Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Wow! I feel special. I do I do! I just finished doing a reading for this wonderful girl named Fiana. Fiana told me she found out about me through Adelphia.net. So, I go see what they've got posted...and what do I find?
Amara. A role playing game created by Emma Honkala.

She posted MY photo as Amara. Yeah! Isn't that the sweetest thing ever? I tried to find her email address to thank her but, no luck so far. So, if Emma ever reads this...I say THANK YOU! I'm honored to be the Amara poster girl.
Love ya!


Monday, May 23, 2005

Yeah! Our shop is up and running. We currently have amethyst soap, goddess oils, and bath crystals. Shop with us and take a little magic home today!

Lorraine a' Malena Shop

Much Better Now......

Many thanks to everyone who wrote me Get Well Soon's! I am much better now, nasty virus it was tho...

Malena has been working all day on photos for the cd booklet. Right now she is showing me, via webcam , all the photoshopping she has been doing. ( Apparently when " liquified" I look like Renee Zellwegger. Go figure. ) Not sure webcam is the best WAY to do this, but we are having fun. She has a mock up of the booklet nearly done and will be sending it to Chris Ewen for tweaking and putting together. Many photos and spiders and webs and sparkles and such. Choosing the photos is going to be hard , we have SO many lovely ones....

I think that the Lorraine a' Malena Shop is just about up and running, but Malena can tell you more. Just a couple more months and we will have music! We are still trying to figure out how to post the video from the Garrison Keliior concert, so that ought to be up soon too. Talked about T-shirt plans today too.

I am bound and determinded to get the Garden in this week. It can rain, ( or snow still in this part of the world, kid you not ) I'll go out in the mud, sleet , hail or tornado, but this garden WILL get growing. My little tomato plants are ready to go into the ground, all 72 of them, I have the herbs, all the fancy organic Things one needs for veggies to be happy little guys and this garden will Grow! Everyone who comes over this week is going to get put to work, builders, fed-ex guys, the UPSman. I may invent a Plumbing problem just to get a couple of them over too. Jody Wurl and I are going to Wiscon to see our friend John Scalzi on Sunday ( I talked her into coming on Saturday , " oh, why don't you come and spend the weekend? We will have SO much fun..." Mwwwaaaahahahah!!! ) and if this garden is not in , we shall plant by the light of the Moon!

Which actually sounds kind of fun. Wish Malena was here, too.....

Love and little growing things, Lorraine

Here's a photo from our last Alter Ego shoot. Mr. Gorgeous is a great photographer as well as a famous artist.

Malena Medium Cool