Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rising From the Dead

I have achived some health in the last 24 hours. I now feel really horrible. As opposed to " I am about to die " This is an improvemant. I have some drugs tho and some of the best chicken soup ever made. I may yet live.

Sharon the Birdchick
posted this today, which made me laugh:

(I am as yet too braindead to think of my own ideas, so I am sure she will not begrudge me hers for the day)

It made me laugh tho, I know spring is strange in the part of the world ( and in the UK, from what I have been hearing ) but, it's like it's having weather Touretts. Is it a thunderstorm? Sleet? A blizzard? A flood????? It just doesn't know and so is changing on a country by county basis. And trying for all of them.

Another 3-5 inches of snow tomorrow. Which may make the point of whether or not I am well enough to go to my gig tomorrow rather moot.


I just got up my driveway last Sunday for the first time since November.

It was really lovely to see all the new Folks posting this week, many thanks for your support of Lonely Werewolf Girl. I am reading it again, here on my couch. Until I fall asleep.

Which may be shortly.

Love from the sickroom,