Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sanity is Overrated

I was running madly about the house trying to get everything done and going thru in my head what I have to do this weekend, and it occurred to me that if I went down to my office and did a blog I would get to sit for a few minutes, actually DO a blog and I could work it all out in my head.

So, what am I doing?

I will tell you about the Rowenberry jelly after we actually taste the stuff, but for now think Meg, in Little Women ( if you haven't read it, you ought to, but to be nice I will tell you: Jelly Meltdown. Totally ) I may have to try again next week.

Tomorrow is Friday. After work, I load the PA and leave for a gig in Stillwater, I am playing with Paul from 7:30 to 11:30 at Charlies, an hour or so away from here. Then I go back to my little Witchy House on the Hill, hopefully by 1:00am, and sleep blissfully, waking refreshed by 6:00am.

My Boss is off somewhere ( I actually forget where ) early Saturday morning, so I make sure he is packed and ready and up and send him off to the airport, leaving the same time with two small girls ( who despite the threat of strong, if not severe thunderstorms , NEED to come to the Renn Fest with me ) and we drive to the Renn Fest, arriving, if all goes well, by 9:30.

Do some shows. Nine of them. Shows there are half an hour each. 5 are on the big stage for 1200 or so people. The rest area scattered all over. Shows at 10, 11, 11:30 , 1 , 2:30, 3 , 3:30, 4 and 4:30. Pray for rain. Can't fiddle outdoors in the rain.

Leave at 5:00 with Paul and two small girls. Take small girls to meeting place with Girl #2's parents. Go to Stillwater for another night at Charlie's. Arrive before 7:30. ( if all goes well ) Play until 11:30, tear down PA and go to Paul's . Sleep like the dead in his spare room. ( note to self bring pillows. Boys never have enough pillows )

Awake refreshed and ready for a new day, where are we at? Sunday I think. Go and do the nine shows once again. Drive to Paul's and watch Serenity with Paul and the Sexy Librarian. Attempt to stay awake for one episode, as the purpose of this viewing is they are sure I will like it if I give it a chance. Go to sleep in newly pillow enhanced spare room.

Monday. Labor Day. Fest AGAIN. So cruel. Darn Holiday. Wake up . Not so refreshed. May re-consider my position on coffee. Sure, it tastes horrible but isn't there something about caffeine that could be helpful today? Expect to have lost brain somewhere.

Do. Shows. All. Nine.

Done by 5, home by 7.


Wake on Tuesday. Everything will hurt and I won't be able to form complete sentences, but I expect to have , in spite of it all, a wonderful time playing for people.

Wish me luck and have a fine weekend yourselves!

Love and gigs, Lorraine