Friday, November 23, 2007

Post Turkeyday business

Yes, I Malena am awake, and have been for over an hour. Why you ask? Well, this town is hoppen! I wake up to a phone call about a role in a film, then an invite to an industry party. Good thing I went to bed early last night.

We had a wonderful time yesterday at my friend Ilona's house. This is the first year I didn't have to cook. Ilona is a vocalist also and boy can she cook! She loves fluffy things and sparklies as much as I do. She served Mic Fleetwood wine..who knew the dude made wine? I hear he's right up there with Francis Ford Coppola. The entertainment industry is taking over the wine business, wait...making it, not drinking it... because I'm quite sure celebs have the wine drinking market already cornered. I on the other hand, ate a sugary treat with little remorse. haha! Ohhh yeah!

Graphic novel artist and writer Steve Bissett, wrote a wonderfully complimentary blog about Lorraine, and her crazy corseted "side kick" Malena. hee hee Read about it here.

We thought you'd need some holiday cheer after eating all that food so, we recorded a new song/dance just for YOU! Check it out here. It's our best one yet!! (I wonder who did the voice over for that?) Hmmm, your in- house DORK maybe?

Ok, now I'm off to start cleaning the house to get ready for company. Now, where DID I put my my french maid outfit? NOT! I will settle for Miles sweats.

Love and Elven cheer!

Malena.... and the soon to be barfing with laughter Lorraine!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Camers, Customer Service and Broken Bones

I have some fun things to share with you, but most of them require photos, and my camera, the NEW one I just bought is down for the count. Actually, to be truthful, it was never UP for the count, could not even get the battery to charge. I was going to just return it, but there was a note in the package saying " If you have a problem, please don't return this, call us" so I thought, " well, that shows some concern for my feelings" so I gave them a call.

Well, darned if they weren't SO nice, so concerned, and friendly. Who would have thunk it? Can this be Customer Service???? We even ventured off the topic of my battery, ( which they are replacing and sending out fed ex ) into my need for reading glasses, and her new glasses. Cool, thought I.

Anyway, SOON we will get photos again, and I will show you my new glasses, ( which are REALLY styling,rhinestones and all, but sadly, don't do much for my vision, another thing to take care of ) Also pics of the strangest pottery ever seen.....I don't know WHAT they are exactly, but they seem to be some sort of DUCK and BOWLS at the same time. Had to own them, but I don't know WHAT they are, perhaps one of you does...

( this is not the first time I have bought strange pottery, the last time I got a big THING, and didn't know what it was, I had it one way up and called it a plant pedestal, but Malena saw it and flipped it over, and stuck my umbrellas in it )

Back to customer service.....I had to ring Northwest yesterday to book some more flights for Boss ( who in my personal opinion has been on quite enough lately ) and the first person I got was one of the YES WHAT DO YOU WANT types. I, being experienced , said" Opps, I have to ring back, forgot I left Fluffy in the microwave" and hung up. I want someone who cares, call me kooky. Rang back in five, and got THE SAME WOMEN. What are the odds???? This time I simply screamed AHHHRRGHHH! and hung up. Called back and not only got the Friendliest Dud in the World, but long, long after we had booked the flight, I was still hearing stories about his daughter, her songwriting, and travels. I finally called my phone from the other line and told him I had to go.

I think we are getting together for some Holidays in the near future....

And onto Charter.....Good news, I just got my bill, and not only had they taken off the Mystery Channels Charge, they did it several times over, and now my bill is much less. Should I be worried?

I hope you all have a fine holiday, whatever you do. My Sister came up from where ever it is she lives last night and saw my Spooky House for the first time. She loved it and thought it wonderful until she fell down my front steps and broke her ankle. Nothing like a broken bone to spice up a dinner party!! ( and since I nearly needed stitches yesterday, got clawed REALLY bad re-doing Baby Bengals Soft Paws, it was a full on Bloody Dinner Party! Just the thing for the Holiday! )

Love and photos soon,