Friday, March 03, 2006

Stuck in the Middle with You

Lorraine has entered into the eye of the storm here at the Teves House.

( Lorraine here...Not sure what she means by that, but I am thinking I will find out, personally , I am up for anything! Malena has walked away from the computer and so, I am hijacking her post! MMMMwwwwhahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is raining here and cold. Hmph. Could have had this in the Midwest. The company is good tho, and the music is fine . )

The Teves House has now officially been infested with Spiderwick creatures.

( a day later and she has once again walked away, silly girl, and yes, the place is covered in Spiderwick. I myself have been haveing a great time working on music, finding lyrics, watching Malena's dance ideas and just enjoying the sunshine, which has finally come out. Today we got to the grocery store, which was fun. Who said LA was dull, hee-hee...Yomorrow, more music, we are going to have some fun live in a couple of months!!!! )

( ok, two days later now and our Malena is still sewing madly. Or like a madwomen, which of course, we know, is not an unuseuel state of mind for the girl, hee-hee , so I am hijacking her post and publishing the little guy so you don't think we have left you forever, alone and forgotten.

We have a set list for Balti con done, and some ideas of how we are going to do the songs. If only we had a fog machine, strobe lights and some way for Malena to come down on a rope from the ceiling, THIS would be a SHOW... Actually, despite the lack of them , unless our con chair can work something more than minor miricles, hee-hee, it is going to be a really fun time. We have a lot of the songs from the cd and a whole bunch of favourates that we love and some that our producer, Adam Stemple does as well. If you haven't heard Adam , either solo, or with the Tim Malloys, save some money for cd's I am telling you! He is , simply, very, very good.

Personal Thing, and Marylin are both there on the set, as requested, not to worry.

Ok, I am going to make sewing girl some lunch, as one cannot live on music and art alone, and she never stops, at least not until the sun comes up.....

Pictures soon, promise!

Love and Hijacked Posts,

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Green Hair and Sunshine

Well, the green hair turned out to be a really fine idea, it's lovely, kind of sea green with blonde and black. I'll have Miss Kitty take a nice photo and we will post it, so you can see the green in all it's glory!

It is hoped it will sustain me durning this marathon St Pats weekend. I had a friend tell me last night she had got my e-mail about the gig, but she laughed, and said I had made a typo, as it said I was playing Noon to 1:00am......

Sadly, I told her that was true, and she went silent and said: " Can you DO that????"

We will find out. I'll call Malena during the day, and she can post updates, maybe we can figure out how to do photos as well.

This weekend will be a little easier, I am off to LA today to work on music with Malena , in the sun and the warm, tho she told me to bring a raincoat. Rain? In LA???? I do not actually have a raincoat. I am not sure I even know where to BUY a raincoat.

We are going to work on our set for Balticon, let us know if there's anything special anyone wants to hear, and we will try and go for it....

Love and Music,

Monday, February 27, 2006

Calling all Spiderwick Fans

I'd like to introduce you to my newest house guest. This is Hogsqueal. He is a part of the Spiderwick family. Miles is sculpting some of the creatures for the upcoming Spiderwick Movie and they needed "someone" to make the outfit for this little guy. Of course, I volunteered. Hogsqueal reminds me of my dog Stanzi, if she was part goblin. What am I saying, she IS!

I LOVE SPIDERWICK! Here's the site:
If you haven't read the series, you simply MUST. My daughter loved the books. I wish I could keep these little guys. It's so hard to see them leave when they're finished. Oh well, I'll have to wait for the toys like everyone else.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Magic Gene's and all things Fey

Hey LaMies. We are getting quite a coven going on here. I just wanted to remind you about my Forum. All you witchy folk should mouse on over and start sharing your wisdom baby! (Of course, Lorraine will still be there. She models my card readings for me you know.) Hee hee
On the forum, we can talk about more in depth Spiritual stuff that we sometimes skim over here in the land of LaM. At the moment, all things haunted, dead and etherial are what we're thinking of. Channeling the next album and book we are!

So, if you want to know a good spell for the full moon, how to change your X into a toad, or any other magic thing, go to the forum! You never know what kind of magical feat we could pull off together. Prayer circles, sewing circles, Oh my! What fun..I'll be waiting there, crystal ball in hand.