Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just us Girls

Lorraine has had quite a trip so far. We have decided to actually work instead of shopping for the whole trip. We have so many things planned. Like a book for example, with tales of un-named creatures, unquenched passion and the power of the moon. We will be updating our site with all kinds of Fablo ideas.

Things like "BYOA". I said,

"Dude, bring your own Alcohol? We don't drink"

and she said,

"No! Build your own album...online"

There IS a reason I just sing and do merch. Lorraine is the marketing girl, the producer. I'm the geek with the eyelashes on camera. We make a damn good team she and I.

We've been going through songs for our "BYOA". We'll have catagories. I think they would go something like this:

Malena sings the Blues

Lorraine writes a grand violin solo

Malena sings sexy songs

Lorraine writes a really cool song about dead things

Malena sings even more sexy songs...

You can see where this is going. I have no medium ground. It's nothing or balls to the wall for this girl. I want to sing the Jessica Rabbit song...Things like that. Our tastes are so eclectic, we thought you might want to BYOA instead of wait for us to do three separate albums. I told Fablo I would learn how to sound cheery for her Irish music, (***Note from Lorraine...My Irish music is NOT from the cheery end of the spectrum, far from it, no one in my songs gets out alive..) but sexy blues and opera was what came naturally. She is the funnier one out of the two of us.

We were working on our book and I was reading her some of my "poetry", which is mostly forbidden letters of love and dark vengeful thoughts. She said, "Malena, you could embarrass a cape town whore." Wow. Where does one go from there? Maybe a little less "smut novel" and more Pablo Neruda. And to think I was HOLDING BACK! Trying to keep it NC-17 people. I must say, to save my rep as an x-molly mormon, I learned all the filth from Miles...and Adam Stemple in the studio. Both of these dudes can make a drunk pirate uncomfortable with laughter.

Lorrane here....

Well, that first bit was written LATE, (early for her) last night by Malena, as I lay (trying) to sleep.."Get up," she would say, "We have to blog"

You blog says I.

"No, we will blog, come to the couch and help me" quoth she

No, quoth I. Go write and I will finish it in the morning when we all know what YOU will be doing. And so here I am.

Yes, this has been a working visit, not going out, no events, no make-up, just writing and working on the book. My kind of Holiday. It does go a lot of places, it is very like Malena and I, and very spooky. Bloody. Strange. And Magic. It makes us happy, and when it grows up enough, we will send it out into the world. And, one hopes, it will make you happy as well.

(by the way, I said to Malena "You could make a Capetown Whore Blush with some of the things you say" not that she sounded like one...a reference to an old song..)

We have also been talking about music, and how to get more out there. Making a cd is a lot of work in terms of time and money. Time being the stumbling block, but I have been thinking of ways one could do an album a bit at a time, and have it up and available for download, along with live bits, and our current work, and even some of the cuts that didn't make it , due to space , on the first cd, and I thought if it was availabel for download, you could just go and download what you wanted and make your own cd.

I was playing around in my mind too about a button when ordering where you could bypass the pay with credit card, and just promise to send us a buck a song.

(no, not worried about people stealing it, woe betide the poor souls who do. Kind of like Pele's home on Kileuea, people who take ANYTHING from there regret it. And tend to send rocks and such BACK to the island rangers with offerings and please to PLEASE put it back..)

Then we could add things as we have time to record, a few at a time. And we would not have to try and make an album with ONE sound, as we have so many directions musicly, that we want to go.

So there you have it. Malena is sleeping like , well, like I was when she wrote the first half of this, and I am here with you. (Hey, 24/7 LaM , one of us is always up!)

I am going to keep trancribing her bits (lots of that in my life these dys..) and drink tea and sit in the sunshine.

Which there is lots of here.

Love, writng, music and Orange Groves,
Lorraine and Malena