Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fairy Skirts and Weeds and Workouts

Miss Mousie is just about ready to put the Fairy Skirts up on Ebay.....Here is a LINK. Darn. No link. Where did that nice little button go???? Well, here it is in non-link form

She says they will be up today, and they are truly lovely....Wait, ah-ha! An Add picture button!!! We shall see.....

I am bound and determined, as it were, to be thin and fit enough by Halloween to wear my Fairy Skirt with a corset and feel really lovely in it! Words of encouragement are welcome. In fact I am Right Now going off for my daily walk and work in the garden. ( The weeds have done terrible things to it while I have been working and recording, who knew???? )

Here's the Plan....Eat right. Workout . And keep a picture of Malena in a corset in every room with food. Wish me luck.....


At 2:22 PM , Blogger Sherpa said...

I was thinking of Putting up pictures of Malena in corsets myself...though not for the same reason.
Actualy the new picture of the 13 nights of fright corset is set as the background on the 'puter. Distracts the roomy when she is feeling bitchy with me and makes her happy.

At 8:35 PM , Blogger Malena Medium Cool said...

Hey bodyguard dude! Sometimes I forget that I can look sexy on the outside. Shhhh, we won't tell anyone I'm really a star trek nerd who wears sponge bob pants and Zena t- shirts. It's so nice to hear such cute silly things from our fans. I do enjoy playing
Hey! I've got some great "chick with sword" photos that will be out soon. I'll post them just for laughs. Move over's Zorra the straight blade!

At 2:25 AM , Blogger K said...

Oh my. I have a slight thing for swords myself, otherwise known as the Eowen Complex. One of my motivations for getting fit myself is so I can take up fencing (which I've always wanted to do) without making a complete fool of myself.

I haven't revealed this on my blog yet... the people that read it mostly think I'm a sensible person who is getting fit for the usual reasons, I imagine. They know I'm a total nerd, though.

At 5:23 AM , Blogger ravyn said...

oooh fencing! i took fencing in college (with archery, which i also love). i had a great time, but was limited by my asthma.

Do it, i think you'll enjoy it :-)

K - Friday i'm getting on a plane for Scotland, doing a little sightseeing before Worldcon starts on the 4th. Are you going to Worldcon by any chance?

At 5:54 AM , Blogger Sherpa said...

Adam the producer will be at worldcon along with the amazing Jane Yolen. Go biff him on the head for me.

At 1:23 PM , Blogger Fabulous Lorraine said...

Malena actually looks pretty cute in the sponge bob pants and xena shirt, both of which I gave her, just for the record.

K- Don't worry about not looking sensible in your blog, go for it, swords and all! You can tell we never worry, hee-hee, and it seems to be working out just fine.

Adam Stemple will be at World Con, everyone there must bug him for us!!!

( Sherpa Dude, remember you are working for us on Saturday the 6th when we play the Half Time Rec in St Paul , we are thinking of DOUBLEING your rate of pay )

At 1:35 PM , Blogger ariandalen said...

Thanks for the pics of the pretty, pretty skirts. :)

I don't know, Lorraine......I think you did a darn good job losing weight between Fiddler's Green and your first photo shoot with Malena. I don't think you need to lose much, if any, more; however, I hope you get to where you're comfortable with yourself. :)

As far as swords go, Malena, I have one, too. No pictures of me with it, but my husband bought it for me several years ago.....the same weekend he bought me a shotgun.

Remember, I live in Texas.

At 9:18 PM , Blogger Malena Medium Cool said...

A shotgun? Wow. I can a Hollywierd way. I always tell Miles how it would look to the average person if they saw our sword/gun collection. Yes, most of them are props from films and TV, but they look really real. Like the HellBoy gun. It even has real metal bullets. Yeah! I pitty the..unarmed burglar. I'd come out like Laura Croft back from hell, man. Ok Ok, I have fantasies of doing some righteous ass kickin' with my hubbies weapons. Bad guys beware..hhee heee. Ok, I'm putting my Sponge Bob jammies and going to bed. Glamourous reality ah?

At 11:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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