Saturday, November 05, 2005

Post Halloween Depression

Here's more photos from Dark Delicacies. Lorraine and I have been so lonesome since she went home. When she's here it'a none stop party. Then, I go back to real life doing housework, readings, and modeling. Hey! IT could be worse. One day we were traveling and stopped at a gas station at 6 am. A lady was cleaning the toilet and told Lorraine, "Things couldn't be better." That put things into perspective for us. Just when you think your life is a mess, there's someone there to lift you up and show you what life's about. Like last week when we were getting off the freeway and a homeless guy with one leg said, "Hey! Keep your head up! Life isn't so bad!" I felt so guilty going home to my prince and my baby bean. I will never complain again.

BTW, Where is everyone? We get used to all the cool comments and such. Oh! And we'd like to thank the cool fan who send Miss Fabulous the Rainbow Bright watch and the twinkie lip gloss. Hey, we love it!

I have a reading in an hour.... I'm just sitting around today trying not to eat my daughter's Halloween candy. It's very hard to WANT to eat celery and edamame beans when there's chocolate around. What's a corset model to do? Karolyn and I are working on getting the new corsets out. They are SO sexy. You will see them here first! I can't wait. I think it's safe to say the guinnes book of world records will be calling me soon. He ehee. I will bring a bunch to Balticon for everyone to play dress up.

Lorraine and I are already working on the next album. I've almost got Lorraine talked into doing an editorial photo shoot with me for the St. Pattie's Day EP. Think green metallic corsets and fishnets. Very Rocketts. She's such a good sport. It's not easy having a fashion victim as a best friend. He hee.

Lorraine's Boss is off on the UK tour, so "It's just me and Eve" so to speak. Remember, we are having a web party at the end of every month on the 30th! Let the corset training and chocolate eating begin.

Mrs. Teves

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Signing Photos!

Here is the first of the pictures from the Week of Fun!!!!!! So sweet we are with Miss Kitty....

Webcams and Chicken Breasts

Good Morning!

I did a most wondeful post last night after the Webcam/chat and wouldn't you know it, the very gods decided to crash Monzilla and eat the thing. I was too tired and sad about this to redo it. Now I am too tired to think as it is very early here in the land of oranges.

We did have SO much fun chatting! The Hot BirdCHick came by to chat, she is off to the Swamps soon to look for the illusive Irvory Billed Woodpecker. Paul from my FU band put in his bits via the phone and says that next month he is going to be online himself, wearing his Demon costume, ( don't think the talk didn't get a LITTLE sassy and salty with the two of them there ) and my Boss even sent greetings via the phone ( Neil says Hi by the way )

Malena was in fact dressed very like a chicken in more Feathers than I would have thought possible and the jokes were wonderful ( yes, we were having chicken breasts for dinner ) I probebly opened the door for a lot of them feeding her pizza and letting her bite me on the neck, but hey, if you can't have fun with a webcam....

We are going to make this a monthly event as it was a great time, and it sounds like, from the comments, we might need to make it a little earlier, sleepy ones. ( hey, I should talk , hee-hee ) We'll do that and then K can join in too without staying up half the night.

Now I must pack, and go to the airport. I miss the family and my Misty the Wonder Cat , who has most likely grown some more while I have been gone ( and who has most likely NOT learned to use the litter box ALL the time ) but I am not looking forward to this parting.

Not at all. I will miss her.

A Lot.

Love and webcams, Lorraine

Monday, October 31, 2005

Webcam LOVE

Oh yeah! We had a great time webcamming with you all tonight. We just signed off. This will be a monthly event for sure. It's just too much fun! I did a "live corset binding instructional video" that was a gas! More info to come! I am going to take off this costume and chill.

Webcam tonight!

Hey LaMies! The signing was a blast! I wish I could send you all cookies. Our "tour manager" Miss Kitty came with us and made our day. Lorraine went a little shop crazy at Dark Delicacies. Hey, It's easy to do. I, myself bought the usual...blank journals for all my witchy stuff.

After the signing, we went home to get ready for the FX party. I made up Lorraine to look like an evil goth fairy. WAIT till you see the photos. Eeeeeeeee! She looked so cute. I just threw on a see through straight jacket dress, a feather boa, and the spider mask Lorraine bought me at Renn. Fest. We danced the night away with the freaks of Hollyweird. Did I mention Eddie Munster was there? Cool Huh? He looks a little older in person that he did on the TV show.

So, if you want to chat about this Halloween's "Festering Festivities" we'll be webcamming and conferenceing at 6 pm (PST)
My yahoo ID is: therealmalena
Send us an IM and we'll invite you to the webcam LaMie conference! Tonight I am going to be a possessed chicken. Hey, you can never wear too many feathers.
Music Magic and Monsters

Lorraine here....

Halloween out here is a Not Mess Around experience!!!! I had SO much fun yesterday at the signing, thank you SO everyone who came down and sent messages!!!!!

( and to our Sexy Librarian , Jody , for calling in the middle of it to tell us how badly she needed to wear white go-go boots and sing back up for us . Jody, if you can find the boots , we will see you on stage at Baltic con!!! )

( Oh, Malena is reading this and says to tell you she has the boots, this concert is getting better all the time! )

I thought I was dressed up for the signing, but, our Malena had some IDEAS about what dressed up really means. The Pics will be up as soon as I can get home and download my camera. I want to look like that EVERY day! I never felt so lovely before in my life, as I did last night as an evil goth fairy creature , uh, Thing!

Hope to chat with people later tonight. I have no idea what I will be, but I know it will be right up there with Malena's possessed chicken.

Love and Mayhem,

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Last one to bed

I am always the last one to go to sleep..always. Tonight, I finished sewing Lorraine's shirt. She likes it. We will post pics after Halloween of all the festivities. We painted our nails glow in the dark black. I love halloween. Miles and I live in the "Art Dept. Hills" so everyone decorates for halloween. I put up lights in the fairy garden for the wee ones. I hope they come trick or treating to our house. I want to dress up and give out candy on Monday, of course.

whew! We are coookkkie-d out man! I frosted a lot of cookies today. Miles is at the PB masion tonight for some woo woo event, so it's just us girls. My bean and Lorraine are asleep, so it's just me and my two batfrog dogs.

For those of you on myspace, we have started a LaM page. Here's the url:

We are new at this myspace thing, so send us a note and we'll add you to our friends list. Ok, so I'm off to do some magic and make it rain. Ha ha ha don't I wish. Actually, I am going to read my new favorite book, Stardust. Lorraine says it's very Faye.