Saturday, August 05, 2006

Corset Shoot Tomorrow

I am up to my ears in corsets and gowns. Alter Ego is expanding their line to include leather suits, dresses, skirts, and all sorts of HOT club gear. They've got your number Jody the sexy Librarian! I've been having a blast trying on all the samples. My favorites are the Morticia Dress and the Matrix Dress. I was waddling out to show Miles and he said,
"Do you really have to walk like that?"
We both laughed..nervously knowing what a klutz I am.
Hmmm. I'll have to practice walking while only moving my ankles. Hee hee
It's a paint nails and toes day!(which only happens when I'm working) After that it's on to the hair straightening, and so on and so on. Looking glam does take many hours of work. Yes, I'm taking off my Mommy pants and putting on my sassypants. Of course, I'll post the photos here first. (Mostly so we can all have a good laugh at how dramatically dorky I am.)

It will be something like.............
"Here's Malena praying in the chapel."
Here's Malena turning into a vampire"
Here's a priest trying to kill the vampire"
and so on....

Hey! Kitty is shooting this.
Ohhh Darling! Who knows what cool ideas she's got running around that pretty head. If only Josie were here.
She's the hottest Motley Crue Dancer AND best makeup artist EVER!
Let me tell you what SHE could do to my face! Lorraine said purple looks extra gothy on my eyes so I bought every color of purple make-up imaginable. I probably have enough to last me till I'm 50. I really miss that Fablo chic!

Tomorrow is going to be a 18 hour day for me. I'm going for it! It's worth it when you see a good shot. You go through 30 shots that are..."ehhh not so much", to get one that's "Sexy Diva" perfect. Trust me, I can take a BADDDDD photo. Lorraine can attest to that. They are either really good or hilariously stupid.(eyes closed and mouth drooling with a Kleenex stuck up one nose hole..that sort of thing)

So, as my little belly rumbles I think I'll put another layer of topcoat on these talon toes o' mine and talk to you very soon!

Big Hugs to all of you!

Malena the Mermaid

Monday, July 31, 2006

LaMie Pals and movie stars

Thanks to Kristina and Mistress Mousey, we have the list of LaMie Pals.

Akilliana & Linda T

Nadine Armstrong & Heather Coffey

Mike Knauer & Heidi Peterson Barrett

Karla Turbyfield & Dan Guy Fowlkes

Amy Knauer & Aimee Schroeder-Wallin

Dusti Lewars-Poole & Shaun Blanc

Keith Spears & Rachael Hammond

Julia Longtin & Sherry L.M. Merriam

Kristina Gray & g mink

Rebecca Wise & John Mooney

*PLEASE NOTE* If you are not listed, it's because I have the organizational sense of newt!! And that's an insult to Newts everywhere. Email me at: and I will pair you up with someone immediately. (I'm assuming we missed a few of you.)

Also, please remember, IT'S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS! Don't worry about spending lots of $$ on gifts. A handwritten or handmade card is a wonderful thing! I keep all my fan letters and gifts. Each one is so special. To think that someone would put all that time and energy into something for ME is just soooo touching. Thank you everyone. Fablo and I are so blessed to be friends with all of you!

The other night, we had a few people over to the house. We played a board game called GOTH.
I gotta say, we're all goth movie buffs and even WE couldn't get the answers right!! Who do they make these games for anyway if not us?
Our friends Martin and Kristen came over. Martin works with Miles and Kristen is an actress. One of the best, I must say. Isn't she a beauty?

Ohhh and I had to take a photo of this darling little 3 wheel car in Santa Barbara. Isn't it just the girliest thing ever?

Ohhh if I wasn't an amazon I'd buy one, but I doubt my legs would fit. Thanks to Miles shopping expertise, we found some really cute goth chic t-shirts at BLACK STAR TRADING. You can never have to many skull shirts I always say! Well, I must get going to bed. Can you believe it! It's before 12. Am I becoming human? Scary thought. He ehee

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hot Shows and Attack Fish

The gigs the past few nights were hot hot hot! Not only that, but we played well in spite of it. ( Yup, my brain is GONE! ) It's really hard to play when it is that hot, they had A/C but it can't do much when it is 105 degrees outside. I may in fact be in love with my bandmate Paul, as he brought a small fan the second night , which he shared with me, alternating every song, and it made all the difference in the world. It might also be the nicest thing anyone has done for me. Ever. One fan can change your life. Or at least your show. ( there may be some wisdom in there somewhere, but I am too brain dead to think upon it )

One of the highlights of the weekend was meeting Allison, one of the most fairy children I have ever met, truly fey she was. She wore the cutest little gothy-fairy dress with hightop tennis shoes and I thought, that girl is GOING places! She is also a dancer. A very good ballet dancer. There weren't many people in the club at that point, so she got up and danced for us while we played some of the prettier tunes, magic, enchanting and wonderful, made my night and reminded me, again, of why I love playing these shows so much. I am hoping that she will come back again, and bring her parents back to see us soon! ( see Allison? I told you I would post your picture! )

As far as house news goes, I have cancelled my cool kitchen table. It seems that it was going to cost $195 to ship it to my house, an hour away from the store, so I said that I would pick it up, and they told me that then , in that case " shipping" would only be $50. Huh?????? I mentioned that it would seem that I could not come to the store and buy the table for the advertised price, and they said that it was $300 plus shipping, but I mentioned if I came and got it there would BE no shipping, and they said it was the policy. I then mentioned my policy was not to feel scammed and canceled the thing. Another will come along with someone who actually wants customers.

Malena, sweet girl, did find me this while we were looking on eBay for Pirranahs ( yes, I need a tank of Pirannahs, protection you know, women living alone and all, and less work than a dog ) and I have ordered it shipped here ( total shipping from the east coast $70 ) Isn't it the very coolest, most wonderful coffee table EVER?????? How Malena new to Google " coffee table fish tanks" I will never know, that girl is something else amazing, but there you have it. It will need to be a cool water tank, a heater will fog it up, so I still need one for the Pirranahs, they can go in my bedroom ( that will weed out the faint of heart, eh? )

Love, Heat and Fish,