Friday, December 12, 2008

Here Was My Night...Wish You Were There!

I will get to the gig, which was loads of fun shortly, but first, this Adventure...

I was driving home, and it happened. The WORST feeling. Red and Blue Lights flashing away behind me. On the start of a long dark highway. (Actually, it wasn't really dark, the moon was amazing doing the reflect off the new fallen snow and all thing, lovely)

ACK!!!!!!! My brain screamed, oh FODS!!!!!! I am SO in trouble!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!! WHY??

Why indeed? Actually, I thought, pulled over, doing the Wait. Not speeding. Sober. Obeying traffic laws. Car not stolen, No warrants, not even for snow parking tickets. Not running drugs. No firearms. No bodies in the vicinity.

Tail Light. Heh. Then the questions, with the LIGHT shinned two inches from my face. Same questions, very fast, differently phrased. After telling him several times yes, my license was correct, except for the weight thing, I smiled and said "I'm sober. BA zero."

He grinned, and said " THAT'S what I like to hear, get your light fixed and have a good evening."

I sped off. As it were.

The gig was good, made better by Fiends being there. Paul got caught in traffic and was late, and Dylan was late, so we weren't really all together and going until half an hour late, so the set did go long. Kind of too long, but it falls that way sometimes.

It's harder to play the big room, as so much of what we do depends on one on one contact with the people, harder in a big room, and most people were there for the drinking, but I think we won them over. Did some good things, I do know that.

The last song was a true Epic of Absurd. A song called Look At The Coffin, which done correctly, or incorrectly, can be a wonderful train wreck of love. We took it DOWN...

Look at the Coffin, with golden handles,
Isn't it grand boys, too be bloody well dead..
Let's not have a sniffle, let's have a bloody good cry!
And always remember the longer you live,
The sooner you bloody well die!

Look at the preacher, bloody sanctimonious...Isn't it grand boys....

Look at the flowers, all bloody wilted...Isn't it grand boys...

Look at the mourners, bloody great hypocrites....Isn't it grand boys...

Look at the widow, bloody great female....Isn't it grand boys...

Some things will stay with you. Had to be there to feel the love. And the true love of the Fiends who stayed and played roadies (while declining our rock n roll suggestions of playing groupies, some people!) and hauled the gear to Prius, in the freezing night.

Love, Police and Rock,

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adventures in the Culinary World...

There were NO Adventures in Shrimp in the Plan tonight. I thought I might cook a chicken, which would be nice for us, and then I could take some cooked bits home to the Kitties.

All good.

I thought I would make a cauliflower-cheese to go with it. We had lots of bits of cheese from last week, a cauliflower, I have been experimenting with different ways to make the cheese sauce....

And created this, one of the most beautiful, bizarre, and tasty dishes ever....

Did I mention the cauliflower was purple?

Yes, here in this town where one cannot buy a Shrimp fit to eat, one can buy purple cauliflower. It's pretty. It's purple. What's not to love????

And it rocked. The cheese sauce was close to perfect! Better than ever before. It made me happy. All concerned, loved it.

I will make it again when next we have company.

I will become famous for this dish.

And before you say you Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham...

Love and Purple,

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lesson in Shrimp....

It was a busy day, not a harrowing one tho. I worked. I went all the way thru my e-mail, answered nearly every question anyone had. This is always a Good Thing. Except, they all wrote me back. I now have five pages of notes on things that need doing tomorrow.

(if you were waiting on me, and didn't get an answer, you might want to lob another my way, it's that sort of hectic right now.)

It was also Pod's day for her IV fluids. This is a thing that is going better than I ever would have expected, despite my glib assurances on the subject. She comes right out and sits on HER pillow, and I pop it in, and give scritches until it is done. She couldn't be happier. Cats will surprise you sometimes like that. It doesn't bother me at all. Sometimes we surprise ourselves like that.

Tonights Adventures involve tending Leopards and watching a movie, hard to make exciting, but I will give it a go, proving again, it isn't what you do but how you write about it.

Since King Lear the Huge, Still in Hiding likes Shrimp, I thought I might get some. NOT an easy task here in Small Town. I know this will shock and amuse many of you, but here we cannot nip down to the market and simply buy fresh seafood. Don't have it. I found a pack of Frozen Salad Shrimp and brought it home.

And so begins the Great Shrimp Hunt.

Mim found the Pack of Salad Shrimp in the bag, and went on the Hunt. I explained carefully that they were Frozen, and needed to, uh, soak a bit. (I was winging it, I have no idea how to prepare Salad Shrimp. The package said they were cooked and all)

Venus joined her on this hunt, tho she is pretty sure All Food Sucks and is some sort of Plot.

I did a little Steak Lobbing for the Hiders, and Venus and Mim, while the Salad Shrimp de-frosted. Le Leopard growled, but sniffed. The King and Queen hid. Venus ran, and Mim put hers under the carpet, and proceeded to try and dig it out, howling mournfully the entire time.

Mim did not appreciate Venus joining HER hunt. If this look isn't evil, not sure what is...

When the Salad Shrimp was finally de-frosted, and the bag opened, we all, uh, re-coiled from the SMELL! Great Fods, this stuff is worse than Sardines! Wont' be happening again soon! Neither Venus or Mim would touch it. Sure don't blame 'em!

But when I took the bowl up, and went into the Forest Bedroom, Queen Mab came running up, until she remembered she did not know me, and sniffed the Horrid Shrimp, and retreated slightly, but Watched! I lobbed some Horrid Shrimp and called for King Lear the Huge, but he never came.

We will see. Small steps, but it was a night I needed a bit of encouragement, and Queen Mab came and saw me.

About all anyone could want.

Love, and Horrid Shrimp,

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

News For you.....

(new Kitty photo, just had to share, always wanted a picture growling with something in my teeth)

Lots of newses for you tonight! I will try and not forget anything.

This Friday is a special event at Charlie's Pub in Stillwater, with Paul and I doing the music. Complete info HERE but basically you pay $10, $12 at the door, and you get to drink all the Micro Brewery Beer your little selves can hold. We'll be in the big room, and having a blast. I don't expect out of the country Fiends of course, but the rest of you should nip down, including my little lurkers, great way to meet people you know, all the beer you can drink....Special Guests TBA! This event is Friday only, no Saturday show this week...

Over at , our own Miss Kitty's site, there are some Holiday Specials going on. (And a very hot picture of AFP in a Graveyard Tee.)

Judging from the amount of Loot Kitty went home with this trip, I think there may be some pretty cool things that you simply cannot GET anywhere else.

I know this Holiday Season things are rather tight. And we have to decide where our money is going gift-wise. And I know I am preaching to the choir when I say that considering supporting a small business or charity makes one warm and fuzzy inside.

So go get yr Neverwear, and a free Giftie besides!

Speaking of which, I am still running my Any Amount, Any CD's sale until the end of the year. Donate ANY amount to Bengal Rescue, and I will send you cd's. The Gift that gives twice. ( )

And speaking of Bengals. I have FIVE now. My Venus and Mim, an as yet un-named F1 abuse child, and the hugest cat ever begot, F2 King Lear and his charming companion Queen Mab.

I don't now yet if Lear and Mab will be going onto a new home, I don't know if they can, they are still in hiding and it is too early to tell. I know the F1 Leopard won't, I'm it for his chance.

I can't take another. The next time Janet calls, I will have to say no. Our group is closed to any more taking in Bengals. We have no more room in any Foster Homes. Please, consider, if you have a room that could be a foster room, becoming a Foster Home, to a Bengal that would otherwise be put down, or turned away to Fod Knows what.

The Kitties I take in are the seriously bad off cases. Most Bengals who come to us are wonderful, loving kitties, who just need a bit of help finding the right home, having lost theirs thru no fault of their own..

I can tell you, taking in a Bengal, and finding it's true family is one of THE most rewarding experiences I have had this year. Nothing like it.

Or if you are thinking about a new Friend for Xmas. Try here......

Love and Thanks,

Monday, December 08, 2008


Question of the day....

What is Venus DOING and why does Mim think a USB cord can help her????

Love and Weird Cats, Lorraine