Saturday, October 29, 2005

Cookies, Haunted Yards and Ruby Slippers

This week has been flying by SO quickly!!!! Malena and I are hanging out with Miss Kitty today , baking cookies for the signing tomorrow and working on costumes for tomorrow night. I am still not sure what I am going to BE , but I know it involves Mistress Mousie's fairy skirt and some Really Really cool Malena style makeup. She also said I could wear her Ruby SLippers ( not your Dorothy's ruby slippers folks, these things have HEELS !!!! )

Malena is making me the most wonderful Feathered shirt for me to wear as well. It ought to go nicely with the Feathered dress I bought for HER on Ebay last week. Do we think alike or what????

Last night we went off to see someones Halloween Yard. The line went for blocks and they do Halloween Yard the way we say " It tends to get chilly in the Midwest in the winter...." Imagine the Haunted Mansion in a yard, these people know how to decorate!!! I will never forget it. May move in with them.

We are still working out how exactly to do this Halloween Webcam. I think if you send us your Yahoo ID I think we can invite you to our conference , and invite you to webcam. I'll speak to Malena about it, and we will decide on a time and such. Hopefully not to late so our friends in Scotland and such places can come by for a Halloween Hello!

( just overheard for the Kitchen: " CLEARLY, CLEARLY they are NOT DONE!!!!!! " The Goth Betty Crockers are CLEARLY in trouble, hee-hee )

Many many thanks for all the e-mails and comments on the cd, we would LOVE to hear what you think, what are your favourate songs, what makes you happy, what plays in your dreams each night, so , please, keep them coming , either here or , you can e-mail us well. ( loved the comment about the 4 year old who said Faust was " like a dream you couldn't come back from " !!! )

Tomorrow is the signing at Dark Delicacies , our very first signing for our very first cd! My Boss has signed the first 30 or so cd's , for us as well, I think the store owner may buy us out before the line starts, he is so excited, hee-hee . I myself am going to buy the STORE out, way way cool things!!!!!! All our kind of fun I say, great books, cool spider things, tee-shirts , ye gads, much more and I will have it ALLL!!!!!!!!!!

Excited? Oh yes. See you there!

( HOPEFULLY there will be cookies. Must get back to the Witchy Women in the kitchen now )

Love and baking , Lorraine

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

FX Party of the Year

Here's the party Lorraine and I are going to! If any of you are in LA, you should come. It's everything you've dreamed of when it comes to a Hollywood Halloween Party...AND it's at Gotham! Rock ON! We'll take pic's for you.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bats and Baubles

Dark Delicacies

Yes yes, Lorraine is seeing the fine sites of LA...NOT! Today we ventured out to buy make-up and feather boas. Hey, you can never have too many! Actually, the feathers are for a top I am making Lorraine. We have to match when we have an appearance scheduled you know. So, tonight we will spend our time painting our nails and doing our eyebrows. Which could take a while considering we both have uni-brows growing like king kong.

We also had the pleasure of dropping off the CD's at Dark Delicacies. Ahhhhh dahhhling! The jewels, the books, the dolls..I was in heaven. Girlie heaven I say! Lorraine and I might spend MORE than we make on CD's. That store is fabulous. Of course, I have convinced Lorraine to get glam for the signing. She says,
"I never have to worry about being to Oh-la la when I'm with you...because you are always A lota Oh-la la more than me!"

I am thinking of bringing sugar bat cookies with black butter creme frosting. MMMMm. And if that doesn't get you off your hiney, Lorraine's boss signed some CD's just for the DD event. First come, first serve. That means, COME! Come to me darling...I promise not to bite you....

Love, feathers, and cookies

Monday, October 24, 2005

Listening to Music in Parking Lots

I'm out here safe and sound and happy in LA now with Malena! This, is a Very Good Thing. Many thanks to Jody, our Sexy Librarian for the Very early morning drive to the airport yesterday ( and for listening to a fair amount of whinning about Boy Bands and Bars ) It was beyond wonderful to get off the plane and hand Malena the cd! ( I think she likes it )

I have it in my mind and plan to write of all our adventures out here this week, but this first installment may start off a little slow. I have been beyond busy and am very short of sleep , so we are more or less easing into things.

Last night we took off to buy a few Food Type things with the cd on Malenas Really Really cool car stereo and after we got out of the store, we sat for half of it in the parking lot listening and talking, until I started to laugh saying THIS is what I get to Blog about??? This is as far as we get in LA??? No Sunset Blvd, no Ocean Drive, no Mountain Vista?? Malena , says I , we are sitting in the grocery store parking lot!!!!

SO we did some driving, up a Hill and looked at lights and listened to our cd and were as happy as two girls with a brand new cd can be.

Today was more groceries and a LOT of lovely sleep. The cobwebs may be starting to unfold from my brain.....

More excited as things unfold, from here in the west.....

Love and Adventures, Lorraine