Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sunshine and Crazy Winter...

The best laid plans of mice and men, I say...I had planned a lovely little blog about how I finished extracting all of the Bee Wax from the Slumglum and on taking pictures to document this event and doing a very Bee Oriented post, but, well, uh, it was one of those things that never quite happened today, so I am left with telling you that you still get to look forward to that bit of history.

I did do a really fun hour and a half long interview with a paper from Stillwater today, they are doing a feature on Paul and Lorraine, pre-St Pats, and it made me happy. I think I talked as much about Malena and all of you as I did Paul and I! Should be a good piece, I will link to it, or post it when it comes out.

And I need to shout out thanks to Spacelaw, as it seems, after TWO YEARS , Paul and I have no band photo or any good pics of us , that we could use, and I was getting kind of sad until I remembered Spacelaw had downloaded all of the pics she took while she was here to my Laptop. (yes, apparently it will talk to HER camera ) I found many great shots, and so all is well. My Thanks for saving Paul and Lorraine!

(this is very un-like Malena and I, we had a band photo, professional one at that, before we MET. Kid you not, it's the one that we used for the cover of Mirror Mirror, we hadn't actually met at that point, nor would we for a couple of months..)

I am off for LA in the morning. I need a little bit of time where the sun shines, and there is no snow, and it is warm (hey my furnace took a header the other night, -12 and no heat) and one can look at the ocean. And oh, yeah, time with what's her name as well, hee-hee....The little Vampire keeps making Plans of what we are going to do all fun and going out and this and that and I keep saying, "How about we dress in the Oatmeal Sweater and sit in your courtyard..." Actually, the main focus of this visit is writing, we are working on a Thing together, and want it to grow up sooner rather than later, so I think much time will be spent on that, rather than anything else.

And I get to see Kitty, who will be in town, which always makes my heart happy. She and Malena had quite the wrestling match as to who got to pick me up at the airport, and despite all the boxing Malena has been doing , Kitty took her DOWN, and won. When that women puts her mind to something.....

(to be truthful I think it was Kitty saying "If I don't' go, I won't get to see her, you guys will hole up and that will be that ")

We do get like that, I have to admit. But it will be good, the three of us again. And , Kitty, what good is a band without a tour manager, I ask you????

I need the rest for the St Pats Shows. This town doesn't mess around and I am booked more shows than I think I can play, but somehow, one does.

You know, between work, shows and the end of winter this DOES tend to get a little crazed this time of year. I have been writing back and forth with a friend of mine who is currently the Assistant to a Director who is currently shooting a Movie that based on a Book my Boss might have written, and as an Assistant sometimes you feel that no one can QUITE understand everything involved.

I wrote her a note the other night and said "you know, you are currently the bigger part of my social life, I talk more to you than anyone else" And described my day in a few words, and she, proving I am not alone and someone DOES understand sent me this....

One picture is, truly, worth a thousand words.

And tonight, Malena, proving she understands as well, said "You know, if you bring your laptop, we can blog, webcam and work from the couch.

Sounds good to me, my dears,

Love and Sunshine,

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ah, the Tales I Could Tell..(If I had something to say)

And a very good evening to you all tonight...

I sat down to do a post, as it has been a bit, and then suddenly realised that I had NOTHING to say. Hmmph. I do suppose that happens to all writers from time to time, but I would think SOMETHING fun had happened to me in the last week.

Well, the gigs were fun, generally are, unless, like Hera, you end up playing in a CORSET in the freezing rain.....( Uh, Hera, uh, LOVED the comments on the last blog, truly, no one had ever taken us THERE before, hee-hee...)

I could take some more photos of my Bloody Legs (hey some of you might really like that!) which I actually did, except my computer has suddenly become snobbish and won't let me download them. I can just hear it muttering to itself "Like I am going to talk to IT.....She can jolly well use photo booth is she wants to show off her blood"

I could tell you the tale of the Clerk of Courts, and that while in general, Policewomen are pretty cool (not to mention HOT, hey each to ones own...) Clerks of Court do NOT share either of those qualties, and that they are not at ALL interested in WHY you got a ticket and why you should not have, nor in any plesantries you might care to offer up.

(tho to be fair, that is NOT a job one would take if one had options. Like say, sewer cleaning, or ditchdigging)

We could speculate one HOW the Demons from the Farthest, Deepest Corners of Hell, got into a cupboard many, many times higher than they are, and managed not only to get all the catnip out, but managed to get the container (that I have trouble opening) open and had one drugged out field trip today while I was at work.

I could tell you about my lesson in gettng a chicken cut up and meat off the bone, which occured at the point where I took my Bloody Finger into my Boss and asked him to Please teach me this art, if he wished anything other than Chicken and Fingers for dinner.

(I also felt pretty bad for the poor chicken, who I am hoping never suffered so in life.)

Perhaps a Moment of Mim with her Fish. Pretending to be Sweet and Cute. As good an actress as our Malena. She reminds me more of Malena all the time, they say the name...( tho in her defense Malena has never screamed at me for food, scattered drugs all around the house, nor has she dug her claws in my little body and climbed, tho I can't rule that out as being fun.....OK, OK, I'm kidding!)

Or show you a picture of the Hut in my back garden that I am going to move into on the theory that is about the size I can handle, housekeeping-wise..The Bengals can HAVE the House....

I could tell you about my day at work. Hmm...Did a LOT of things. Busy. I am a Zombie. Boss is Grand Master Zombie. How's that for an interesting bit????

But instead, I am going to take the musical equivalent of a nice long Bubble Bath, and listen to about 2 hours of Oysterband (don't tell me you don't know their music, you NEED their music, and the answer to which of their cd's should you get first, if you don't have them is ALL of them. I don't have music, including my own, that I like better than theirs. Period.)

And answer e-mail, (my phone now tells me when I have e-mail waiting and it has been pinging a lovely counter-beat to the Oysters all the while I have been typing...)

And pluck Kittens from various parts of my body when they play their favourite game " I can climb up to your head before you can pluck me"

Hope you evening is as nice, whatever time of day it is for you,

Love, and nothing to say,