Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ghost Roses

I've been feeling a little under the weather this week. (Haven't been posting much due to this cold) But SOMEONE knew just the thing to cheer me up. GHOST ROSES! Yes, The Fabulous Lorraine came to the rescue...again. I'm feeling a bit better today. Amazing, did you know chocolate ice cream can calm a sore throat? Hee hee. (No, just an excuse for Malena to have a treat.)

Lorraine was gigging tonight with Paul and sent me a photo. I thought I'd share it with you before she could say NO! Doesn't she look cute?

When I finally finish sniffling, I have a LOT of photos to share with you. Kitty and I went to see Narnia at the EL Capitan theatre. I got to see all the costumes and THE wardrobe! So, I will be posting all that very soon!

I've been busy getting my magic shop online. Soon, I will have lots of herbs, candles, and fun little dead things to buy. Where else can you find real Graveyard Dirt, Mandrake Root and Blood colored ink? Not to mention fabulous goth girl shoes. Soon, people, soon! And of course, I will be bringing fun stuff to Balticon and CONvergence. Ohhhh Miss Kitty made us some LaM magic bracelets. They will be up soon on our LaM site. We really like them, and you will too! Kitty Meow's jewelry really is magical...because SHE is magical. Otherworldly that girl is. Now I'm talking like Yoda.

Well, I'm off to bed. Just wanted to check in and say hello to everyone. Apple Blossom, thank you for your wonderful email. We'll all get healthy together.
LaMie Power!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Music and Madness with ET

Had a great band practice last night with Paul, and our still as yet un-named band. Paul has had the bouzouki for two weeks now and is nearly a master at it, it sounds SO good with the violin. It's like a mandolin but with out the annoying plinky bits of the mando. It's rich and , mellow and we are having great fun figuring out what we will do with it. ( we know, at least Malena and I do, that he will be playing it on the next LaM cd )

We will have it on at least a few songs this weekend. Oh, yes, by the way, for those of you in the Twin Cities or nearby, Paul and I will be playing this Friday and Saturday at Charlie's in Stillwater again, from 7:30 to 11:30. And yes, we will be doing the Unicorn Song AND Bob Seger, as requested two weeks ago. ( if the people who requested them show up and do so again , hee-hee ) If Malena was with us, we would do Danny Boy happily, if she would sing it. She has the voice for it, and turns it into a thing of joy and beauty , instead of one of the most requested and Oh-god-not-again songs an Irish Pub Band has to play.

( My Bedlam Band charges BIG bucks to do it )

I had forgotten , this past year, how much I loved working out, and how much joy comes from doing so. Only two days into it, and already I notice a difference. Not in weight or appearance, but in the way I feel. I have more energy, I am happier, my body feels better, I feel TALLER if you can believe it. Like there is more light and space around me, even here in the dark of winter.

I had my first session with my new EVIL Trainer yesterday, ( ET we can call her ) we did "legs" and "abs" . I also had my first experience trying to walk downstairs this morning with legs that could hardly move , they were SO sore . Today I did a yoga session and discovered how stiff and un-limber I had become, not to mention weak as a kitten . After both I did cardio on Strange Ellip machines where I felt like I was running on air. For the first 3 minutes. The next 17 were like running thru a swamp of doom. We did measurements, body fat and weight. The were enlightening and eye-opening. Not in a good way.

And I don't care.

I don't care what they ARE. I can't wait to see what they are going to BE. I can't do anything about now, but I can change six weeks from now. In my body, my mind, my music. I won't be sitting there wishing once again, I had DONE something.

I feel great.

I feel like I can do anything.

And might at any moment.

Love and Happiness,

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Starts Here.....

Have you ever found yourself driving down the road, not really thinking about anything, when all of a sudden your brain lights up like a sparkler with a thought so clear you can see forever?

Doesn't happen often but when it does you quite simply can't ignore it. When it happened to me yesterday the thought was: " I can't stand this anymore, enough is enough, I can't do this alone"

One of the biggest struggles in my life currently is getting fit and losing weight. UGH! Nothing is happening. I stay the same. I give into these Winter Blues , and eat pasta, lie in my LovSac and watch TV , sleep and get sadder and think tomorrow I will do something.

Well, tomorrow is today. Yesterday I drove to the gym, and told them I had heard a rumor that eating right and working out would greatly increase ones chances of getting fit and losing weight. After they had assured me that this was in fact true I said Sign me the Heck Up. I now have a gym, and a trainer. ( which in my part of the world is an affordable option )

Now, I have always been a big supporter of " You don't need a gym, put your shoes on and go for a walk" which is how I lost the first half of my weight. I lost another chunk reading on Malena's website and following her advice ( which is how I ended up writing to her ) but nothing for the past year. ( darn pastry in the studio and fast food , starving, after gigs )

Today I go for my first workout with Klarissa. ( who I met yesterday, she has as many different colored hair extensions as I do, good omen that ) I'll take a photo today, and in one month, on my Birthday, I'll take another and post them.

And in four months, Malena and I will go to Baltic Con, and I will play for you. Wearing a corset. Feeling really good, and looking like I have always dreamed I did.

If you can change your mind, you can change your life.

Watch me.

Love and Sweat,

Monday, January 16, 2006

Adventureland and Prince

I thought I would hop on and post mainly so I don't have to look at Malena's Brownies first thing when I get online. There are certain times of the month when chocolate is REALLY attractive , girls, if you know what I mean, and this sure is a one of them. 'Nuff said . ( sorry , guys! )

Malena is off at Adventureland today, lucky girl. I am not exactly sure WHAT this is, but she did tell me she had some free tickets to it. Sadly, they expire before I get there next week, so I shall remain Adventureless for the time being. Someday tho, that and the Haunted mansion as well.

She does tell me tho that we will be going to Venice Beach. Don't know exactly what that is either, but I am up for it. And Kitty says we can go and see Wendy and Lisa from Prince's band play too, they were always the part I liked best anyway. And yes, it is true, I have been in a Prince movie. The second one I believe. $75 a day and dinner was what they were paying people to stand in the " Audience" and wave our arms around and dance. Back then we were taking any gig going. Sadly, I don't believe you can see me. They told us to dress as if we were going to a Prince concert, and most people were not wearing shorts and Tee's, as we were ( it was REALLY hot that week ) so the better dressed kids all got to be in the front and in most of the scenes. Which was fine by us, we sat outside on the lawns of Paisly Park and played guitar and orginised a talent show, as I recall. Had a blast. Dinner. And $75.

There, a little known story for you , from my past. Now I am going to take yet another hot bath, and curl up for a while with a hot water bottle and watch it snow, and wait for Malena to call and tell me all about Adventureland.

I'll let you know...

Love and Adventures,