Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Music and Moving

Quick post this morning to let you know about an unexpected gig that turned up for this weekend. Paul and I will be playing Friday and Saturday at Charlie's in Stillwater, 7:30 to 11:30, if anyone in the Twin Cities is up for some music by the river. We would sure love to see you!

We will also be playing the next 7 weekends at the MN Renn Fest. And , no, you can't come and laugh at me! No funny accents, no weird " character" , not even very out of the ordinary clothes. I'm just me. Same me as anywhere else. We open for an act called " Puke and Snot, who are very fun, and we play 5 times a day on the big stage.

I also play out there with Bedlam, which is me, Big Sexy, a guy named Mark and another Paul. We play 4 times a day at the Mead Booth.

( somewhere we have some pics from last year when Malena came out, not THAT was a fun weekend, I'll ask her if she can fine them and post a couple )

9 shows a day between 10am and 5pm. And gigs at night.

Gigs are good. Money is good. Making people happy for many hours a day is good. It's all good.


Pray for me.

On a happier note, I spent my first night in my actual bedroom at the new House, as opposed to haveing my bed on the sunporch while construction was being done. A very fine thing that. We also got everything mostly moved yesterday, now I just have to figure out where everything goes, and what I still need.

I can do that in my spare time this weekend...

( oh, again, I slay myself!!!!! )

Love, music and moving,



At 10:56 AM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

That's what I call Extreme Gigging! Your feats of fiddling endurance never cease to amaze and astound.

At 11:58 AM , Blogger Kelly J. Compeau said...

Lorraine, first off I'd like to say that I absolutely love your music. I'm a huge World/Folk/Ethnic music fan who's also pretty heavily into the Goth culture (I love wearing corsets and fishnets!).

Secondly, I read your "Day in the Life" post about your work for Neil Gaiman. Boy, can I relate!

I work as a 24hr. on-call personal assistant to wealthy businessmen, doing everything from making them breakfast, cleaning their car, sewing popped buttons and taking their dog to the vet, to organizing & catering business luncheons & backyard barbeques, house-sitting while they're on vacation and even giving them hair cuts, manicures and foot massages (have you ever done THAT for Neil?)

In addition to this 'profession' I am also a showbiz publicist and talent manager, which is really just a glorified (and, yes, better paid) personal assistant, doing some of the same things as mentioned above, plus dealing with some pretty insane fans and egotistical f***-head studio/network bosses.

So, I totally get where you're coming from and I thank you for your very amusing post over on Neil's website.

KJC (who actually has 2 personal assistants of her own)

At 1:09 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

And all that's in your spare time from your day job. Aren't you glad you only play one Faire a year? ;)
Besides, it just gets you into the proper mindset for a Halloween character; you know, a zombie.

"Brains.....bra -a-a-a -ins!"

At 1:56 PM , Blogger faerydusted1 said...

Ha ha ha...
After you're finished with them, Puke and Snot are coming to us at the MDRF. ;-D
I work in our Costume Rental Booth for 9 weekends lacing up lovely ladies and convincing their boyfriends that yes, they look fantastic in tights, and giggling madly over my favorite pirate jokes and getting little boys and girls to tell me theirs.

Now I want to come and see you at your faire in MN. Not that I've been to many- mostly I just work ours.

Horray for sleeping indoors! Not that sleeping outside isn't fun, but sleeping inside in lovely, too. :)

At 2:59 PM , Blogger Malena said...

you look so damn beautiful in that shot. Boy, do I wish you were here for the shoot with Kitty Meow. You are very missed and loved. Yeah for October honey!

At 3:01 PM , Blogger Malena said...

welome Kelly! Do you live in LA by chance? We're happy to have you on the blog. Yes, Lorraine is the queen of the world. I am learning so much from her.

At 3:55 PM , Blogger Kelly J. Compeau said...

Thanks for the warm welcome! I don't live in L.A. (thank the Goddess). I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. However, I do travel a lot for work.


At 5:52 PM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

Welcome, Kelly!

At 5:24 AM , Blogger faerydusted1 said...

Welcome Kelly! Glad you're here.

At 8:29 AM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

Nice to meet you Kelly! We have to swap stories sometime , hee-hee .... It's hard soetimes for people who don't do this to understand just what it is like, madness pure madness, which is one reason I wrote the essay.

Now I am off to the beauty parlour, or rather the salon of goth coolness, Hair Police, to get some new Rainbow Bright tresses. Malena is trying to talk me into BLONDE. ( ain't gonna happen , darlin! ) I'll post some pictures tomorrow night, as I have to bathe and look good for the gig anyway.

At 11:24 AM , Blogger mistress mousey said...

No... not blonde. Purple. Purple good; Along with some royal blue and "neon violet" (<- another term for hot pink). Then again, I'm biased because I just did a bunch of those colours for a friend of mine yesterday - and I have to do more for someone else on Sunday. Hey, it pays for baby things. :)

Hi Kelly! I've never been a large scale personal assistant, but I've had to do it on a small scale, mostly from the publicist angle. You have my sympathies, but also a little jealousy, because while it's work, it's often very fun.

Wow, I haven't been to a Ren Faire in ages. One of these days I'll go again - unfortunately the one out here went from being a Faire to being a boring Mall some time ago, which kinda takes some of the fun out of it. Happy gigging, don't fall down. :)

At 11:34 AM , Blogger Kelly J. Compeau said...

It's so great to meet you all. I feel as if I've found kindred spirits. Lorraine, Malena, I hope you ladies will consider setting up a MySpace music page so I can hear your glorious music every day, and if the TV show I have in development ever goes into production, I want to buy the rights to some of your songs. They'd be a perfect fit!

At 5:31 PM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

Hi Kelly, you have come to the right spot! We do have a myspace page, the link is on the links thingie nex to the blog, it's a pretty fun page, if I do say so, Malena is amazing with such things.

And yes, we'd love to talk about the songs. This cd is very good, the next one is amazing, tho we haven't yet talked about the project very much. Soon, very soon....

My hair ended up white, purple, burgandy, black AND golden. All nice fall colours if I do say so myself. I'll go back to peacock for the winter of course.

The Renn Fest is funny here, total chaos. I play in two bands, Folk UnderGround and Bedlam. FU opens for Puke and Snot on the big stage and Bedlam hops around. I saw the grid and they have scheduled Bedlam nearly exactly the same times as FU. Cool. Two paychecks. One show per slot. No funny accents.

At 4:02 AM , Blogger K said...

Well, I hope the sun shines on you (though not in your eyes)...

"now I just have to figure out where everything goes..." Good luck!

At 8:33 AM , Blogger mistress mousey said...

Yay! Purple! =)

And quit teasing us about having new music before we get to hear it all!

At 4:45 PM , Blogger BeeZee said...

Maniac Lolo and her Merrie Crewe. :)

I plan on being there at some point with the son-and-heir. He has gotten :very: interested. Which..ah...wouldn't have anything to do with the wonderful pics of you two (and him being 14).

And Michelle, if I haven't said it- what a gorgeous picture of you and child.

At 5:19 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

Welcome Kelly!!! Great to have another Canadian on here! (I am on the west coast although I am writing now from close to SanFran where I visiting family).

Totally have to agree with Mal there, Lorraine you look gorgeous in that pic... can't wait for the pics of your new hair. And I have to say I LOVED your essay... made me laugh and laugh and laugh again... and it make me happy that I don't have to wake up my boss.. he is usually up when I get there... and reading your note Kelly makes me especially happy I don't have to massage my boss's feet.
Wish I was further east... would just love to hear you and Paul play again.

At 7:29 PM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

If anyone is coming out to the Renn Fest,let me know and I will leave you comps, don't pay! I get a stack of the things.....

Gig at Chartlies got cancelled, muck up on the booking, darn, that was what I was looking forward to this weekend.....Ah well, am having a nice time at the House, WITH internet!

At 8:56 PM , Blogger mistress mousey said...

What can I say? The baby loves having his picture taken.

Hooray for internet in the new house!

-squeaks, who will probably be sorta incommunicado for the next few days as she plans on becoming a zombie

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