Saturday, June 07, 2008

Paul, Lorraine, Horsies, The Mandrake Root and Not Quite Naked.

I bathed.

I know, it may sound like the writer of a blog is really reaching for something to talk about, if she starts a Blog "I bathed" but it was truly necessary and quite an event here today. Now Paul and Dylan will want to sit by me.

The gig tonight is 9 to Midnight central time, and we will post on our breaks. (Why we are doing this here and not on our OWN blog is any ones guess, Paul and I don't know...) But I like it here.

We are getting ready for the cd recording. We will have 6 hours of songs to go thru, and see what we get.We started learning some new songs last night. Tonight we perfect them. (Yes, it is that easy, sometimes.) We have Dylan coming down to play the show with us, and see if we want him along for the recording. (DUH!!!! That's WAY easy.)

Paul and I have been talking about the cd and format, and Danguy, the evil genius, may have taken a bigger bullet than he bargained for by saying "Hey, let me stay at your Spooky House, I will trade computer work for lodging" (MMMwawwhahaah!! Dan Guy, we have some PLANS!)

Now all we have to do is a really, really hot show. And before you say "Well, of course you will, it's a foregone conclusion" send a little thought of sympathy out to Big Brown, who was going for HIS big thing today, and didn't muck it up a LITTLE, but managed to finish dead last.....Hey, if you're going down, go down blazing, I say.

Malena and I have been working on a little report on the Mandrake Root for you. Hopefully we will have this in tomorrow. We feel it is our job to keep you to date on all things Spooky...Voodoo Wasps, Evil Bengals, Bat Dog Gargoyles...You heard t here first.

Now I must dress for the gig, or the show will be a little hotter than the people bargained for!!!!

(And since Paul is going to be reading this, and I know how his mind works, NO I am not currently doing Naked Blogging.Towel Blogging, maybe...I only mention this because Paul likes it when people say Naked.)

Hope your night is as exciting! And I wish you were here.

Love and music,

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Beasties and Yet More Beasties....

I managed to borrow a camera, but sadly (what IS it with me???) yes, it ran out of charge, but not before I got a few shots....

It is hard, if you have no photography skills, to take good pictures of cats who don't sit still, but here are a few I hope you enjoy.

First, let's meet Jungle Love One and Jungle Love Two. I cleverly shot them while they ate. They do let me pet them too, while they are eating and don't hide anymore when I am in there. Progress.

Don't they look SO sweet? Just like they are regular cats or something? Do not, my friends, be fooled for a moment. THIS is what I go home to every night....I do not want to know what Jungle Love 2 really is.

And here is Mim coming to kill me. No, my dears, I do not sleep easy at night.

And Freaky Venus, waiting patiently for her dinner. Heh. Positioned nicely between the Skull Fountain and the Knives.

And finally, as it is late, and my candles are burning low, here at the Spooky House, Mim and her new favourite toy...She must stay fit. They must be ready when their time comes.

I will be ready too. To join them.

Love and Beasties,

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Voodo Wasps

While Malena has spent the day learning how to post video both on her Blog and the web, I have been having some long hours at the job, and so, the Wild Kingdom update, complete with pictures, I had planned, won't happen tonight. No, I STILL have no camera charger, Amazon finally sent me a note saying So sorry, can't help, out of stock, but I had planned to borrow a camera and get some shots of JL 1&2 and some Madame Mim Cat Wheel action.

We will have that adventure tomorrow, if all goes well.

For tonight, you may not know this, but it's pretty cool, and weird, and has to do with Zombies, which is always worth mentioning, so I thought we should have a bit of a chat. No doubt Danguy will make some Evil Use out of this information.

(if you want a soundtrack for this try Jonathon Coultron's "RE: Your Brains" if you don't know this song, you ought to. You will like it, it will make you happy.)

I read in New Scientist, one of the coolest magazines going, about, no I am not making this up, Zombie Caterpillars. Really and truly. It seems there is a parasitic Wasp that will find a Caterpillar, lay it's eggs IN the Caterpillar, and then, when they hatch, the babies eat their way out, common enough...

(the second scariest story I ever read was a story, can't recall the name, by Lisa Tuttle, in her short story collection, Nest of Nightmares, about a very similar situation.)

(ok, ok, the first scariest? Snow Glass Apples. Nuff said.)

But, get this, the Caterpillar does not die. It then GUARDS the Wasp babies, the Wasps go into a sort of cocoon, and the Caterpillar fight off anything trying to get them, until the babies emerge all grown. THEN they die. All on their own, with no Voodoo Wasp interference.


HERE is the article.

I was going to try and find pictures, and go a little more in depth, but it seems the Voodoo Wasps have their own YouTube Video already.

Of course they do.

Made a really fine Rhubarb Crumble tonight. My first.

And that's adventure enough.

Love and Zombies,

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Exploding Meat

Not what I had planned to talk about tonight, but this sort of thing, thankfully, doesn't happen often...

I was cutting up some semi frozen beef today, I had tried the electric knife, which was useless, didn't make a dent, and so went for the Big Knives. Very sharp, the Big Knives. Cut thru anything.

(before you start worrying, and cutting to the end of this story, yes, I still have all my fingers)

I was halfway thru, when there was a BANG and a FLASH and the smell of gunpowder, like fireworks!


THIS has never happened before!

I mean, Exploding Meat???? This can't happen. But it did. Took two small bits of the, very expensive Chef Knife. I got out of there, I mean, what was it going to do next, for an encore?

I searched the Internet, looking for every variation on Exploding Meat. I called Malena to see if this was some sort of Angry Spirit problem we needed to take care of. I asked the Dog who thought that it was fine and said that he was more than willing to take the bullet (as it well might have been) and try some.

No answers.

Ok, I thought. I must go Back To The Meat. There must be answers.

Unfortunately, for me, there in fact WAS an answer.

Apparently, when you put the meat on the cutting board, and unwrap it, leaving the Meat Paper to cut on, if you have SOMEHOW run the oh-so-very-still-plugged-in electric knife's CORD under the paper, it IS possible, if you have a Very Sharp Knife, to cut thru the meat AND the cord.

Which being plugged in makes for a heck of an explosion. And tho it will not kill you, good safety tip here...Don't try this at home.

Or you will have to buy your Boss, in all fairness, a new electric knife and a new Very Expensive Japanese Big Knife.

Love and Exploding Meat,

Monday, June 02, 2008

Photoshoots and Directions from hell

This weekend Kitty was working for the Boss. I was busy running around LA watching screenings and going to meetings, so I met her downtown to relieve her. I had no idea what I could actually DO...I have the directional sense of a newt, so it took me a while to find her. They were almost finished by the time I got there. We did have time to take a quick photo. The Boss had a photoshoot for Entertainment Weekly...again. I won't give anything away, but they did have some very sheek men's Goth clothes. I think the media really likes this guy! LOL

I am always in awe of Kitty and Lorraine. They can do amazing things like, drive places and not get lost. Call airlines and get AMAZING fares. Run entire shows with a crew of 300 ALONE. Answer 300 Emails in one day. Start animal sactuaries AND BLOG more than once a week!!!! They can even tell idiots to kiss off without being rude. (NOT a gift I possess. I'm either reeeeealllly nice, or a killing machine from Hell. There is no medium for Malena)

My talents lie elsewhere. Thank goodness the Dream King has Lorraine and Kitty. I'll sing, dance, and act like a dork as my contribution to the group. It has worked out well so far. Lorraine is my PR guide and Kitty is my Merch Goddess. I am so blessed to have such talented mentors. Without them I'd say way too much and possibly hurt myself. BTW, Lorraine has literally saved my life at least twice now. Clutz goes along with geek you know! Thanks girlies! You save me!

(The photo below is for Danguy, who asked to see my Welsh-fro in full bloom. This is my "Strange Brew" face.)

BTW, if anyone knows how to upload HUGE files on youtube, let me know. I am going to put up all the episodes of 13 Nights of Fright.

Ok, off to my kickboxing lesson...again.
Miss you all like brownies!

Madame M