Saturday, July 22, 2006

I'm Baaack!!!

Greetings LaMies! I'm finally home from traveling.
What an eventful trip Fablo and I had. I'm working on some baby LaMie gifts today.
So Fun! Thanks to Kristina and Mistress Mousey, we will be starting a LaMie gift exchange very soon. If you are already on the list and don't want to participate, email me at: Otherwise, I'll put your name in the hat. More information to come in the newsletter. (Hopefully coming this weekend) If you aren't signed up as a LaMie, do it now and join in the crafty fun.

Here's a gross and disguisting tid bit for you. I've been feeding Cruella, my spider, mealworms. (Crickets are Kitty's favorite, so I thought I'd spare their little lives for a while) I had no idea that mealworms turned into beetles. Big freaky ones! So, there I am cleaning the picture window in my kitchen. I took her cage and put it by the sink for a moment. Next to it was a bag of cinnamon almonds, about the same color as the beetles, which I thought couldn't get out! So, I finished cleaning the tiles in the window and put the cage back. Then a few minutes later, I grabbed a handfun of almonds I had taken out earlier and put them in my mouth. For some reason, they tasted aweful. Bitten and sour...ewwww. Well, I'm not certain I accidentally ate a beetle but it sure tasted like I did. I was sooooooo grossed out, I drank an antire bottle of club soda in one gulp. I kept telling myself, "There's nothing you can do about it now" so I wouldn't puke. I ate a few more almonds out of the bag and they didn't taste bitter at all. This made me even more certain I ate a bug. Ewwwwwwwww! Makes you skin crawl doesn't it? Little demonic beetles. How dare they escape! Why aren't they happy to die their painful, slow death? (I really do feel sorry for them actually)

BTW, Michael's crafts is having a sale on Halloween stuff. They have cute little bottles and things for cheap. I bought the whole set.
Now all I need to do is fill them with potions and such.

In a few short days I will be doing another Alter Ego shoot. Kitty is the photographer. Yeah! I'll be sexy! I'll be sure to post a few photos for our LaMies. "See it here first! The amazing bug eating vampire! Only at the Lorraine a' Malena circus" And a circus it is, right Lorraine?

Miles is going to burn me a disc of ALL the convergence photos. Masquerade included. I will post them on the photo page for your morbid enjoyment.

Thanks to all of you for the spooky cards and gifts. Don't send me cinnamon almonds. I doubt I will ever eat them again. I want to save my insect eating skills for TV. Mwauuuuu ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Love you LaMies!


At 2:56 PM , Blogger Kitty Cat said...

so the gothic statue of liberty is a beetle-eater as well...
i am impressed, darlink!
and thank you from the Legion of Cricket Lovers of which i am president & CEO.
miss you all.
xoxo Kitty

At 3:06 PM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

Beetle eating Goth Lumberjack Vampire. That's you m'dear. It is truly a Circus, yes, never a dull moment. Of couse, we wouldn't want to get bored now, would we?

I am off for one more night of Lumberjack Days. Very scary indeed.

At 4:03 PM , Blogger Malena Medium Cool said...

The Photos are up everyone! Talk about hot birdchic action huh? Feel the power of the LaMies! If you have some photos we haven't seen, email them to:
and I will post them.

At 8:20 PM , Blogger vandaluna said...

Nora and I bought a bag of gourmet nuts. We were eating them and found a worm in one. Buts love nuts, fruits and what not. At least if there are bugs in your food there are no toxic chemicools.

I love that kitty cat referred to you, Malena, as the gothic statue of liberty. That is sooo you.

Kitty has so many talents. I was in awe of her saleswomanship at balticon. What a creative and awesome person. I can't wait to see her alter ego shoot. Malena the model and Kitty the photog.

Remember...if you are interested...Ravyn and I will be in LA the 21st through the 26th of September. We are staying at a place called, I think, the Miyaku. Please contact us if you'd like to meet up and if we haven't already made tenative arrangements. I've neva been to LA befoe. This should be sooo awesome. I worship Marilyn Monroe and want to see her star on the walk of fame. I'd also like to have dinner at an awesome restaurant.

I REALLY wish I could make it to San Fran, but there isn't enough time.

I've been doing more painting and will post more on my blog as I have time to do so. What intrigues me is that the ideas I have for paintings seem only to be a launching point. They have their own lives. I also like it that my daughter comes in to check on me and tells me she likes what I'm doing. No one else's opinion could mean as much.

At 9:54 PM , Blogger tuaregblue said...

omg..y'know, I'm never gonna be able to look at a bag of cinnamon almonds again without thinking about beetles. LOL.

Thanks for the Michaels tip! I just moved into a new apartment, and the crafty urge is getting very strong.:)

Oh, and speaking of crafty goodness, the gift exchange sounds like fun!

At 7:00 AM , Blogger ivenotime said...

ewwww, eating beetles, nasty nasty, but they are supposed to be high in protein at least. poor dear! Gift exchange sounds like great fun, what a nice idea. The photo shoot will be great, can't wait to see the fabulous Kitty's work with you as model Malena. Hope your last lumberjack days gig went well Lorraine, with fewer "overindulgers" (shudder). Keep painting Laura!

At 9:48 AM , Blogger mistress mousey said...

You know, in most cultures where beetles are eaten, the dang things are grilled first. ew.

(pictures Malena as statue of liberty in black flannel with fangs and chewing a beetle) snerk. =P

And yay for LaMie giftie thingummies of all varieties!

At 12:17 PM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

There is a red dyd, cochineal, I think it is called, that is made from the crushed bodies of a south americian beatle. They put it in a lot of kids candy and red drinks, makes kids very very crazed, like they are on drugs.

Lumberjack Days are OVER. The music was good, and there were some people who actually came to listen and had a great time, which made it all worthwhile, we made some new friends we did. ( Hello Betty Lou, Larry, Tim and Tim's friend who is not his wife!!! )

But one thing, if you are a guy, here is a tip: If it is late at night in a bar, and you are drunk and have been listening to a hot fiddle player while you drink your 18th beer, and you suddenly are convinced that what she wants more than anything is a hot date right now with YOU, you are , totally, completely and very WRONG. Trust me on this one.

I am going to Wolery House now, my safe , sane , normal little witchie place on the hill and spend the day trying out 18 million paint samples in hopes that I will find colours that actually look like something I would want to live with.. Sounds perfect to me.

At 9:38 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

Cochineal beetles can be found here in the good ol' U. S. A. The live/feed on prickly pear cacti, and appear as a white powder on the paddles. Cochineal (pronounced koe sheh NEEL) is also used by fiber artists who are into natural dying. They do make a beautiful red.

And Ms. Marvelous, just to make you feel better, when I was in high school I was eating from a bag of Doritos, not paying attention, and bit into a cockroach. So I know EXACTLY how you feel.

At 12:12 AM , Blogger Julia said...

Ewww! Once we had a bag of pine nuts that got infested with meal moth babies, which we found out when we went to make pesto, but at least we didn't eat any of them. My sympathy.

At 9:22 AM , Blogger elionwyr said...


And "beatle eating Goth lumberjack" should absolutely be the theme of an upcoming photo shoot! ;)

I worked as a relief zookeeper for 11 years. One of my favourite bug stories involves someone leaving a bucket of Madagascar hissing cockroaches in our reptile room. These absolutely harmless critters can climb glass, and so getting out of the bucket posed no problem at all.

I was working in that room all morning, blissfully unaware of the escaped buggies.

Until lunch time.

Standing by the guard desk, talking to friends, I felt a scritch along my shoulder. The kind of scritch that could be an obnoxious bit of plastic thread. I went to scratch my shoulder, and felt..something..moving.

I'm pretty dang fearless when it comes to "my" critters. I could dive into enclosures after alligators, loved carrying around constrictors, handled all sorts of raptors and mammals...but there is something very primal-scary about A Mysterious Buggy Something in your shirt.

And so I did what any rational human being would do.

I gripped the fabric along my shoulder, screamed, "WHAT IS IT?!?!" and nearly pulled my shirt off as I begged a coworker to figure out what was sharing my clothing with me.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah. Took a long time to live that one down. 0_o

At 2:58 PM , Blogger Malena said...

thank you soooooooo much for the umbrellas! I will be taking them to my shoot with me!

At 5:22 PM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

She will be taking HERS to the shoot, mine is staying with me, hee-hee! What a most wonderful gift! I opened it at the pub and everyone wanted one!

( we are speaking of black silk , lace edged Victorian Umbrellas, sent and made by our own Elionwyr, )

Truly truly beautiful!!!!!!

At 7:12 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

Wow!!! the umbrellas sound too good to be true... post pics please?... they sound lovely. Good going Elionwyr!!

after all... who needs a sun umbrella more than the lovely dark sisters of the night?

At 10:10 AM , Blogger elionwyr said...

I'm so glad y'all liked the umbrellas! :)

At 12:00 PM , Blogger Malena said...

give them your website so they can see your umbrellas Dusti!!!!

At 1:17 PM , Blogger elionwyr said...

Heh! That would make sense, wouldn't it?

Umbrella goodness can be found here!

At 1:49 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

Cool umbrellas cum parasols, Elionwyr! My favorite is the one for the darkling.

At 10:44 PM , Blogger Malena said...

When the shopping site gets going, we will be putting up banners to advertise our LaMies crafts. So if you have for example; umbrellas, beaded fairies or airbrushed spider clothes, start thinking of how much you want to sell them for! We can all learn as we go along. This way, everyone will get a little free LaM PR!
Big Hugs
Madam M

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