Saturday, December 15, 2007

Consumer Object Fetishism

Lorraine and I both agree Christmas has turned into one big credit card overage fee. Everyone is scurrying around buying things they don't need for people they are OBLIGATED to buy for. Hmp! Is what we say. Do what you can and they people who really love you won't care. My Bean said the other day, "Mom, the whole tree thing is such a waste. Let's just watch a movie together, eat some brownies, open my presents and be together."

Due to my boycotting of American Commercialism, we are limiting our gifts to 3 each. All you parents know how hard that is. I LOVE babies and wee folk. I could care less about myself, but I do LOOOOOVE to buy for little people. So, we're not putting up tons of decorations this year, thanks to the brilliant Bean. As you know, my friends house burned down the other day. Buying fancy pants gifts for my family doesn't seem right when so many people are going without.

A kind note, or a handmade card, or a toy for a impoverished child says Happy Holidays just as well. This Christmas, I put an Amazon wish list together of toys for the fairy garden (which has now become what Miles calls, "A city within itself") That way, the kids can take some of the toys home if they wish.

There ARE lots of people I do love to buy for. My family, friends, Bean's teachers, YOU YOU YOU! But this year I want to emphasize it's the THOUGHT that counts. I'm sending out small things, ecards, phone calls and of COURSE lots and lots of home made MALENA Brownies.

YOU people are who I wish I could send real gifts to. I have a whole plan you see. When I get an assistant and a few blockbusters under my corset, I am going wild at Toys R Us and The Fashion District. EVERYONE and their dog will get Malena presents. I do hope we can clone Lorraine, otherwise my brilliant plan won't work. (The post office in LA is a zoo of epic proportions with it's bullet proof glass and workers who REFUSE to speak english you can understand. Lorraine's post office is still inhabited by people who smile and acknowledge your presence. Amazing!)

My holiday wish is that everyone have a blessed day where no one argues, no one is hungry, no one has to fight with pay pal , and so on and so forth. PEACE people! That is what I want. That and for our country to grow enough food to feed our own people, and less shopping malls and Wal-marts. Ok, I understand the last few wishes are a little over the top, but I do LOVE to think big.

"Shoot for the moon, and if you don't get there, you'll be amongst the stars!"
I love you everyone. I'll try and send out a few things to you, but with my schedule I can't promise anythingby ACTUAL Christmas. PAUL SCORE! Get on that Lorraine cloning will ya! I'm dyin ova heaa!

Love to all!

Santa Malena


At 6:30 PM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

I refuse to feel obligated to do anything; it gets me into a lot of trouble, especially with the extended family.

This year we made the kids make top ten lists, and rank what they want. Lori has gone a bit overboard in years past, so cutting things down to ten presents each (some of which will be from grandparents and the like) is a big improvement.

I keep meaning to say that I was very impressed at the number of so-called "plus size" women employed by Disney World in prominent roles that didn't require "plus sizes". They don't seem to have any reservations about employing realistically shaped women to portray characters who, in their films or tv shows, were not so realistically drawn. Most notably, the lead actress/singer in the Little Mermaid stage show had her very pleasing shape on full display in all of its mermaid skimpiness. It warmed my heart a bit and I thought you would appreciate it, for all you've said on the subject, Malena.

At 7:42 PM , Blogger Malena said...

Ohhh Darling! I love you for telling me this. Being a tall girl who wears a 7 in Hollywood and being told to lose another 15 pounds, WHAT? Yeah!
I LOOOOVEE seing real women on TV. I'm constantly bustin my behind to be thin for roles. I think the people of American like real people on TV better anyway. God bless the skinny pill poppin b*t*hes, but I will never be one of them. I will be buff from working out, yes. But pills to be thin? NO!

I think we need a T-shir that says,
:I refure to feel obligated to do anything:
Dan the webman.
~Superhero of the internet universe!

What do you think LaMies?
Love you!

At 10:45 PM , Blogger spacedlaw said...

I am a contrary creature, so I don't ever feel obligated to do things. Especially if those things are dictated by commercialism.
And so, for some five years or so I have been actively proclaiming that I don't want any gifts for Christmas or my birthday. I don't need anything and most gifts are just creating storage issues. Not that the declaration has been very much followed and people stll feel obligated to shower me with clothes I won't wear, scents I don't like, and so on...
The thing is: I actually like to hunt for gifts for others and of course people feel OBLIGATED to reciprocate. Silly. And if that has to be such a burden to them, why must they?
This year, most of the gifts are home made and food related: they are sure to please and will conveniently disappear after a short while.
Of course some people will still grumble about diet and such. But they can always go and take at job at Disney's for all I care. Show those unfashionable shapes around and learn to feel good about them instead of making themselves miserable about the whole issue.

Hum and bug. Ha!

At 11:36 PM , Blogger tuaregblue said...

I don't feel obligated to buy gifts generally, but I do ADORE buying gifts for friends and family. I love that big grin (or sometimes a whoop) that I get when I've gotten just the right gift.
Unfortunately I haven't been able to do that for several years. Due to lack of time and funds, I've become the queen of all giftcards. Earlier I was kind of feeling bad about that, but in some ways I think it might be a better thing, at least in terms of returns, barely any packaging, and everyone gets what they really want.
I like the idea of home made food gifts can put all your good wishes in them..a treat and a blessing in one!

Oh, and Dan should definitely have that shirt.:)

At 11:00 AM , Blogger Yoga Gal said...

Malena Darling; you wear a seven? When I saw you a the Comic Con I couldn't get over how tiny your waist was! Then you have the bustline of a Hollywood Love Goddess so I gather you can't get anything off the rack. I'm only a small 36C and I find it hard to find a dress that fixs for I have a small waist. A size four dress fits my hips but wont zip of the back so I often wear a lot of skirts and blouses. Stil, you looked like a lean, tall, gorgeous Goddess while walking the Cons floor!
I agree we are a comsumer nation all year all not just for Christmas which really is just for kids. This year I knitting a lot of my friends scarfs, giving my neighbors home made cookies and because I just got back from a trip up our coastal wine country I'm giving a lot of fine wine. I found a tasty Pinot Noir in Edna Valley. Hey, this the time to be jolly. I love this time of year and sending out cards, baking and decking the halls. It's about being with the friends and the people you love. Let the magic and the spirit in and hear the angels sing.
Re-read Dicken's "A Christmas Carol".

Merry Christmas

At 1:59 PM , Blogger Malena said...

Thank you Stephen Borer and Yoga Gal for the gift cards and cash for Brandy. Together, we've raised more money than any church has given her. Need I say more. I could but I won't. Falbo, I won't go down that "dark Path". ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Sounds like we all feel exactly the same about Christmas, or "Winter Festival" as the now PC term is said.

Today is my **** the diet day. I am going to have a pancake with the fam. Living on this diet for 2 years is really irritating. It is WORKING, but it sure is hard. Wonder Woman, think wonder woman....
OK, tha'ts my random post!

At 8:51 PM , Blogger Yoga Gal said...

Malena- You're welcome.
Sweetheart, HOW THIN DO YOU WANT TO BE? I've seen you and you were a lean, mean, goddess machine!!!!! If you get too thin your face with look gaunt! Don't listen to some casting agent who has their head up their a-hole! There are plently of successful actresses that aren't a size zero! You must get an agent and do a showcase in town. I thought you and Cat were working on a show for you. Stay healthy and remember you are a goddess! Millions of women (even size zero women) would die to look like you! Happy holidays! Oh, if you're doing boxing training you need a lot of carbs. I thought about you today, I had to sub a yoga class today and this girl (a first timer) came up to me and said:"I thought yoga was for wimps! You kicked my ass! I never had such a hard work-out in my life!" Just call me Yoga Mistress of pain. Good luck with your boxing training!

At 10:47 PM , Blogger spacedlaw said...

Don't loose too much or your fabulous bust will start to sag! And it would be such a SAD sight.

At 9:17 AM , Blogger Malena said...

ha ha! No darlinGs I won't lose too much. I am just toning up, so I can wear my Wonder Woman costume for the ___ project. I want firm legs and firm arms, that's all. Don't worry. Miles is here, and you KNOW he loves me curvy. Thanks so much for all the support. You brighten my day dear hearts.


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