Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ahhhhrrrr....On a pirate ship

Hey! I just wanted to tell everyone in Minneapolis/St. Paul hello. I do love coming out there. It's kind of like being on a pirate ship. Everyone is happy, loud, sincere and has a filthy mouth. Well, not everyone. Lorraine is always perfect. When I am with you guys, I can totally be myself. You don't care if I'm wearing my spongebob jammies at the goodbye party or if I sing a wrong note. (Not that I plan to do either of those any time soon, but,'s real rock n roll loven' baby) I feel like you are my extended family and I miss you all. When I listen to the LaM rough mix, I remember what fun we had recording. I've NEVER laughed so hard in my life... Adam and LEO!
You all inspire me in so many ways. As you know, in real life I am rather shy. Yes, a true recluse! Being around all these outgoing, crazy, fun, cool people reminds me to let loose and have fun a little more often.
So, get ready to rock! I'll be out there on the weekend of the 23rd, screaming in the front row, "Fab u lous Lorraine! Fab u lous Lorraine! Along with 2000 other crazed-half drunk pirates, lords and ladies, and dudes dressed as "Zorro the gay blade". Haaaaaaa Zaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Kate's Clothing

Thought I would pass onto you quickly, that I found a really Fabulous store on Ebay late one night last week ( oh the Danger of late night Ebay! ) It's called Kate's Clothing and her website is ( sorry , still no linking skills ! ) but she also has an Ebay store.

I recieved everything I ordered from her this morning, very quickly, tho she is in London, and they are wonderful clothes! And unlike many retailers, Kate doesn't seem to feel that all Cool Witchy Gothy women stop at size 10 and seems to know that we come in all shapes and sizes.

She was very friendly and the clothes arrived complete with ribbon and wrapping. Did I mention the prices are most reasonable?????

Have a look and you too might own 2 new shorts plaid skirts, a pair of spider arm bands, some skull socks and purple striped stockings!!!!!!

Love and cool clothes, Lorraine

Of Storms and Marrow and Being Together Again

Good Morning All!

This week went by SO fast I can't believe it is time to go back out and do the show again! I have not seem to have caught myself up yet sleep wise and there is so very much to do yet, ah well...

I am much happier knowing Malena is coming with me for the last weekend! Truly that was a surprise that we didn't think we could make happen, but we did it and are both over the moon! Halloween was simply to far away and to long for this band to be apart. I will have been in the studio all week at that point, and might even be at the mixing point, we shall see how it goes, I can't wait to get this cd out tho!

Last weekend at the Festival there was as severe a storm as I have ever been in. We were up on the big stage watching it come in and trying to be entertaining. This ship has REALLY tall masts with metal flag poles on it. The lightning was very thick. I kept trying to find one of the stage crew ( who has sensibly fled ) to get Mark, the only one who can call the show, when he came walking up the asile saying Folks there is a Tornado Warning, get OUT of here now.

We didn't know how close it wasand more clouds of Doom were coming all the time. All very exciting. Made me quite nerveus actually which is when I called Malena ( I now how she is and didn't want her to worry ) who was also quite scared as she was driving into a forest fire.

Figures. Of course she was. Half a country apart and we can't escape doing the same things at the same time, whether it's gardening or Death Defying Disatsters.....

All's well that ends well I say. Obviously, we lives. Both of us.

I am going to try and make Adam's signing tonight, but there may be to much work for this country girl for that to happen, alas. He has, I believe two books out now, his own first novel " Singer of Souls" and one he wrote with Jane Yolen " Pay the Piper" Both are wonderful, read them over a few times now.

A lot of people wanted the Famous Chicken Stuffed Marrow receipe and since I am making it again for dinner, I'll give it a go.

First you need a Marrow, which a WAY overgrown zucchini. If you live in the Midwest , this will not be a problem for you. People will leave them on your doorstep, ringing the bell and running, or on your car. ( not kidding ) if you have a garden with summer squash, you have a marrow in it, trust me.

Cut it in half, lenth-wise and scoop out the seeds. Put it aside . Make some sauce. I take olive oil, onion, eggplant and tomatoes and garlic from the garden and cook it all up together for as long a time as you can. Toss some spice in there, oregano, basil whatever you fancy, just let the things cook down together.

While that is cooking, take some chicken breasts and pound the heck out of them until you have flat little pieces. Dip them in floor, with some paprika, salt and pepper and fry them up in olive oil until the seem nearly, but not all the way done. Stick them in the bottom or your zuccinni boat. Cover them with sauce so the boat is full and stick 'em in the oven for an hour at 375 -350 or so, for the last 15 minutes you can top it all with parmeasen cheese or something.

Dinner. And it's just that simple.

Love , Storms and Food,

Exciting News

I thought you'd like to know that Adam Stemple will be promoting his new book at Dream Haven Books on friday September 9th at 6:30. So, since I can't be there, go smack Adam on the butt for me and buy his book. ahhh....ok, let's be serious, just buy the book.
He eheee

AND guess what? I am coming out to Festival on the weekend of the 23rd! Yeah! Lorraine and I are so excited we could scream. Actually, we HAVE been screaming for 2 days now. So, be sure to come up and say hello. Lorraine will be playing 11 shows a day! I will be acting as her Xena-esque body guard chic. She's a super hero herself that woman. The CD will be ready for mixing by then. Eeeee! We're getting closer my LaMies of Love. I want to see all of you while I'm out there. Yeah!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Your Corset m'lady!

One of you sweet LaM-ies asked about this corset. Here it is! It's on Ebay, item number 5422855020.

Email Alter Ego for sizing info at:

New Photos!

We've got new stuff posted on the photo page. Check it out!

Come on baby light my Fire

Well, Miss Fabulous and I have had quite a day. Miles and I went to a friends wedding and on the way home, there was a forest fire. The summit was closed and the alternate route took an extra 5 hours! Right at the time we find this out, my cell phone rings..It's Lorraine, of course. She says, "I know how psychic you are and I thought you might be feeling some bad vibes. There is a tornado coming, but we're ok so far." Now, who's the psychic one this time, I ask you? Hee hee!

So, as usual we are both suffering at the same time..doing basically the same thing. I'm glad to be back with our pig-dog-bat-frogs, Monty and Stanzi. (They are Boston Terriers) and Miss Fabulous is happy to be with her new Muppet-esque meow meow. What a day!