Saturday, December 15, 2007

Consumer Object Fetishism

Lorraine and I both agree Christmas has turned into one big credit card overage fee. Everyone is scurrying around buying things they don't need for people they are OBLIGATED to buy for. Hmp! Is what we say. Do what you can and they people who really love you won't care. My Bean said the other day, "Mom, the whole tree thing is such a waste. Let's just watch a movie together, eat some brownies, open my presents and be together."

Due to my boycotting of American Commercialism, we are limiting our gifts to 3 each. All you parents know how hard that is. I LOVE babies and wee folk. I could care less about myself, but I do LOOOOOVE to buy for little people. So, we're not putting up tons of decorations this year, thanks to the brilliant Bean. As you know, my friends house burned down the other day. Buying fancy pants gifts for my family doesn't seem right when so many people are going without.

A kind note, or a handmade card, or a toy for a impoverished child says Happy Holidays just as well. This Christmas, I put an Amazon wish list together of toys for the fairy garden (which has now become what Miles calls, "A city within itself") That way, the kids can take some of the toys home if they wish.

There ARE lots of people I do love to buy for. My family, friends, Bean's teachers, YOU YOU YOU! But this year I want to emphasize it's the THOUGHT that counts. I'm sending out small things, ecards, phone calls and of COURSE lots and lots of home made MALENA Brownies.

YOU people are who I wish I could send real gifts to. I have a whole plan you see. When I get an assistant and a few blockbusters under my corset, I am going wild at Toys R Us and The Fashion District. EVERYONE and their dog will get Malena presents. I do hope we can clone Lorraine, otherwise my brilliant plan won't work. (The post office in LA is a zoo of epic proportions with it's bullet proof glass and workers who REFUSE to speak english you can understand. Lorraine's post office is still inhabited by people who smile and acknowledge your presence. Amazing!)

My holiday wish is that everyone have a blessed day where no one argues, no one is hungry, no one has to fight with pay pal , and so on and so forth. PEACE people! That is what I want. That and for our country to grow enough food to feed our own people, and less shopping malls and Wal-marts. Ok, I understand the last few wishes are a little over the top, but I do LOVE to think big.

"Shoot for the moon, and if you don't get there, you'll be amongst the stars!"
I love you everyone. I'll try and send out a few things to you, but with my schedule I can't promise anythingby ACTUAL Christmas. PAUL SCORE! Get on that Lorraine cloning will ya! I'm dyin ova heaa!

Love to all!

Santa Malena

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One Freaky Kitty

I got this from Turegblue today and had to post it.....Wonderful!!!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

website down

Hey! Our website is down. We are not sure why. Thank goodness for Dan, who is going to help us, despite being in Disneyland with his family. Some people are just the best friends ever! We'll be sending you something fabulous very soon Dan. Dan is the only web dude I've ever known who is on time and reliable. We are so lucky to have him. So, we'll keep you posted. Our blog is still up and running, so we'll hold camp here for a few days.

Lots of cyber love