Thursday, October 06, 2005

SO very close

Some news here, good and bad. We had to cut three songs from the cd today. Time is running out for mixing and it was simply to long. One of the songs, Bedlam Boys, didn't seem to fit what is going on on the rest of the cd and we all had issues with it, Malena, Adam, Leo and I , so we are saving it for the time being. Sonnet in the Dark , a lovely song I did with the Flash Girls, needs more work too, and the I Love Stephen Merrit from Lojo Russo needed to much work in the mix, so these three are out.

Good news is we are doing an EP for release along about St Patricks Day, with these and perhpas a re-mix or another song or two. So it's not all bad, and they are not GONE, just waiting for the right moment.

More good news, we finnish tomorrow no matter what happens. I have to leave by 6 for my Folk UnderGround show, but Adam and Leo are going to stay until it's done. ( Leo is Leo Whitebird, our Engineer , he and Adam are truly evil together, wouldn't make an album without either of them )

Monday we Master the thing. Which means Things get done to it, like Normalized and Finalized and Faded and all sorts of weird things I'll never understand, but it's what makes it sound all lovely.

Then Tuesday it goes to press.

Fingers Crossed......

Love and Albums, Lorraine

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Home strech!

Malena is a very wise women I say, and gads she is cool. I believe I am right fond of that girl...

Still in the studio, but I think tomorrow should see the thing done, you can never tell how long a song is going to take to mix, it seems to average about 4 hours a song tho. It's sounding wonderful and the booklet is turning out amazingly well. Malena did all the backgrounds and coleges and such, and Chris Ewen is putting it together. Miles did the front and back covers.

Very soon it will be done and I will go somewhere for a nice long rest, hee-hee...

Love and corsets, Lorraine

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Halloween Suggestions

Apple Blossom had a question about corsets for Halloween. Since I live in them, I thought I'd shed some light..or air on the subject of how to wear them comfortably.

The most comfortable corset is one with a sweetheart neckline. The front should make an M shape. (Like the one I wore in 13 Nights)

Find one that laces up the back and has metal closures up the front or none at all. These kind of corsets look tight even when they are comfortable. This style always looks good on busty, full figured girls like Lorraine and I. I try to stay away from styles with underwire cups because they are never large enough.

If you are small busted or on the short side, the tanktop style works well. Like this one:

The underwire styles will give you the illusion of a larger bust. Like this one:

Order a corset by your waist size unless you are tall and busty. Then add an inch for height. For example, my waist is a 27, but I order a 28 due to my bodacious bust and bottom.

Vogue out for Halloween everyone! You don't have to spend a lot of money to look fabulous. Here's a few fast and easy costume suggestions:
1. For that Fairy look, Buy a cheap eye mask, some feathers, glitter and rhinestones and make a masquerade mask! Add fishnets, a skirt, and a corset and you're on your way. Feather wings are always fun too. Like these:

You can find a pair for around $25.00 or less on Ebay, or you can make a pair out of construction paper, glitter and paint!

2. For that Bride of Frankenstein look, you can go to a second hand store and buy a wedding dress, then decorate it with fake blood. Or, throw it in the washing machine with one package of red RIT dye and one package of black. Tie dye it with rubber bands or tie it in knots for super goth style!

3. For that Witchy Malena look... buy a witch hat, a few plastic spiders, some black feathers and some sparkly fabric. Wa-la! You have a custom witch hat! Use the extra fabric to make a bustle for your skirt. Add a swirl of black eyeliner and you'll look like Death!

4. Take your lover hostage and dress up as a pirate! All you need is a plastic sword, some hoop earrings, a bandana, a corset and some boots. No one will notice your sword isn't real, they'll be too focused on your cleavage!

5. Look Purrrr-fect by wearing a bodysuit, a corset and a tail. You can make ears our of black card stock and bobby pin them into your hair. Add a marabou boa for a tail and draw on some whiskers. Meee-ow! Add an eye mask for a retro catwoman look.

I always made my costumes. My costume rule is: "You can fix just about anything with a little duct tape and a glue gun!" They also make a cool product called Stitch Witchery. (Love the name) It's tape that melts into the fabric when you iron it, fusing it together. Here's some info on that:
You can buy it at any fabric/craft store, or at discount stores like Wal-Mart.

And lastly, if you have a corset, you HAVE a costume! Just add some snazzy accessories! Hope that helps a little. Let me know. I love giving fashion advise you know. I want Halloween photos of EVERYONE! Email them to me and I'll post them on our site.
Happy Haunting!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Pirate Wenches..ok ok goody goodies in costumes. Don' tell anyone!

Lorraine a' Malena Shop

Lorraine is so fairytale cute! I look like a displaced peacock. Begaak!

Lorraine a' Malena Shop

Lorraine a' Malena and Karen at Renn Fest. Notice the beautiful porta potty in the background. hee hee

Lorraine a' Malena Shop