Saturday, January 10, 2009

Recovery Continues...

Not a great deal to report on here today. Cabel is doing as well as can be expected, he's coughing, which is odd, not sure what that's about, may put in a call tomorrow to the U-vets, and he is in a lot of pain, despite the Zombie-state inducing Doggie Pain meds.

Mostly he seems content to sleep, but if I get up, he does too, so I am trying to stay quiet myself, and not move around a lot.

Which means I get to read and watch TV. Did office things earlier, but he follows me, limping along behind, when I am not on the couch and worries I will Go Somewhere leaving him alone and sick. Poor dude. So we be quiet.

Not all bad, I got to see the Animal Planet Showjumping thingie, which was great. (Including Bruce Springsteens daughter Jessica, who knew?) Those people can RIDE, I tell you that.

Also Point Break, a movie I have always loved, but never been sure why.

Cabel is Looking at me, sadly, and it is time for another pill, which has been going better than I had thought, thanks to chicken and cream cheese. And then, hopefully he will do some more sacking out. Woodsman Hans is coming tomorrow so I can have some Bengal time and Riding Time, which is good, as both are sorely needed.

(Venus and Mim do not like this me being away thing. AT all. And when they found out I had left them for a DOG of all things, there little hearts wept. I am going to have some serious making up to do, this I know. Magic, Lear, and Mab were fine, as they don't get to see me as much, and were like, "Hey it's her! Tuna! She rocks" Venus and Mim were much more"Don't think you are getting off THAT easy!!!!")

And finally, This is why we love Eddi Izzard......

Love and Wuunds,

Friday, January 09, 2009

WARNING!!!! Wound Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Cabel, the Franken-dog is back from the hospital, a little loopy, but he drank a ton of water and ate a pound of meat and demolished a Chicken Chew, all good signs.

I wasn't prepared for either what he was going to look like, or how I was going to feel about it. I did cry, but I was not sick. Close thing. I hadn't thought about the entire leg being shaved, and I had expected a nice neat little bandage.

Mostly he is sleeping, all the way home, and now at home, he wants to follow me when ever I leave the room, so I think we will go camp in front of the TV. We stopped by our vets for a Cone-head for him, and he is going to have to wear it, as he is already trying to lick the wound.

He got much scritches and sympathy at the vets and he was a Star, all the vets came to look at him, and they want to do an X-ray when he gets his stitches out in two weeks, so they can see all the pins. Goofy Vets. I'll take a picture as I know about half of you are thinking "COOL! We want to see pins!" He needs to be iced a few times a day, no off-leash outside walking, no stairs, and he has three bottles of medicine to take four times a day.

It's all rather a bit overwhelming. I am not at ALL good with things like this, but, sometimes you have to just DO it, and deal with the situation. I didn't think I could IV Pod the Cat either, but I did. I feel worse for him than me, I suspect he is hurting. We'll curl up on my new floor bed, and spend a quiet evening.

Unless UPS comes back! Franken-dog let me KNOW a little thing like this wasn't going to stop him!!!!!!

Wish me luck! I'm going to, I suspect, need it...

Love and Dogs,

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Cabel Update!

Boss's Dog, Cabel is out of surgery and recovering. Reports are that it went well, and we shall see...He comes home tomorrow morning, and we will be camping out together for the weekend....

Blogger is being a bit strange, no options for photo, link spell check ect....

Love and Dogs,

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Dog Post For a Change....

As many of you have already seem to have heard, Cabal the Dog does have a bit of a problem, and will be needing surgery tomorrow.

He's been limping a bit lately, tho not consistently, which at first we thought might be a sore paw, or a strain, but then he seemed to have trouble with stairs, and jumping into the 4-runner, or getting up and down. X-rays reveled a torn ligament, and our vet recommend a specialist at the U.

I took him down today for his consult, and the Nice Surgeon Lady told us that yes, it was torn, and had also torn away the bone as well, giving him, in fact, a broken leg. (In our defense this Dog did not APPEAR to be in pain, or slow down in any way, as far as running and playing went, just a bit sore from time to time, and we did get him vetted as soon as we saw it wasn't going away.)

No idea how he did it, but he is really active, could have happened with a miss-step at any time.

She explained the surgery to me in detail, even drawing the procedure out for me. Here's a picture of it for you, so it will be as clear to you what they are doing as it is to me...

She then puled it up on the computer, and talked of pins and plates, and recovery and such...

The Doctors are confident that he will make a complete recovery. He will not be able to climb stairs tho, or be outside off-leash for six weeks, and may have to wear a cone.

He can't slip, so we will be getting more carpets for his area of the house, which is tile, and getting in a lot of sand, so he will not slip while walking. Kona, his girlfriend who comes with her friend to walk and romp thru the woods 4 days a week, and Freckles, his best buddy who comes for playdates, will not be able to come over for a while.

They wanted to do this surgery right away, and needed a lot of blood work and such, so Cabel is staying there tonight, with surgery in the morning, and will be home Friday.

I will, of course, keep you all updated.

Love for Cabel,

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Best Cat Toy Ever, Magic, and a Cool Book For A Good Cause...

Fairly hectic day today, went by more than quickly, not sure I have a lot left for Adventures, tho surely some are going on. (my life will not much longer be in the Tubes...)

My sister Tracy did send me an ENTIRE BUNDLE of peacock feathers, which are, according to Venus and Mim, the BOMB! And the same mail brought THESE which are hands down the best cat toys I have ever found. I thought these jungle kitties could play but it seems , since the arrival of Da Bird, that we have only scratched the surface.

On thing, make sure you get the single pole, the connecting poles come apart. Rather quickly. I didn't buy mine from this seller, but am having trouble finding the one I did. Google around, hours of fun these things are....

Magic made some more leaps, as it were today, while playing with Da Bird...He got kind of nearer me than he likes to and froze, so I slowly put out my hand, with on finger to his nose, a few inches away, not looking at him. This is a thing one does with Bengals, and cats in general I am sure, kind of a "Hey, are we cool?" sign for them.

He opened up HISSSING , but I didn't retreat, tho I do have to admit to being terrified, despite the lack of claws, he could still do a lot of damage, but he reached out and sniffed!!!!

Knock ME over with a Feather!

Then he scadattled (I think that is a word, despite what spellcheck thinks) but came right back for the Feather Stick. Veus and Mim were going pretty nuts playing "Claws Under The Door" and Magic got fascinated. And then, he looked at me and Mewed!

He has never mewed me before.

Moving on from Bengals, more wonderful work on the new site, and this weekend is going to be some serious working time for me and Dr Wicked. Well, mostly me getting things TO Dr Wicked. (Jess, can you send him all the Night Garden Things?)

Hellos to new de-lurker in the UK, Hallie! (May have got her name wrong, but as I said, long day, and I am beat, anyway, very glad she is here, nice New Years Resolution, de-lurking, anyone else?)

Go this today too, and happy to help....

There is a fundraising effort in place for S J Tucker (I think you'd love her music.) She had to go into the hospital just before Christmas and has racked up some wicked scary medical bills. And has no health insurance.

Neil Gaiman has contributed a story for an anthology being published to raise money for 's00j' - info here:

If you have time/interest, could you pretty please blog about this?

Thank you, regardless!

- Dusti

Love and Early Night,

Monday, January 05, 2009

We have a Baby!

I got to see the very first mock up design of my new site today! Done by our very own Dr Wicked, which he may hear my thoughts on here first, if I don't hurry up and write him back. Nearly cried. It's lovely and perfect, and no, you can't see it yet, the un-veiling when it is done is going to be a Party! It's going exactly where I had my vision of it, and looks, here's dorky for you, but it's the way I feel, "Just like a REAL website and everything!"

I am pretty darned happy about it.

It's got everything I wanted, done in the style I wanted. Music bits, Bengal bits, our Night Garden page! The Blog, a home for Fiends, it will have a bit I need to write yet on who the heck I AM, and my writing bits. Maybe some Bee bits too.

My very own site.

And I so do owe Dr Wicked.

That's the big news for today. I'll keep you posted on how it goes, but for now, here's some more shots that are making me pretty darned happy. Chicken night tonight, always popular.

Magic's room is looking pretty trashed, as I don't want to scare him with the evil vacuum. He is the one pulling his covers off the cave too, not me, he wants some sight lines he does.

The New Bed came today, a small futon. And we will be making it a bit more home-like. I cleared some shelves for him yesterday and he has been climbing.

I love this last one, he has nabbed the Prey and making off to his cave with it...

Here's Little Queen Mab on her Leopard Blankie. She is too the point where cuddles and petting are Expected and tonight she PURRED....

Lear will come around too. I love that guy. It's hard to get perspective from the photos on just how HUGE he is. The plate is smaller than a dinner plate and Little Queen isn't that small, bigger than Venus and Mim.

My sister Tracy's package came today, an entire BUNDLE of peacock feathers! I also got some more feather sticks, both of which I left at work, ah well, something for tomorrow.

Sometimes a bundle of peacock feathers and five Bengals is all one needs, I am thinking.

Love and Websites,

Sunday, January 04, 2009

King Lear the Huge and Little Queen Mab Get A New Cat Tree....

Since I don't exactly know anywhere else to post you photos, we'll just do a new post. Merry Housekeeper came today and put together my new Xmas Cat Tree! (Spooky Daughter cleaned, Baby Ghoul, aged 8, hunted Mousies from under the couch, and played with Venus and Mim, to everyone's delight, earning himself his very OWN check. I love this family!)

Little Queen Mab seems fine after the Trauma of both the Vacuum and the New Cat Tree. She just wonders if Tuna will be a part of it all.

King Lear the Huge, not so much. I think he will be Closeting for some time, until he is SURE the Vacuum will not be coming back.

And because we were feeling lucky, and rightly so, some Bonus Pics of Magic! I love that cat more every day. I learn so much watching him, and watching him come out of his fear is one of the best feelings my heart has ever known....

Adding this in now....

From Bengalgirl, AKA Janet, AKA She who is the Queen of Bengal Rescue in our part of the world.....She now has TWO Bengal Kittens in Foster....We almost never get kittens. Check the comments for the full story....

Condensed from her comment....

"Tues. I got a call from our local shelter, they has a 4 month old purebred brown spotted bengal surrendered for ???? GLBR paid to have her spayed, tested, and shots and I was to pick her up on Sat. Then on Wed. I got an email from a daughter of a 66 year old woman who bought a bengal kitten in Oct and needed to find a rescue for him. He is a brown marble. He needs shots, and neutered which will be done hopefully this week. I've named the girl Aashi, which is Indian for smile and the boy came with Simba."

Love, Cat Trees and Magic, and Kittens