Friday, October 12, 2007

Halloween Marathon

Man, I am so busy right now. I rarely have the time to blog much. It IS October, the season of the witch. (hint hint) We just finished filming a project in my house yesterday. More info on my blog. Today we are getting ready for October Shadows. My manager Steve, our tour manager Kitty, and Coop's wife Ruth are meeting us there. I hear it's quite a celebrity affair. (In LA language, that means people in jeans and shorts) People in this town DO NOT know how to DRESS! I go to black Tie events and see girls in denim mini skirts and ugg boots! Oh the horror! There should be a goth/rock TV version of what TO wear in LA! Me, I just do my own thing. Somebody has to represent the goth diva drag queens of the world! Can I get a witness? Our mummy head agrees. See? He's giving me the wink of approval, and a smile!

Fablo and I are always doing the same thing at the same time. We are both remodeling our bathrooms. We are both training our dogs. (Mine WERE trained until I moved in and spoiled them) Even when we think we aren't doing the same thing, we are. We are connected at the hip I tell ya! On the last blog, she showed you a few clips of her house, so here are a few clips of mine. The gold table is from Alexandria. I'm such a dork, I had to ask Miles where that was. Our house is a hodge podge of eras all slammed together. We have the furniture of the rococco period, then we have the art deco stuff, the barnwood tables, the roman pillars. Oh well, someday we will have a bigger house to display them all.

This picture is BEFORE we put up the Halloween decor. Mwauuu ha ha haaaaaaa! I made some Halloween brownies for a school party the other day, with the help of my little bean. Here they are. Last year fablo made REAL sugar cookies (no mix, by HAND) I miss her. They were amazing. I must admit, my brownies were from a box, but look at the fancy icing people. ha ha

Somehow I wish all of you could come and trick or treat at my house! Wouldn't it rock?

Love it. Ok, more info to come. Check my blog for Dork photos.

Love, Mummies and Chocolate


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More Birds and Bathrooms,

Here are the promised pictures of the New Chandelier and the Ugly Bathroom. And as a Bonus Feature, here at the Blog today, the Wee Little Owl. Read the whole story here on our Hot Birdchick's Blog . Sharon also has a book coming out soon, which we are very excited about called " Disapproving Rabbits " , more on that as it gets closer. Party at Dreamhaven for the release on November 2nd, with music at Charlie's after. I've seen an advance copy and laughed SO hard, wonderfully done it is.

Can this be my Kitchen??? Oh yes, the chandelier was MEANT to be in my kitchen. All kitchens should be so elegant.

Here it is, The Ugly Shower!!!!!

Let there be light...NOT!!! They are SO out of there....And your little wallpaper too!!

And finally, the very cool bath tub , which is not so good for taking bathes. I do love it, it's lovely and old, but I do so want laundry up there, near the bedrooms, and as you can see, it is now being used as a planter. Those pots of plants, by the way, Malena made for me last year, and yes, they are still alive. ( Tho Freaky Venus Seaweed does her best )

Sharon and I spent the afternoon ripping out the Evil Buckthorn from the woods, where is seems determind to try and take over. ( The world most likely, this stuff is insidious ) So I will park myself on the couch with ginger tea and a fire and try and stay awake until , oh, at this rate nine or so. ( tho the hot tub doesn't sound like a bad idea either, the Evil Buckthorn resisted us strongly )

Love and Hot Water,

Monday, October 08, 2007

Birds and Bathrooms

Saturday was a really fine days all around, except for the fact that it was 87 degrees, kid you not, broke all the records. The Bridchick was out with some Bird Friends ( no, THEY weren't birds, they were men who were friends of birds, like the Birdchick ) and they spent the day banding all the little birds they could catch. You can read about it HERE

They let me " help " them some and even let me hold a wee bird, which have never done before, and then release it.

The dishwasher and garbage disposal are in ( can you handle the excitement ??? ) and I have been giving a lot of thought to my washer/dryer in the upstairs bathroom situation. If I am going to take out the tub, I may as well take the separate shower unit out and get a new one. My shower is BEYOND ugly, I'll take some pics for you, it looks like something you would buy if you had no taste and wanted your home to look like a pre-fab middle American house. Ugh.

Ok. So the shower unit goes and I get a nice new one.

Well, we didn't re-do the wallpaper when I moved in. It's pretty horrid too. So we may as well take that down, and re-paint, deep purple for the wainscoting and an off white for the upper half.

Hmmm...I hate the lighting too, faux Tiffany stained glass with gold/brass coloured metal bits. Again, WAY middle America. ( I can't think how else to describe it, can anyone ? We need to explain the horror of this to our friends from Europe. ) So, new lights all around.

I couldn't help but notice that the windows have silly faux lace curtains and blinds that do not GO . So they GO too.

I can live with the floor. Largely because I haven't a clue how much this is already going to cost me. See? That's home owning. You decide to do ONE LITTLE THING and BAM! You're re-doing the whole darn bathroom.

( oddly enough I have been listening to Malena all week describing the horrors of HER re-doing the bathroom. It always happens like that with us. We do the same things, same time, half our conversations go " I'm doing this...Oh Yeah, me too! " We have ceased to be surprised by this )

Love and such ,