Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bed Blogging and Demon Hunting

Since my computer's been in rehab, I've been using Miles laptop. I've discovered Bed Blogging. Sounds like a pesticide treatment or some B&D game, doesn't it? Eeeehhh!
Ohh what fun I will have with mobil blogging. I can take our LaMies to the beach..
Fablo with her bad self just got a computer with a built in webcam. Ohh darling! The possibilities of that. I can just see myself giving all of you a vitual tour of the TEVES museum (a fancy name for our long hall way). Heeee he

Halloween is coming soon people! Everyone in the FX houses are working on their costumes. This frenzy no longer worries me like it once did. I now only work on my bean's costume. I simply slap on a dress and a few accessories and everyone THINKS I'm in costume. It's hillarious. Ha! Ohh last year I took my daughter to the mall, wearing no costume but a simple witch hat. Some of the people asked if I was employed by the mall and could they take photos. I'm telling you, LA does NOT know how to dress up. (except the art department) :)I love my town, but it's true. Miles sculpted a character "based on" a ghost from the Haunted Mansion for his friend Chris. Chris makes custom teeth for movies like Bram Stoker's Dracula. So, I'll be getting a set of real vampire teeth out of the deal. (As nice as the porcelain caps you get at the dentist.) I'm sure Miles will have to remind me to take them out! Don't want to scare my favorite little produce dude. Although Lorraine says he won't mind. ;) I will even be able to eat in them. Sturdy choppers! Of course, I will take a few dork shots for our LaMies.

Speaking of LaMies, Kitty brought a few merch gifts over to send out to you. So, I'll put your names in a hat and send out the gifts! wehoooooooo. I LOVE sending little things. If I had time, I'd send everyone something every month. If I'm ever lucky enough to have an assistant as fabulous as Lorraine, it would be possible. Anything is possible with THAT woman! I miss her, BTW. Six weeks is a long time for us chickens. BegaahhhKKKK!

And for all you TEVES fans out there, Miles got his first copy of 'The Demon Hunter's Handbook' in the mail yesterday. It's an illustrated book in the same format as the Dragonology and Wizardology. I am so excited! He says he isn't that happy with the quality of his work. (He always says that, trust me. He said that about Darkness, the Passion of the Christ, and and and..the list goes on.) No one in Hollywood is complaining, I tell him. He just keeps cranking out amazing stuff. Right now, he's sculpting/designing IRONMAN at Marvel. I'll get the release date for you.
Anyway, the book is a cool cult monster classic and there's alot of new TEVES creatures in it, including ME!

It should be in the stores by October maybe earlier. (I'll bet your recognize the succubus, and the...well you'll see.) Yes, we all know I'm the biggest TEVES fan alive, or undead. Flamen' baby!

Kitty's photoshoot turned out sexy! She nicknamed us "Bunny and Bettie". Ohh and Mimi came by too. She knows her stuff that girl. Thank you both for all your expertise. What I really wanted to do was make THEM up! Charlie's Angels! But, we couldn't bear to shoot without Fablo. So our 70's Angels dream will have to wait. Alter Ego sent me some bad girl outfits, honey! Not "frenchmaid" bad, but "pull two guns from your garterbelt" bad. I stick to corsets and dresses and give the hardcore stuff to the buff babes. (For the visual safety of the world, trust me) They will be available for purchase by the end of September I assume. I can't wait to show you!! It's so strange to see photos of myself looking all sassy, because inside I'm just a midwestern drama nerd who tries not to snort when I laugh.
"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way."

Well, it's about my bedtime...yep! 5 am. I'm starting to get sleepy. Well, not really but I'll give it a shot. Wink!

Midnight Madness Malena

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Music and Moving

Quick post this morning to let you know about an unexpected gig that turned up for this weekend. Paul and I will be playing Friday and Saturday at Charlie's in Stillwater, 7:30 to 11:30, if anyone in the Twin Cities is up for some music by the river. We would sure love to see you!

We will also be playing the next 7 weekends at the MN Renn Fest. And , no, you can't come and laugh at me! No funny accents, no weird " character" , not even very out of the ordinary clothes. I'm just me. Same me as anywhere else. We open for an act called " Puke and Snot, who are very fun, and we play 5 times a day on the big stage.

I also play out there with Bedlam, which is me, Big Sexy, a guy named Mark and another Paul. We play 4 times a day at the Mead Booth.

( somewhere we have some pics from last year when Malena came out, not THAT was a fun weekend, I'll ask her if she can fine them and post a couple )

9 shows a day between 10am and 5pm. And gigs at night.

Gigs are good. Money is good. Making people happy for many hours a day is good. It's all good.


Pray for me.

On a happier note, I spent my first night in my actual bedroom at the new House, as opposed to haveing my bed on the sunporch while construction was being done. A very fine thing that. We also got everything mostly moved yesterday, now I just have to figure out where everything goes, and what I still need.

I can do that in my spare time this weekend...

( oh, again, I slay myself!!!!! )

Love, music and moving,


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Music, Magic, Writing and Porn

The shows this weekend were, as ever, very fun. Saturday playing with Lojo Russo was amazing. SHE is a powerhouse of a performer, you think I am something on stage, this girl wrote the book. I had SO much fun and it was so fun to see so many people there, standing room only it was and we knew everyone in the room. We went from Irish, to Lojo songs, took a left into comedy, and wound up, uh, somewhere. The only thing that could have made the night perfectly perfect was if Malena had been on stage too. Someday, THAT is my deepest secret fantasy, Me , Malena and Lojo...( ON STAGE people! MUSIC!)

We had a friend come and hear us, she is here for a visit. She also got to go and see the County Fair, (where the main goal seemed to be don't throw up) and a play (called "Watching Porn" the Hot Birdchick's Husband wrote for the Fringe Festival) and back again to see a Lojo solo set this afternoon.

I told my friend, so when they ask out in LA what you did in the Midwest this weekend she could tell them "well, tried not to vomit, got taken to the same bar twice to see the same performers and saw a play about porn." Doesn't get any more exciting than this, folks! I don't think she will be having anything like as cool of a time when she gets to LA, how can you top this???

(and Malena thinks SHE has fun, lying about in coffins, looking like an un-dead beauty queen of the vampires, hmmph! Try the tilt-a-whirl after cheese curds!)

(actually Malena loved the cheese curd experience out here, but could not seem to believe that the preferred way of eating them was not raw from the bag, but dipped in beer batter and deep fried)

(and oh, back to the Porn, Watching Porn was a really wonderful show! Many congrats to writer director Bill Stiteler writer and director, never thought I could listen to someone talk about porn for an hour and never stop laughing, hit of the Fringe it was!)

Where was I??? Oh....

My Boss published an essay I wrote about being a Personal Assistant over on his blog, you can read it HERE I was going to post in here as well, but that seems sort of silly. Malena said she would make a page where we could put up my essays and such things.

Oh, and yes, it is all true. And all in one day. Every day.

Love, Music and Porn