Friday, January 26, 2007

Iceland, Gigs and In The Closet

My friend from Iceland, Hera, sent me this picture of Brjann. He is her friend and she just made him a new vest, as it is apparently a very cold summer in New Zealand ( where she is currently living ). Now I just need to get up the courage to write her and ask is Brjann a, well, what exactly IS Brjann? Not that I care, I love him already, and if I ever get another, hmmm, PET, that's what I want.

Hera is Hera Hjartardottir ( ) if you haven't heard her music, go, you folks , and get some cd's. She is wonderful. She sings in both English and Icelandic, and if I can flatter myself by saying that I know your taste in music, I know that you will love what she does. She isn't as well known here in America as she is in the rest of the world YET, but that will be changing soon. I'm currently making a list of her songs Malena and I SO have to cover in concert. ( the title song off her latest cd " Don't Play This" being the first one! )

Paul and I are playng a new club Saturday night called McGarry's Pub. ( 5109 East Main St. Maple Plain, MN 55359 Phone 763-479-4031 Saturday the 27th 8 to Mindnight ) I don't know what it's like, or where exactly it is, but I do know we are playing there. I suppose I might have mentioned this a bit earlier in the week, but these things can get away from one sometimes. Paul says he has about six new songs and we Promise not to do the Unicorn Song more than once, and then only if we can't get out of it.

( for those of you who missed us at Charlie's last week, we were, uh, I am going with FORCED, to play the thing twice and it was only my putting a $100 price on the thing that prevented a third time )

Ah, art......

I have been having great fun watching TOP CHEF lately. Love that show, despite the fact my two favourite Chef's got voted off last week. They get a theme, ingrediant, situation ect. and have to prepare dishes and then are judged on creativity, use of theme, food and such. They also get handicapped in some way, such as having to use Kraft products, canned food or vending machines.

Tomorrow I am faced with my own version of Top Chef. I think I will call it " Top Closet" ( or maybe " In the Closet" ? ) Only instead of food, it's What To Wear. I can just hear the host of my show now ( Who is hosting, hmm....) " Ok, Fashionistas, today's challenge is to put together an outfit that will go from backstage at a Justin Timberlake concert, to the movie Blood and Chocolate, dinner at someplace unknown and then off to do a gig ( where you will have to haul and set up PA in nearly zero weather ) and play a show in a place you have never seen before and know nothing about. You will be judged on suitability, creativity, looks and WEATHER or not you freeze or sweat to death. Oh, and just to make it interesting, you will not have done laundry in two weeks and your best pieces will not be available!"

To The Closets!!!!!

Help Malena!

You all realize , don't you , that having posted this on the internet, some young and savvy TV exec will see it, and this darn show WILL be in BRAVO next season.

I could win. I could.

Malena will host.

Music, Iceland, Magic and Sassy Pants,

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Vampire Chic

Well, this is not that interesting of a blog. I just missed you all and wanted to say hi. I've been going going going thse days. A photoshoot sooooths my head. I seem to be getting this undead thing down to a science. Miles is doing the sequel to "Demon Hunter" as you know. "Vampire Hunter" is coming along quite nicely. I got to play the dead victim again. No one would believe it, but my day goes something like this...

wake up at 6, get my Bean ready for school
get packages ready to send off
answer emails
go to the famer's market
come home, make dinner
read sides from the movie I'm working on/auditioning for
go to improv
go to dance class (music videos)
email Fablo at least 5 times
do a photoshoot with Miles as a Vampire Queen (or an innocent victim who becomes one)
Not to mention dishes and laundry. ...oh and yoga it there's time.
Otherwise, I go hiking in the woods at night. I always tell Miles and Bean,
"Don't worry, I'm the scariest thing out there."
(I go incognito like a badly dressed, pissed off security gaurd)

What a day I've had. It's been lovely though. The farmers market was great. Lots of fresh healthy food. I had time to think about what I wanted to do for these videos. I have to say, I can't be a righteous ass kicken babe in all of them. This has been a hard reality for me to accept. I always fantasize about sneaking around in a catsuit with guns strapped on my legs... That and being a fairy are top on the list. Could I seem more multiple personality disorder to you? Hee hee

All the songs I write are about fairies or viscious dead tortured things. Lorraine however is quite the songwriter/poet.. Me, I sing and shake my ass. As you can see here, I was doing it as the tender age of about 4. I haven't changed much have I?