Friday, May 11, 2007

All ABout Pets!

Help needed!!! I have pictures now of two little Bengal Kitties and I need to choose ONE to bring home and love! How can I choose??? They are both so very sweet!!! I would take both in a heartbeat, but they are pricy little bits of sweetness, and Misty-girl might not like having two new friends. I think Misty will like the kitten, as she used to live with other cats, and New Kitty will be so very small....

So, what do you all think???

On another note, I am taking care of Boss'es new Dog, who is a joy and a delight, and I have never really been a Dog Person, but I had him out this morning out at Boss'es, and was talking to the Landscaper about things when Dog took off like something launched from a cannon. ( a bird , I believe ) Well, he took me with him, like something out of a cartoon, I flew, which was fine until I landed.

Head, hip and shoulder went down in the drive like a bang. ( fortunately for the gig tonight, on the left side ) I am beyond bruised and man oh man, in some pain. I felt more bad about the poor Landscaper than anything else , as he looked so stricken and kept saying OH MY GOD ARE YOU OK??? All I could say was TAKE THE DOG, in a weak voice...

Dog is good one, and it was my fault for being distracted and Dog is going to Dog Class every week and he really seems to want to know what to so and do it, but I think I will be more sore tomorrow! Thank the Gods for Hot Tub!

( I may have to do an Ellen Degeneres and do the show tomorrow night from a BED, hee-hee )

Very fun show tonight,( needed help on and off the stage but, hey, one makes do..) made lots of new friends , especially a Small Person who came up and played violen for us. Made the night for me she did, born performer . Pics will be up on soon....

Love and soreness,

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mangos and a Stupid War

Ok everyone, this is some BIG news.......

I just heard on NPR that our ever so delightful government has lifted the ban on importing Mangos from India!!!!! Apparently , the Mangos we have been getting in this country are derived from the Indian Mango , which is, by all accounts, supierer. ( which goes a long way twards explaining why , when I was in England I had the best Mango EVER )

The report went on to say, in an interview with the first importer of Indian Mangos, that when you cut one up and ate it, you hands would then smell the delightful smell of Mango for the rest of the day and they are so lovely that hostesess in India will use them for centerpieces and display. I am all for eating the little darlings. Often.

So, if you ever want anything and wish to sweeten the request, it's now Indian Mangos all the way! I love them more than BEES, gardens, pasta and Malena ( wait, scratch that last. I truly do love her more than Mangos. I just got carried away with delight for a moment . Sorry, Div!!!!! )

I am feeling a little reflective tonight. I just got a letter from a friend of mine who is, apparently, again in Iraq. She joined the Nationial Gaurd to help pay for college, and now she is over there, worried, scared, bored , and finding out more about really really weird insects than she ever wanted to know. I have always thought this war was a Bad Idea and that it was a Not Good thing, and I have seen the posters and stickers saying " Support our troops " but it never hit home before.

Now it's my friend who is a Troop. I remember her as the sweet girl who was a Morris Dancer and would go for long walks with me thru the desert at night in Arizonia, leaping cactus , coyote and all. I can't imagine what she is dealing with right now.

I sent her two boxes today , filled with comics, books, coffee, strange toys and soap and powdered Gatorade and citronella candles.

I want her to come home.

Mangos and Absent Friends,