Thursday, March 30, 2006

Quitchie's Cookbook

Mannnnn! Fablo's got some skills! While she was here she showed me how to cook some amazing, and I mean amazing dishes. Let me put it this way, She cooks as well as she plays the violin. And that's a tall order. I'm making chinese food, indian food, persian food. You name it. Miles is eating like a KING thanks to Fablo.

I hear Miss Fabulous is going to play some of her new tunes at the cons. (Yes, she writes them in her head!) I asked if I could get the sheet music to this AMAZING violin solo she wrote, and she replied, "Ah Lasse, It's all right here in my head" No doubt about it, Lorraine has the gift of fairy music.

Since I live in this vast metropolis of silicon and souvenirs, it's nice to hear of her small town Irish Pub tales. Of friends playing together till dawn, old and young. Of neighbors knowing your first name. Of going 40 MPH in rush hour. Of the postal workers speaking english. I kid I kid.

And now, she's going to leave all that and move to Vegas. "Yes, it's Fabulous Lorraine in Feathers ladies and gentleman. Malena has even made her a bodysuit out of a dead peacock!" Naaaaaaaaaaaaa! She's Wayyyyyy to classy for that. Besides, if she yearns for fake trashy glitz, I can always take her to West Hollywood.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

GothLoli's Clothes and the legacy Prince

Yeah! My Lover just got home from Japan today. He bought me the coolest goth coats ever. One is Drag Queen fabulous with a three foot train and sleeves that hit the floor. Yes, I'll take photos soon. My next Alter Ego shoot is coming up soon. I'll be sure to take some photos in the "JapGothRock" outfits for my LaMies. They call the goth girls GothLoli in Japan. They look like Dolls...really! Miles said they all talk with these cute little voices too. Can't wait to go over there! They'd LOVE us in all our Gothic Splendor. You hear that Fablo? Cali tour is first though! Mistress Mousey and I are getting impatient.

Fablo rocked the house last night, again. I'll grab some photos and post them. Lorraine will LOVE the blackwidow tights he gave me. Yeah! Balticon baby. Hey, if nothing else it's an excuse to sing and dress up. The rest is gravy or chocolate.. he hee

I'm listening to Prince tonight. Can I just say that he is such the music genius? Yes, he is! I WILL meet him someday. I modeled to his music for over 10 years. He inspired me to "shake it" like no other. I just love that little sexy man! (I wanted to wear his clothes and sing with him) No that they would fit me, amazon that I am. Prince covers...Hmmm. Well, he one of those musicians that you can't top so why bother. What do you think? It would give me a chance to dance though. LOVE TO DANCE. Fablo got a little taste of my dance-o-rama this last week. But, to get the full effect we MUST hit the clubs. LA clubs rock because you can wear ANYTHING and be cool. You can be drag queen fabulous or surf dude grunge and no one looks twice. hhhaaa. Can you see me in grunge? NOT EVEN! There's only one style for this LaMie.

Hugs and Kisses

Malena the Prince worshipper