Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another party? Who ME?

Last night I went off with Miles to another Movie Event, complete story over at my blog . Sometimes I feel like such a DORK!!!! Ah, Hollywood.....

I am so excited about the plans for the new Lorraine a' Malena CD! Of course, Adam Stemple and John " Big Sexy " Sjogren will be on board for some knock down drag out, full on blues meets , hmmm... something sexy music. (Notice WHO is being the ham this time!)
I love to sing better than anything else, and if I had my way, we would be in the studio TOMORROW! ( yes, I know, Fablo, you are shaking your head and saying, Malena, these things take time...)I am all for the RIGHT NOW though, and would be there today if we could!!!!!

Tonight is karaoke at The Drawing Room, with my manager, Steve. Never a dull moment here in Lala land. I can't wait to get up and sing my heart out! Oh, for some 80's tunes...And, no, not the Eagles! You can't do the Eagles better than the Eagles did. Kid of like covering a Beatles song. (the "Who sings that song? Let them sing it!" rule applies here!)

Love and sexy dirty Greg Brown Music,


At 5:25 PM , Blogger Yoga Gal said...

On you sexy thing! Lorraine you certainly know how to have fun and look hot! And Malena; what are you thinking when you cast such a smile?

At 9:00 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

I had just been wondering when we were going to hear anything from you two about your next CD when Ms. Fabulous posted about it a few blogs back. Gee, I must be psychic or something.

Or maybe that's psychotic? ;)

At 10:20 PM , Blogger spacedlaw said...

I can'r wait for that new CD.
Say, that man in the first picture looks particularly happy...
(And why shouldn't he be?)

At 3:04 PM , Anonymous Captain Johnny said...

A new C.D. with Adam and I?
Lorraine and Malena want to play with us?
How many people knew about this before me?
Not that it matters, I just coulda used a little bit of warning before the flattery of it all overwhelmed me.
Sounds like it could be a kick butt C.D.
I'll keep reading your blog so I can find out when I'm needed in the studio. Not that I don't read it with infinite pleasure constantly as it is. Er, that is to say, always, all thee time.
Love you Darlings.
Johnny "Big Sexy" Sjogren

At 6:06 PM , Blogger Dan Guy said...

Even in a track suit, Malena, there's no way you could be mistaken for a dork!

At 10:30 AM , Blogger Rubius said...

She's thinking about Miles, of course!!!

At 1:51 PM , Blogger Malena said...

Fablo and I just thought of the idea while she was out here. We both love blues and it's a style we can always do well. So, we are announcing it before telling our musician friends. How LaM of us, ah?
Lorraine will keep you posted captain johnny!
We love you!

At 7:15 PM , Blogger Kitty Cat said...

my girls are both looking HOT.
hello from Austin, it is humid and the crickets are chirping, it is pretty beautiful even though guess who is not not not not NOT even ready to be on tour.
i miss the treehouse and the Batman. My brunch with the fabulous LaM's was far too short, and i loved the place. Me n' Quiche's drive to airport was a non-stop chitter-chatter catch-up....soon i will be in that snowbound hot tub xoxox i will journal soon, lots going on!

At 9:10 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

Good grief, Ms. Kitty! Only a hundred miles south, but you might as well be a thousand miles west as far as me getting to meet you. I'm pretty much stuck at home with a sick 6 year old. ::sigh:: She has bronchitis, and the fever just doesn't want to break. Even she's tired of being sick. We're just trying to make sure she doesn't end up with pneumonia like her daddy had last month (and still isn't 100%).

You shouldn't be hearing too many crickets right now. A month and a half ago was a different matter. You really don't want to be around after they mate, then die. By the hundreds in bad years. In front of , and in buildings. Then stink the places up.

ANYWAY...hope you have/had fun in Austin!

At 7:37 PM , Blogger Malena said...

I'll tell you what I was thinking....well, I'd better not. But I can tell you WHO I was thinking about...
MILES. he heee


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