Saturday, September 29, 2007

Late night gigs and news....

This has been rather a long day and now, don't you know it, I am wide awake, so I will tell you the tale...

This morning was spent mostly cleaning closets , and the afternoon cleaning closets while trying to convince Dog that thunder was not actually something that was most assuredly going to kill him, me and perhaps wipe out the world. ( Dog take thunder VERY seriously ) His total concept on how to deal with this and save ourselves at least, is that we need to run to the car and GO SOMEWHERE.

I don't think Dog thinks these things thru very well.

Tonight I had a Paul and Lorraine gig in a wee town a couple hours away. I am always of two minds ( which is good for me, half the time I barely have one ) on whether or not to take gigs at this place. They love having us , but don't much pay attention, so it's kind of background and it's really far away, but on the plus side, they get every sort of person in there, and they all get along famously. Bikers, very drunk groups of friends, the guy in full hunting gear ( we're talking tally ho off to the hounds on a horse hunter , not an orange shoot the deer hunter, but I am sure they would be welcome too ) Every sort. It's sort of lovely really.

Then the BUS pulls up.

I fear the BUS. Large groups of guys who need a BUS to get to a bar are not site seeing. They are drunk. ( don't get me wrong, bus is WAY better than them driving ) but in most places the will be rowdy, rude and off again. Nope not here. Nice as can be ( tho, yeah, drunk ) and they mixed and mingled with all the locals and everyone had a great time. Weird show. Again, just don't know.

On break I snagged a copy of the local paper and went to my favorite section of any local paper. Oh yes, Police Beat. That's where they list crimes of the past week. There was one in there ( always is ) that I think deserves a little discussion.

" A man was arrested Wednesday for shoplifting a vacuum and possession of heroin "

Ok. Let's take this point by point.

First off, HOW does one shoplift a vacuum ? I mean, do you plug it in by the door and sort of vacuum your way on out? Do you put a wig on it, pop on a pair of sunglasses and call it your Cousin It? I know people will shoplift a variety of things, but doesn't a vacuum seem sort of ambitious ?

Secondly, if one was going to make a try for the vacuum, uh, you bring your heroin along? I can see it, he makes his plan, he is all ready, he is going to Get This Vacuum, and then, nearly out the door, WHOA! What if I need to shoot a little heroin before I get the job done?? Better grab a some, just in case....

I know junkies are not the brightest bulb in the marquee, but say they are in the midst of a good old nod session, high as a kite, I don't think the first thought that comes to them is " Hey, this place could sure use a little tidying up, well first things first, let's go out and steal a vacuum "

We are going to skip the entire obvious point,( sorry guys,) WHAT is a MAN doing needing a vacuum that badly?? I suppose his wife could have told him, you get out there and find one and don't come back until you do, just take your heroin along in case you need some before you find one????

I had a lot of time to ponder this on the drive home.

There's a story here. I'm sure of it.

I'll leave you with this Goodnight Picture ( tho I am going on record as saying dogs do not pose any better than cats for photobooth, which is to say NOT )

Love and more,

Malena here! Just wanted to add that I too am cleaning out my closet. Miles and I have to make room for the costumes and props he brings home. Here's a link in case any of you want anything from eBay.
The autumn leaves are starting to turn yellow now. I am finally realizing it IS fall. I can't wait until it gets cooler. I love boots and jackets and hats. (I'm itching to go to Minneapolis)It's an excuse to wear vintage fur AND see The Fabulous Lorraine. Fablo and I like to save dead things in vintage shops. I freeze when I go visit, but it's so worth it. It's a different world out here. When I leave LA, I am no longer the "heavy girl". It's great for the ole' self esteem.
I have lots to tell you. When my filming schedule slows down (yeah right) I will tell you all about it. Did any of you watch Moonlight? If so, didn't you LOVE IT?

Love and fluffy cuddly things

Madame M