Friday, May 09, 2008

It Was Some Sort of Show. I think.

It's been a rather long day, which is fine, they often are, and I am just back from tonight's Gig. It was a Good Gig, as these things go, lots of people came down, including someone who mentioned she hadn't seen us since the Hera concert, but had now moved back, and when would Hera be playing here again. (Hera, when indeed??) Our new friend Aleta came and brought four of her friends and I found them absolutely delightful.

( Aleta, for the record is NOT, as she described herself "The frumpy old women at the bar" . Not in the slightest. Wonderfully fun. In fact, I kept looking for her, as she said she was coming, and when they all came in, I thought, well, no frumps there.)

I went for a brave new look tonight, and instead of Black, wore a New Spring Colour, for the first time this year. White shirt, black pants. Felt pretty sassy I did.

Sassy or not tho, I felt pretty dis-jointed from everything. Never felt like I got going, and was always behind things. Paul, who has been working non-stop on his Doctor Thesis Thing, and I would find ourselves looking blankly at the set list and asking the audience things like, "well what the heck do we play now???" And this was a Great audience, they were right with us and for us.

I found myself having conversations in my head with myself.

ME: (to myself) You have to get out there and help her.

MYSELF: Sod off. I'm tired.

ME: No really, she has been talking about Snow Parking for five minutes, and is suggesting that readings from Paul's Molecular Genetics Thesis might make for some fun.

MYSELF: So what? She knows what she's doing. I want my TiVo.

ME: No Tivo. Gig. We're all in this together. THINK of a song for her to play.

MYSELF: Ok , I have an idea.....

(songs go by)

ME: Johnny Cash followed by Polka, Polka, Polka??? THAT was your idea?????

MYSELF: Worked, didn't it??? How many episodes of Top Chef do you think the Tivo recorded today? And where are we going to plant those cool purple things we bought?

And so it went..

Cabal the Dog did not kill any cats, or eat anything bad. Queen Kitty yet lives..(Tho if she doesn't, I get to do the blog headed "The Queen is dead, long live the Queen" which might be poetic) Jungle Loves one and two, are sill in hiding, but Venus and Mim are curled in on my legs and it is cold enough for a fire, here at the Spooky House.

Where am I going to plant the cool purple things I bought yesterday???

Love and tired,

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

More Bees in a Box....

Well, the Wacky Bengal Family will not post for Photobooth shots, but the Dog and our new Queen Kitty seem happy to. You can't much SEE the bees, but there she is in her travel carrier, with a few workers for company.

She came this morning, in an envelope with holes punched around the sides, and my Post Office Friends seemed interested to I opened it to show her off, and one lady screamed and said "Don't open that she will fly around and get loose!!!!"

I had to explain they did not ship them loose in an envelope, but in a Box and she would not be flying around. And anyway, I had a Bee Leash in my pocket. (some people have no sense of humour when it comes to bees.)

She has arrived rather early, we hadn't planned to see her for a week, so the Birdchick is figuring out what to do. I need to Water her once a day. (with what, one wonders?)

Jungle Love 1 came out when I came up the stairs sat there LOOKING at me. (I have to say it LOOKING, if you could see their eyes, you would know why..) I showed her the food plate, and talked to her, and did my finger snapping, and she stayed for a bit, then ran off, so I left the food. I'll take more when I go to bed.

Cabal did very well at his Dog School tonight. We have to state something positive each week, that they did so I said " Well, he didn't Kill the Cat when he lunged at her, and when he stole half a cooked chicken off the stove, he didn't perforate his stomach with the bones and die horribly"

SO, in the last day I have acquired three new pets. Two cats who are terrified of me and a Box of Queen Bee, who Buzzes at me when I go near. I sure can pick 'em!

I am starting to Really look forward to the gigs this weekend. Ah, three hours, of me, my bandmate, music and, one hopes a room full of people who love what I do. Compared to four Bengals, a Box of Bees, and a cat killing dog, it will be downright relaxing!

Love and Music,

Monday, May 05, 2008

Foster Kitties!

Ideally, this post would start with some pictures of my new Friends, but alas, I still don't have a charger for the camera, so we'll have to wait.

Even if I had a camera, I don't think I could get a shot. These poor Kitties! For those of you who missed this, today I went Up North to pick up two Bengals whose owners surrendered them to the Great Lakes Bengal Rescue Association. The GLBR exists to help find homes for Bengals whose owners did not do their homework before bringing them home.

These people were even odder in that they run a small Motel/Cafe in a Fishing/Cabin type area. And they live in one of the motel rooms. I can't imagine living in a small Motel room and thinking, " Well, you know what this place needs? TWO Bengal Cats. Yup, liven it right up"

They are completely terrified of people. Really really lovely cats, but SO scared. They are hiding now in their part of the House, ( About three times the size of their last home ) And I have set out food and water. We will have to see...The Lady who gave them up was very nice, and felt so badly about this.

Hopefully, I will have more success making friends with them that I did getting Cabal and Zoe to be friends. (An experiment that has been stopped. Someone is going to get hurt, either man or beast, and I believe there is no change it will suceed, sadly. I tried.)

So, now we need homes for them. If you know anyone who would be interested in adopting one of these wonderful cats, let me know. I'll keep you posted on how they are doing, but I have never seen lovelier cats. One is a black and tan spotted, and the other black and tan marbled.

Sadly, their names were Pasta and Cookie. I'll call them something else when I get to know them.

A bit of Jungle Love just looking for the right home.

Love and Kitties,