Thursday, July 28, 2005

All About Music

I noticed today that some people in other jourals seem to think all we are about now is Girls in Corsets and have forgotten our musicial roots! I can't believe it? Corsets??? ( personally I think they are just jealous they have no endorsement deals. Hmmph )Well, in this post Corsets will not even be mentioned, it is ALL going to be about music and my diet and workout program. No Corsets!!!! We are serious artists here!

Music. Yes. I picked up a show with Folk UnderGround at a small pub in Stillwater. If you are in the area this Saturday night and want to come by for a pint, drop me a note and I will get details. Also all next week at the Half Time Rec , Wednesday thru Saturday, with Malena on Saturday the 6th. ( Since this post is NOT about Corsets, I will not tell you what she will be wearing. Not me. )

She comes out on Saturday and we are spending a week practicing and doing the last little bits of her on the cd, and maybe starting my fiddle parts, hurrah!

I hired a Personal Trainer today, which in my part of the country is not as Ritzy as it sounds, and he will be helping me with this Get Into You Know What by Halloween. Today I did my walks and listened to Malena sing in my headphones.

Which is a nice way to work out. Indeed.

Love , Music and .......

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Here is a picture of the famous skirt Mistress Mousey made. It looks great with the AE corset! Lorraine and I will be wearing ours for Halloween!

Lorraine a' Malena Shop

Malena's Music Madness

Malena's Music Madness

Lorraine and I are an odd mixture of music, magic, and fashion. I'm amazed at how she handles everything in her life with such precision. I on the other hand do everything at once. Like now for instance.....
I'm busy modeling corsets, learning songs, making potions and doing readings. Both Lorraine and I have two speeds, 180 mph and 0. I am rarely at 0 mph, unless I am at her house eating sorrel and sour cherries from the garden. Then, I'm a slug. When I'm home, I'm busy busy. Although I'm preoccupied with other things, I still can't get this CD out of my head. I can't wait until it's done. We are thinking mid October now, BTW. You see, Lorraine can fiddle better than a devil in Georgia and we MUST be graced with some of her fire. I did my singin' bits while I was there two weeks ago. Being the best friend that she is, she helped me before she did her own bits.. She's like that you know. Ohhh, and that brings me to another one of Fabulous Lorraine's ideas....two violins.
Yes, two. It goes like this:
I play 3 notes on one string and Lorraine does the rest. Just kidding. I'm actually getting a little better with the violin. It's always been my favorite instrument starting in 4th grade.
I've never played anything other than classical, so I can't wait to learn a few things from the fiddling Miss trads, gypsy music, etc. Hey, I could dress up as Esmerelda! There I go again mixing fashion and magic and music. That's the thing I like most about our fans. All we have to do is be ourselves and they love it. Thank you! We are very very very lucky...oh and thanks for being so patient with the CD release. We're even MORE excited that you are!

leather clad Malena

Darn I'm Good!

Not only can I now post a picture on the Blog, I am so good I can do it TWICE without even TRYING!!!!

Love and Fairy Skirts,

Fairy Skirts and Weeds and Workouts

Miss Mousie is just about ready to put the Fairy Skirts up on Ebay.....Here is a LINK. Darn. No link. Where did that nice little button go???? Well, here it is in non-link form

She says they will be up today, and they are truly lovely....Wait, ah-ha! An Add picture button!!! We shall see.....

I am bound and determined, as it were, to be thin and fit enough by Halloween to wear my Fairy Skirt with a corset and feel really lovely in it! Words of encouragement are welcome. In fact I am Right Now going off for my daily walk and work in the garden. ( The weeds have done terrible things to it while I have been working and recording, who knew???? )

Here's the Plan....Eat right. Workout . And keep a picture of Malena in a corset in every room with food. Wish me luck.....

Monday, July 25, 2005

Yes, Alter Ego has done it again. Finally every goth girl in America can own the "13 Nights of Fright" Corset. So, get sexy girls and send us the pics of you sasha-ing around your home town. Cinch em' up boys........

Lorraine a' Malena Shop

Here's the angel tree at our favorite country graveyard....

Lorraine a' Malena Shop