teves. Right? Amen sister. If they only knew what kind of people we really were, they would be so disappointed. But then, there would be nothing to gossip about. So, I'm happy to provide constant entertainment for the fear-mongering idiots of the world. I mean, what would Vampira say?

Shake it.... says Malena

Lorraine the Red Haired Gardener here......
I have just enough energy left to add to this before falling into bed.Had a long hard far away gig last night. Some gigs are magic and wonderful and everyone is into you and the music is on on on and the people are as much a part of it all as you are. And some gigs are work. I worked last night. ( tho at one point a Party Bus of women pulled up, all dressed in Sombreros and such, with a bride to be. We played Mexican music for them. Irish actually, but hey, like at that point they knew the difference???? They were fun anyway. )

Today my belly dancing horticulture friend Gretchen came over and planned Yard and Garden. Also planted three huge lilac bushes, one unknown tree which MIGHT be a plum or a crabapple, a Clematis Vine and a pot of Pansies, and hung up twp purple petunia baskets. I am not so very into Grass as the main feature of Lawn. I want all sorts of wild and magic spreading things and lots of Garden and Bushes and , oh I don't know, weird things. It is going to be all wild and Fey in the back and very lovely in the front.

Between Dog and Garden, I no longer worry about workout. Just staying awake and upright, or heck just upright, for work and gigs. ( which , as I mentioned, are sometimes work. )The Veggies are all doing all one could hope for too. Country Thing that I am. I haven't quite got Malena's Style down , when it comes to Gardening, no high heels and corsets, but I think long black dress and top hat pictures could very well be showing up here soon.I love my Witchy Little House on the Hill!!!!!!!!!!( and even tho they are not needed here, where people hardly ever even lock doors, I think the Warriors With Blow Darts would add a certain something to any establishment!)

Love and Gardens,


Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Wonderful World of Bees, Gardens, Music, Malena and Dogs

Bees are truly more wonderful fun than you could ever imagine! I always swore I would have NOTHING to do with Bees every time my Boss would wistfully mention how much he wanted Bee Hives. Fine, I would say. Go get a Beekeeper. Enter the Hot Birdchick, a Bee Class, and a couple of boxes of Bees and now I am having so much fun, I'd never believe it if it wasn't me!

I want more hives! More Bees! Honey for Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I will settle down. Chris has told me very very soon he will get me what I need to go back into the studio and finish up the violin parts for the Hidden Variable cd, we are getting really close. Adam Stemple, who has produced every cd I have ever made, is coming in with me, largely to say things like " That was very nice. Now do it again " Ah, the studio.....

Malena has new pictures up on her blog So lovely! So elegant! Tres Chic , that one is! And in leather too, no complaints here, hee-hee . And , man, can she SING!

My garden is wanting to get planted, so far spinach, onion, three kinds of peas and radishes have all come up. The beets are the great underachieves and have done NOTHING yet. I am hoping to get the rest of the little guys in this weekend. Not the tomatoes, it's still too cold for their little leaves, or the hot peppers. ( I have about 15 kinds of tomatoes, all colours, and 9 different peppers. I REALLY like salsa! )

And my Boss got a Dog. A very cool dog.

Love and Bees and Dogs and Strange Kitties,

PS. Someone, I won't say who, wants me to add " Maddy is Cool."

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Beltane, Magic and Kittens

Happy May Day All!!!!!! Even if it is almost over....Well, it was a pretty busy day.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful May Eve, or Beltane or Fire Night or however you want to call it, and did appropriately Witchy type things. I have always loved May Eve, it seems like such a magic night where anything can, and probably will happen . I have a hill that goes out into the woods in my backyard, and it always seemed to me that if there WAS going to be a door to the otherworld, that would be the place for it. I kept hoping one would appear, as one does on May Eve , but nothing much seemed to happen, so I thought nice thoughts , gazed at the moon and went back inside and bought a cat.

Which is a pretty Witchy thing to do , if you think about it.

My kitty is only two weeks old. I won't be getting her for another 10 weeks or so. There are six in the litter and three are girls. She is a Bengal. Bengals are the coolest cats ever. I am sure of it. I have wanted one for years, but we always seemed to have too many cats, strays all, for me to go out and intentionally acquire one, but now that I have my own house, I am going to make this dream come true. If you click HERE you can visit the website and see pics of her Mom, Asia, and some pics of the kittens individually. This is all the little guys together, I think the three on the top are the girls. Wildest cats since Hera's Brjann appeared on the scene....

There didn't turn out to be a door into Faerie for me last night, but I acquired a cat and have a feeling that Kitty is going to be pretty darn magic all on her own.

Love and Kittens,


Malena here. I started off Beltane with a bang. Banged Out Productions came over to check out my house. We are going to shoot a scene in my lovely chair Miles bought for me.
It's a beaut! I can't wait for this (confidential process)to be over so I can blab about the project. Ahhh!
In other news, we did a Alter Ego shoot Sunday night. I can honestly say even I am happy with the photos. MIRACLE. I am a perfectionist from hell about my own photos. I am still pooped. My little skinny modelas, Beth and Corinne, are coming next weekend to do the sexy stuff Mrs. Teves can't or won't wear.

As for May Day, I will be building a LA style bonfire. (A 3 inch caldron with some herbs in it) I wouldn't want to be a "fire hazard" which in LA could be two people smoking. On a more positive note, here's a well written article about
Beltane. And here's a ritual I found.Due to my budding career I won't have time to write you one myself this year. Oh well. When the new CD, The Hidden Variable comes out, you will have all the magic you will ever need.

I will be out in my courtyard relaxing tonihgt. I planted all my witchy herbs today. I can't wait to use them. Rue is my latest treasure. It's growing like a weed, but all herbs are weeds really. I will be praying for all of you, so send your wishes out into the universe and together, we can make things happen. I see magic happen all around me all the time. You just have to look for it. Like when I go to the post office, which in LA means bullet proof glass and a line out the door. I always get a nice teller who speaks english. Small miracle! Or when I think of Lorraine and I go get the phone to call her and it rings. (It's her)

So tonight as you get ready for bed. Think of what you need in your life and ask the universe to send it. It's better not to get too specific. In my acting, I always ask that I get hired for gigs that will benefit me AND my family. That way, only the jobs fit for me will come my way. I don't focus on the specifics because God knows better than I about what's good for me in the long run.
Photos on the way shortly.

Music and Magic,
Madame M