Thursday, July 13, 2006

CONvergence Photos 4 U baby!

Yeah! I found a way to download my photos before I got home.
Here's a few to tie you over.

Happy LaM!!

Here's a photo of me and Mr. Gorgeous. As you can see, he's happy to see me!

Connie's Space Lounge is my favorite place to hang out.
Here's Lorraine going through the space tunnel. She looked beautiful in her snowflake outfit.

Here's Jonny Hardcore and Me doing the vogue pose. With a name like that, how could we be tame?

After the Sunday night show, we took some photos with our friends. Here's the LaMie Boys.
...and the LaMie girls.

The most surprising of all fans was a cute little man who spotted us on our way out the door. (Yes, he really did bite my neck) TWICE! I thought that was my job!


At 6:55 PM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

You two look MAH-velous.

At 11:35 PM , Blogger Rubius said...

I am so glad you have had such fun.... couldn't happen to nicer people. The smiles are dazzling in every shot, and while I always love a pic with LaM together (like this beaming one) I must say, Malena, you and Mr. Gorgeous look both good and right together. Hope we will get to see more of the snowflake outfit! ...

oh, and the b/w feather-top and corset combo is great... good contrast of textures, beautiful lines, and smart design. The feathers make me drool.. I always loved fancy feather hats (I got to wear a couple when I played lady Bracknell in the highschool play). Love it!

hmmm... I was randomly kissed once on a street in Rome... but I think random love bites would alarm me.

At 2:34 AM , Blogger Kitty Cat said...

ohh How could i have missed this one...?
was working the Dashboard Confessional show tonight here in lovely LA, and shocker, a lovely maiden came out and played her violin with the boys, i was transfixed...
Lolo, i will call you in the morning, life is on a fast train lately, i am slated to do the ROb Zombie tour next, maybe he needs a L'aM opener////!!?
love & vikings, miss Kitty yer missing TM

At 9:49 AM , Blogger faerydusted1 said...

What lovely pictures! I'm so glad you ladies had such a good time. :) (And obviously so did the Nosferatu munching on your neck, there, deary. ;-D)

I can't wait to meet House! We've heard so much of Him/Her.

At 10:57 AM , Blogger mistress mousey said...

The pictures are fabulous! Everyone looks beautiful (of course).

That one of the two of you ladies make you look like two halves of the same person... but then I suppose that's sort of true. :)

At 3:53 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

Thanks for the pictures! They all look wonderful.

And, thank goodness, we already know that Ms. Fabulous didn't suffocate by keeping the door open. ;)

At 6:53 PM , Blogger vandaluna said...

Love the horns, Malena!

If anyone is interested to see what I'm doing when I'm not working my day job, I have posted some images to my blog:

Yes, this is one of the reasons I've been scarce around here. :-/

rubius: I have a had with Egret feathers I bought at a yard sale. When I lived in NYC people would get upset because of the rare feather. so-cap hair extensions make extensions which have feathers in them. :-)

Hope all are well!


At 10:01 AM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

I can't believe that she didn't post the picure from the Boston recording sessions of her with an ice pack on her head, kept in place by the headphones, tho come to think, it might be on my camera, I'll go to House and get it and see what we fine AND I will take some pictures today, promise!!!!!

At 3:08 PM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

Oh, notice a colour theme with us and our fans?????? Dark little bunch , aren't we? But OH so cute!

At 8:52 PM , Blogger tuaregblue said...

I'm so glad I could finally see the pictures of you two having such a grand time. (I'm semi-AWOL online until I can get phone service at home again, but I can sneak on here after work.:)

At 10:34 AM , Blogger Dewey921 said...

I'm glad some of those moments were captured on film. It's taken me over a week to recover from working the convention, but I can state unequivocally that LaM rocked and charmed (either meaning) their way through the weekend. People loved their look, their music, and the magic of their charisma. And Mr. Gorgeous proved to be just as gorgeous on the inside as the outside. What a talented and kind man!

At 4:12 AM , Blogger superclosetnerd said...

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