Monday, July 02, 2007

True Magic

Sometime in June...

What a trip this has been! I don't know where to start. Hmmm I could tell you that Lorraine literally saved me from drowning in the atlantic ocean, that I met a 90 year old holocaust survivor who had bouts of psychic messages for me during filming, yes seriously. Although I don't know if she was aware of the significance of her words in my life...or I could tell you of the serious balls I had to borrow from Kim to go out in the freezing cold bay with nothing but clam shells (made by Miles) and a skimpy fish tail. I LOOKED relaxed and fey, from what the observers say, but in actuality I was freezing. Hail to the all mighty Ben Nye Cosmetics for Final Seal, a waterproof spray that works, even under the sea. You should have seen Lorraine hauling me down the street in a cart. The neighbor kids loved it. Some of the wee ones weren't sure I was a human. Actually, no one is!

( Lorraine here, teach her to leave her post half done. )
I just wanted to point out that the mermaid tail is NOT skimpy, we are talking 6 feet of tail, in several pieces, which weighs a TON when wet, and that Malena can't WALK in, so SOMEONE not only has to CARRY her, or HAUL her, but also get her in and out of the water AND be IN the water just off camera in case the Mermaid forgets she can't actually swim. AH-hem. She was however cold , frozen, wet and Final Sealed she was Beyond amazing!!!

I do believe in mermaids! I do!!!!!

Also coffee. Kid you not, this stuff is AMAZING! No sleep? Need to stay awake another ten hours??? Wet? Cold? Need to rise sparking and ready to go???? Try coffee. Coffee is my friend. I love this stuff!!!!!! Who knew??? For those truly desperate moments, try coffee. You can stop any time you want to , Mmmwahahahaha!!!!!!! )

We now return you to our actual posting this evening.....

MALENA is back now...with munchies. Our little vampire is starting to wake.

Ok, so there we are at the beach. Lorraine and Kim are pushing a tube through my hair from the back so I can breath, the waves are splashing and a bunch of people are recording it with their phones. This was nothing compared to the night we shot in Time Square. SO MANY people were video taping us as we shot. Lorraine can be a rabid pitbull armed with an umbrella when people get to close. She could have been a bull fighter! The cops were there making sure the crowd didn't get out of hand while I kissed babies and took photos. Hey, I wonder if fairyland needs a New York Senator? Can't be that hard, On a better note, I love kids. We got some great shots at the church with some little girls. i felt like Snow White at Disneyland. They'll be getting pink glitter Malena packages when I get home.

We looked over the footage tonight. As an actress, when you no longer see yourself but the art, you know it's good. Of course, Kimberly Butler makes everyone look good. I looked like a sea serpent chic. (I was thinking of Miles on the sexy shots) With a figure like mine, there's a lot to see, so a little skin goes a long way.
We had Ashley, one of Kim's assistants on boob patrol. That girl IS a mermaid. She was such a great help. She showed us how to swim in the waves, which btw are NOT like the ones in Malibu. Like New Yorkers, the waves are faster and stronger. I love New Yorkers, what you see is what you get. There isn't as much ass kissing here as in the land of the metrosexuals and botoxed bimbos. Speaking of LA, I do miss home. Miles is there. He is my home, where ever he is.

Lorraine shot a violin scene at the pier. The lighting on her face was truly magic. She did a great job. Especially with me yelling, "Keep your chin up, dont blink, smile, relax, play the camera and you'll be fine!" I'm sure I was rather calming to her. (NOT) IT's the mighty Kimbo I say! She IS in the Smithsonian you know. Need I say more?

The song margaritaville has been sung many times. The people of fire island are starting to believe in fairies...big tall ones who "dance" on the sand. (which by the way doesn't work to well) I fell a few times. With all my hair, a pair of huge wings, a corset and flailing arm bands, it was hard to dance, but I gave it my best shot. With the full moon in the background, it was magic, even with my clutsy sand dancing.

We also visited an ecxentric dentist whose yard was a hippie travelers paradise. I have no idea how we got this snapshot. There wasn't a fog machine. But, Kim and Lorraine are very fey like that. I got to frolic with a buck. He was quite cooperative. Lorraine and our stylist Ann Marie (queen of my world, move the **** over Brook Sheilds Diva) threw dog food and trail mix at me to lure in the little dude.

It felt so magical to be underwater, listening to the water hit the sand. I'm still coming down from the trip of being a mermaid in the bay with seaweed rushing through my hair. I even did a somersalt with my tail, which of course was an accident. It looked great though. Chris' music is hypnotic. By the time we were finished shooting, I didn't want to get out of the water.

As for now, I am going to listen to everyone sleep and watch more footage and upload pictures. More later. Hey, we haven't gotten arrested yet, so we're still ahead considering half of the island has seen me with my clam shells. I shudder at the youtube footage!

ok, off to bed I guess. We're having a blast. Happy 4th Everyone and our prayers go to Glasgow.

Malena and the sleeping pippy longstocking Lorraine

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Too Tired for Words. Here's Some Pictures