Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Girls have got GAME!

Lorraine and I are out taken names, individually that is. She's gigging this weekend for her birthday bash. A lot of you (thank you btw) have flown in to see her. Sadly, not me, I needed my wings for my modeling shoot.

She's been emailing me and from what I hear, there wasn't an empty seat in the house last night. I gotta tell ya, that girl taught me how to entertain on stage. I can sing yes, but I learned how to "win the crowd" from THE Fabulous Lorraine. She's a master at it. She does it like it's nothing. You can hear crickets chirpen' before she comes on stage, then 5 minutes later the crowd is going wild! (No instrument needed for that gal) I've learned so much from her. Kitty, you too. Kitty deserves her OWN "I worship you blog", which she will get on the Malena blog! Can I be you when I grow up Meow? (like that will ever happen)

I have shin splints from my 2 hour power walk the other night. Did I tell you...I've decided to be a, makeup and nails, yeah! That's it! (I can't even spell athlete right)

Then last night I did the shoot. I truely felt like a supermodel. (for a few shots anyway) David has this way of getting me to giggle and get these amazing shots. I told him we'd call it "The Betances Technique". (We listened to show tunes and Disney favorites) It was HARD to get a shot of me looking serious. You'll see what I mean very soon. I especially liked the shots of me collapsed on the couch on top of my corsets in my Mortisha Hell Raiser dress. It's hillarious. (The below dress is considered a Hawaiian moo-moo compared to what you will see in a few days)

So, although LaM is apart, we are having fun. I wanted to hook up the video camera on my shoot, but then I realized that WOULD NOT have been a good idea. I was such a dork. BEYOND my normal issues...pulling and tugging at my neck "brace" corset and tripping over cords and falling UP the stairs in my dress. It would have been fun for YOU to watch but I would be red with embarrassment. Trust me....some things are better left to the imagination. (Like how did Fablo and I get into this Space tent at Convergence and how did we accomplish this position?)

I WAS IN A MINI SKIRT! ME! I tried to channel Lorraine who doesn't have a problem sitting like a boy in a skirt. God bless her for her self confidence. Send some over here miss Thang will ya? Although the mini's WERE more comfy than the hobble dresses.

So, LaMies, where are my Fablo Party photos huh? Still partying ah? Thought so, she has that effect on people.

Love you girlies...and guys (of course)

Your corseted Chicken,


(I do a mean chicken imitation. Yep. Down right filthy! Hey! Chickens get lonely too! They deserve loven...after all their days are numbered!)

Friday, February 15, 2008

And when in doubt... speak French or Canadian

Hello dear LaMies,
This is your friendly neibourhood guest blogger speaking.
So you thought we would post something about FabLo's Valentine gig last night and that we would do it live, didn't you?
And that would have been great fun too.
There was this small matter of a forgotten laptop.
We did try mental vawes but they just don't travel so well with the cold. Although you might have heard us roar with laughter (the windows of the pub did shake a bit).

No video: her computer refused to listen to my cell phone (who might have been whispering endearments in Italian to it for all I know, it was Valentine's day after all) and since they could
not find a common language decided to part with a few xenophobic remarks.
Which is just to prove that you NEED to speak foreign languages.
So. Repeat after me:
Joyeux anniversaire
(Chère Lorraine)
Nos voeux les plus sincères
(Chère Lorraine)

On top of a great gig we had also the privilege to meet the KITTIES!

Isn't this creature just adorable? She is extremely sweet but she does have sharp claws and I will probably have to answer a few awkward questions when back at home.

More later on.
Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Love it like mold, it can grow anywhere"

A quote from our wonderfully witty house guest, which is bound to be a Malena Collection t-shirt. Just a quick note to tell you all how much we LOVE you, How much you brighten our days and NIGHTS in my case, and how much FUN we have writing to you. This blog would be silly without your comments and feedback. You give us a reason to be our witty selves. Now, from what I hear, Fablo is having a GIANT party for her birthday. Being the LA shmuck that I am, my busy schedule won't allow me to COME! AHHHHHHHHHHHH THE PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! You have NO IDEA how much I am suffering here. Hopefully my Fabu-rific outfits will arrive in time for her to wear them on stage. If not, there are two more clothing companies on my list to take over and obliterate!!!!

P.S. This was meant for Valentines Day, with is now nearly over (except for me, nocturnal freak) so let's move on to tomorrow, which is today for some of you and celebrate Lorraine's 30th birthday, again. She's gigging and the world rejoices!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Misty-Girl's New Look

Misty-girl is home from the vet (sadly they do not know what was wrong with her) and here she is with her New Lion Cut!

This is NOT a fashion decision on my part, nor an attempt to have a Freakier looking cat than Hera, but it had to be done as her fur was painfully matted and she would not let us brush her.

I am thinking tho, of completely shredding what dignity she has left and getting her a little Kitty Sweater. (a quick search on Ebay looks promising. Goth-out Misty!) Paybacks are Hell tho with Cats.....

Love and Strange Cats,

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gone too far....

Ok, rant coming.....

I am watching the news, just home from work, and they ran a story on Rental Dogs. (oddly enough, the featured Rental Dog was named "Sandman") The idea is you pay $150 start up fee, and then $40 a day and you get to "have" the dog for the day, or take it walking, without the responsibility of owning full time. You can choose a different dog each time.

Someone, and I bet I'm not the only one who will say this, needs to say "Go down to your local Humane Society" They need Volenteers to, Hello, Take Dogs Out Walking. Play with dogs. (and cats) there is no charge for this. They need help. They are happy to let you take out a Dog whenever you want. Different dog every time.

To be fair to the Dog Rental place they interviewed, they did say most of the dogs came from the pound, and good on them for the rescue's, but let's cut out the middle man here. If you can afford that, give it to the shelter. Volenteering for these animals who have no one else is truly wonderful.

There rant done. Actually, I am seriously considering renting Madame Mim out. Or sending her back to the Hell which no doubt spawned her. GODS. I ordered her her first set of Softpaws yesterday, ( thanks to Hera for that tip! ) kitten size. Wicked little claws. Why is climbing me SO much more attractive than the Mousies, and Ball-sies, and Fluffy Things I have??? SHe is being a bad influance on Evil Freaky Venus, and that is saying something. Malena, this is YOUR cat!!!!!

Since this seems to be an Animal Oriented Post, I should tell you that Misty-Girl is sick. She was so happy to be back at my Boss's, but has been losing weight she didn't need to, and her fur was in Knots but she would not let me brush her, and Bad Things were happening in the Poo area. She has a new Lion Cut, not a fashion thing, but something that had to be done and is spending another night at the Vet.

On a non-animal topic, I just got offered the coolest gig with Paul, opening for The Biddies, whom I didn't know until I Googled them. Wow. Cool. Who knew???? I'll post info over at the Paul and Lorraine site, but if you're in Mineapolis/St Paul come down for this. Wow, I say again, proudly. (Paul is currently on a plane to Las Vegas and doesn't know about this yet. But he is SO playing it...)

Ok. SO what is UP with Blogger. The link thingie quit again and I can't get spellcheck to work at ALL. Bad for me. Trust me. And it won't let me post pictures. Hmmph.

Expect lots of posts this Birthday week, until then,

Love, gigs and Freaky Kitties,

Monday, February 11, 2008

Leather and Werewolves

Darn, I wish I had my camera back. Madame Mim and Freaky Venus are BEYOND cute, and I think posts ought to have pictures. And here's me with none. Wait one moment...I know where there are some WAY cute pictures.....

There. Snagged it from Malena's blog. Little fashion thing that she is, she always has more photos than I . Comes from being that whole hot Hollywood Actress Thing that she is.

I see from the last comment that she is getting read for another Alter Ego shoot. She tells me these latest ones are WAY out there. I can just imagine, the mind boggles. ( come to think on it, the mind may be boggleing as I am trying to think and write on my first cup of tea..)

Actually, my sympathies are completely with Miles, having to get her into and out again of these leather outfits. It's harder than it looks, I've done it (for shoots, people, get yr minds out of the gutter!) And she IS a wiggler and doesn't stop singing.

Thanks for all of you who wrote to say you had bought The Lonely Werewolf Girl! We are going to make this book HUGE over here. Or anywhere. It truly deserves to be. Tell people. Tell everyone. How many people do you know that read? Rubius, you work at conventions. Elizabeth, you run a bookstore. Jody, you're a librarian. Can we get this out there? And my little lurking dears, you too!!! (tho I do wish you would stop being shy and come and talk to us, we are a fun lot!)

Another tip, you might want to nip on over to the Martin Millar Website and have a read. It's wonderful fun and he does a blog, and his post's remind me a lot of my Boss's. Very funny, and you can tell, like most writers, he read's a lot and I've learned a lot reading the posts as far as they go back.

I was writing back and forth with Martin's agent this weekend and he mentioned there is already a lot of interest in the film world about the book, hurrah! You heard it here first. (now, go and read it, we need to decide which Werewolf Malena will be, I can see four that she would be wonderful as, yes, yes, very early, but we need to think ahead!)

Madame Mim is sitting on my head, as I type this, watching everything. My kingdom for a working camera.....Enough with the dreams of Leather and Werewolves, I am taking myself, complete with wet hair (Kitty bought me a blowdryer last time she was here, but who has TIME for that???) off to work, sssssssrrrrrrrrrkks (MIM typed that! Her first post, how cute is that???) where one hopes, I will find my Boss has spent the night writing for me to transcribe...

Love, Leather and Werewolves, Lorraine