Monday, October 31, 2005

Webcam tonight!

Hey LaMies! The signing was a blast! I wish I could send you all cookies. Our "tour manager" Miss Kitty came with us and made our day. Lorraine went a little shop crazy at Dark Delicacies. Hey, It's easy to do. I, myself bought the usual...blank journals for all my witchy stuff.

After the signing, we went home to get ready for the FX party. I made up Lorraine to look like an evil goth fairy. WAIT till you see the photos. Eeeeeeeee! She looked so cute. I just threw on a see through straight jacket dress, a feather boa, and the spider mask Lorraine bought me at Renn. Fest. We danced the night away with the freaks of Hollyweird. Did I mention Eddie Munster was there? Cool Huh? He looks a little older in person that he did on the TV show.

So, if you want to chat about this Halloween's "Festering Festivities" we'll be webcamming and conferenceing at 6 pm (PST)
My yahoo ID is: therealmalena
Send us an IM and we'll invite you to the webcam LaMie conference! Tonight I am going to be a possessed chicken. Hey, you can never wear too many feathers.
Music Magic and Monsters

Lorraine here....

Halloween out here is a Not Mess Around experience!!!! I had SO much fun yesterday at the signing, thank you SO everyone who came down and sent messages!!!!!

( and to our Sexy Librarian , Jody , for calling in the middle of it to tell us how badly she needed to wear white go-go boots and sing back up for us . Jody, if you can find the boots , we will see you on stage at Baltic con!!! )

( Oh, Malena is reading this and says to tell you she has the boots, this concert is getting better all the time! )

I thought I was dressed up for the signing, but, our Malena had some IDEAS about what dressed up really means. The Pics will be up as soon as I can get home and download my camera. I want to look like that EVERY day! I never felt so lovely before in my life, as I did last night as an evil goth fairy creature , uh, Thing!

Hope to chat with people later tonight. I have no idea what I will be, but I know it will be right up there with Malena's possessed chicken.

Love and Mayhem,


At 10:35 AM , Blogger Kitty Cat said...

ok, i am bad kitty for not going last night.
suppose i have to insist Lolo the goth fairy comes out to play once in awhile, rather than only on Halloween!
Must admit, the duo looked So luscious at their signing, can only imagine what went on after i headed home!
lots of photos of the signing and i even took a lil movie, will send all to L'am to post when they have time.
xoxoxo Kitty

At 4:08 PM , Blogger Malena Medium Cool said...

Meow! Thanks so much for coming with us. And not to worry, there are many more parties to crash in the future. We DO live in LA. (The mecca of Hedonism second only to Las Vegas)

Lorraine and I are slowly getting up and around today. One more party to go! It's the little hummans from the neighborhood. I posted a sign in the fairy garden today.."welcome trick or treaters".

At 5:35 PM , Blogger ravyn said...

sorry ladies, i can't make it tonight. The hubby had a bad day at work, and we're gonna go out to dinner tonight. In fact, he just got home (8:30 eastern).

i miss you all!!!!

sooooooooo, you MUST do this again!


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