Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hans Update....

Just heard from Woodsman Hans, driving across country with Cabel the Dog.

Things are going much better. The credit card seems to be working now, so they have food, and gas, always good on a trip like this. They are down near St Louis and going to stop and get a hotel in a couple of hours. Hans says he has been napping at rest stops every so often, but needs proper rest and a place to charge phone and Ipod.

Cabel seems fine with it, mostly sleeping, and Hans says he has a special Look for, "we ARE stopping soon, aren't we?"

Hans says the GPS and he are NOT friends, in fact they argue all the time. Hans believes he should be able to go where he likes and says the GPS does not have the right to disapprove of what he does.

If all goes according to plan, they will be home tomorrow and I will have a large white dog again. The Stitches come out on Monday, which will make things much easier.

More adventures to come, stay tuned to find out Will the hotel take both Dog and Visa Gift Card?????

Love and Travel,

Friday, January 23, 2009

What Is Scary?

There's a lot of talk about Coraline and kids and is it too scary for them and what age should kids see it going on. The first comment on that I would say is, depends on the kid. And remember, kids will surprise you.

At the last screening, there was a 10 year old friend of mine I would have thought would NOT have been into it at ALL, who after telling her thoughts, with eyes shinning to both Boss and the Director walked out on cloud nine.

I can only say, kids are smart. Kids know that the Hero needs to save the world, and that the Hero needs to get into danger and that it will be real, before they can save the world.

I can tell you that adults find the book much more scary than children do.

I can tell you that Coraline the movie, is a Story, for both kids and adults, and like most great stories, it can be listened to many different ways, it's not a movie for one or the other. It's a Story. And like many great stories, it can get very scary at times.

Remember back when you were young, and you saw a movie where a young girl got swept away in a cyclone to another world and where everything was magic and before she vanquished the Witch, she was carried away by flying monkeys and things got pretty dark. Remember that feeling? Did you ever doubt, no matter how scary, no matter how dark things got, that she Was Going To Win?

I can tell you, kids know the Hero Will save the world.

Adults aren't sure. Fun, yes?

Make you own call, see it first, I can tell you that you will love it, and I can tell you, your kids may surprise you.

There, that's my thoughts on that for the day. Send some love out to Woodsman Hans who is currently driving a new Mimi Clubman and a Large White, somewhat grumpy at a Boss leaving him Dog across the country.

A grand adventure for both of them, and I will keep you posted.

Love and Scary,

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Day At Work, Werewolves and Wet Bengal..

Feeling better today and thank you! My brain, however is being eaten by Coraline. It's not that things aren't going well, on the contrary, they are going very well, with some great teams working to make it all work...There's just a lot of it.

I'd tell you about it, and I am not holding back, it's just not frightfully interesting. Check flights from city A to city B, confirm, confirm cars from A to B, and hotel at B, get schedule, confirm. Move onto Flights from City B to city C, check cars confirm, check hotels, and get schedules....

And you work with the Studio, the US distributors, the Int'l ones, the Canadian ones..(Who for reasons known only to a few, are not part of Int'l. I am not one who knows this secret. I go with it, just happy to have people to talk to.

I do a lot of making sure things get where they need to. All media has to go thru Someone who is not me. Depending on who, they get sent where. You can't have media flying around all over.......

All requests for Time have to be decided on. Where is he, what is he doing, who is he doing it with and who are we missing?????

I don't do this alone either. Boss's bits take both Cat and I. She is saving me right now, which works both ways. How do we decide who does what? Depends on who is better at what, and there are no egos here. Three or four times a day we go over everything, updating, making sure we are on the same page, and that page is written with words that mean something.

Tomorrow "Rise of the Lycans" opens, which I am excited about for a couple of reasons. I have always thought that the Underworld movies, 1 and 2, were two of the best movies going. Took me a couple times to Get It, but once I did...It's about Story these films. And yes, no Kate and no Zita Gorog, but I trust that this group knows what they are doing.

And I think what they are doing is a Story that has a whole lot of vision.

The other reason I am excited, is I get to see it. And all I have to do is walk in the theater. But I have a LOT of sympathy for the Lycans crew, as you see, I know what they've been doing for the last couple of months.

Venus just came in and apparently, wants to be DRIED. She is wet. Very wet. This bothers me somewhat....

Love and work,

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I seem to be having a cold this week...

Sniffle. Cough. Tea.

If I die, Hans must put me on the compost.

Tea good.

Waves from couch, where I have been working from today...

Love and Sniffles,

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fiends Together!

It's my day off today, totally and completely, I don't have to d anything. This is rare. This is good. And I am having a fine day and getting a lot done. But I think it only fair that the Fiends take some of the work. I mean really!

Five Fiends got together in Southern California today. And sent me pictures. But I'll let them, and the Fiends concerned, tell the story....

Love and Fiends getting together,