Saturday, June 04, 2005

Corsets and Couch Potatos

Hi, it's me here, Lorraine, writing as if I was Malena. I know one can change this over and I could be me, but some nights it's all the same anyway, so I shall be her. ( and perhaps I will even look as good in a corset, hmm, I am liking this...)

This was by far the quietest , most laid back time we have ever spent together. Did almost nothing but sit and talk ( and cough and sniffle in my poor case ) It was lovely ( not the sniffly bits ) I am not sure we will ever finally say everything that we have to talk about, and hours to do it in are never ever enough. Did lots of talking and planning for the cd, too, both the music and the booklet. We had wanted to have some time with the lovely Miss Kitty ( Cat Mihos , friend and photographer from the Gods ) but had to turn down adventure this time. It will be a different story when I come back in two weeks. We had also planned another shoot for the cover, actually, but we are putting it off again for two weeks as the Terrible Illness of Doom has rendered me, uh, about as attractive feeling as those worms that Sharon the Bird Lady puts in the , well, worm feeder, I guess. I look ok, mind you, it's just the way one FEELS....

We did manage to get out around dinner time and stopped by a store called Ipso Facto. I now have a lovely new Spider necklace, a Coffin ring and a Skeleton , uh, I am not sure what, but I like it.

My goals , hopes and dreams for the evening include, entirely, of being able to stay awake long enough to watch something in the way of a movie.

I'm having a lovely time. As ever. And ever.

Love,Couches,Corsets and Worms,

Lorraine ( or Malena, remember I'm not quite sure...)

Friday, June 03, 2005

Wild, Witchy and Worn out

I didn't know being sick was this much fun... sitting here on the couch talking about music, fashion and all things faye with Miss. Fabulous. Ahhhhhhh, if only our bodies could keep up with our minds this weekend. Lorraine seems to think I am quite magic and I think the same of her. We often say,
"I wish I saw myself the way you see me. Cosmo would be calling you baby!"

So, through the weekend we DO plan to work on some songs. I've been belting out Isobel for a few months and I am finally hearing the way it should be sung. I wish we had a way to share all this with you NOW! RIGHT NOW!
These songs take you to another place. When I sing, I forget where I am or what is around me and I live in that dream space the song created. We have two sonnets for the CD; Sonnet in the Dark and Dark Sonnet. Catchy-inventive-cool titles ah? We like em'!
Dark Sonnet is one of the new songs Neil wrote for the album. The last line reads,
"I really don't know what I love you means, I think it means don't leave me here alone."

I leave you with those words to think about. Take care of each other. Be true to yourselves and never stop dreaming. The only way to manifest your dreams is to live in the NOW...savor the moment for soon your mind will create another.

Love you all!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Garden Fops and Glasses

Good Morning All!

Yes, the Terrible Illness of Doom at long last seems to be slinking away with only the odd cough and sniffle now and then, it seems I may yet live.

The Garden is done and actually growing. Not much has died and some of the 42 tomatos actually seem to be growing ( no, we don't mess around with tomatos, hot peppers either ) I have white, black, purple, striped , red and yellow ones. ( Hmm..Sound like my HAIR for goodness sake ) but the little lovelies will be mightly fine as salsa, soup or just canned. I have 13 hills of Pumkins From Around The World too. More on those if they grow.

Chris the Fop is a wonderful gentleman. He looks like Tim Curry. Kind of SOUNDS like Tim Curry and is a gardener par excellence. He used to play a Fop charecter in a Fop Court out at the MN Renn Fest, hence the name. Everyone should have a Garden Fop around to help and he is pretty stylin with the fashion tips too. ( he had his roommate make me Pajammas out of what he called " the single coolest material ever" flannel with martinis all over them they are ) I have passed onto Chris the Fop the Famous Glasses that John Scalzi found for me in Madison, as clearly they did not belong to me. ( they may not belong to anyone and the kindest thing we might be able to do is put them out of thier misery ) John seems to think we should post pictures of these Glasses, and I certainly will, but I must warn him that the only picture I have of them is HIM wearing the little darlings....I'll get Malena to show me how later today. If Christopher sends me a picture of himself, I'll post that too, with or without the Glasses of Doom.

Oh, yes, someone had asked about how does one pronounce " Malena" and it is Malena like " rain " , not like " seen". She told me once where it came from but I can't for the life of me remember, I'll let her adress the issue when next she posts.

I am off to see her actually in about 15 minutes. Just for the weekend, but I am most excited, music, sunshine, lemons as big as your head, I do love California. ( tho come to think on it Anywhere would be wonderful if she was there, and wanted to play music with me , I care not )

Talk to you soon!
Fops and Lemons and Gardens Galore,

Monday, May 30, 2005

The Terrible Illness of Doom

Sill sick, ugh. How long can these things possibly last , we ask ourselves???? I finally gave in and called my Doctor who gave me Medicine, and said I would feel better in some few days. He gave my sickness a name too, but I cannot possibly SPELL it , so to keep things simple we shall just refer to it as " The Terrbile Illness of Doom "

The Terrible illness of Doom, Jody and I all went to Madison yesterday to see our friends John and Krissy Scalzi, and despite the fact that John is very funny and every time he said something , I coughed up another bit of lung, we had a great time. He has a mighty fun Blog himself, which you can read at

( someone must teach me how to do that thing where you highlight a name and can click on it, apparently it is not hard and even I should be able to master it, terrible illness of doom and all )

Another of our friends, Maureen, was down at the convention too . Maureen is an artist who made a pair of Doc Martin boots for each of the Endless and donated them to the Fiddlers Green Auction last fall for the CBLDF. I fell head over heels ( HEELS?? I kill myself! )( Might want to start laying off the cough medicine tho... ) in love with the Desire Boots and won them then. In fact the very first letter I ever wrote Malena, way back in December, talked a lot about those boots. Malena really loves those boots too, ( how could one not? Knee hight, red leather , with gold chains??? ) Anyway, Maureen has offered to make Malena a pair too , which made me, and will make her, very happy. You can see pictures of all the Endless boots over at :

Now today has turned lovely, and it is the last day for getting in the garden, as I am going back to LA on Thursday and need to work inside the rest of the week. Jody is still here and willing and our good friend Chris the Fop is coming to lend a hand, and it is my dearest hope that we can get the thing planted. Evil Racoons have been DIGGING UP my tomatos , I think they like the organic food I have been putting down for them ( for the tomatos, not the racoons) and I am at my wits end. My boss has ordered a couple of Scare Squirts which out to fix the buggers. ( motion activated sprinklers they are )

Love, light, tomaots and cough medicine,
Lorraine and the Terrible Illness of Doom