Saturday, January 31, 2009

Well, did the show...

Home now in the Spooky House. Woodsman Hans is staying with Cabel, and when last we checked in, both were having a fine time with the sleepover. It's me and the Bengals tonight in a bed with new sheets, which after the last week, seems just about perfect to me.

Tonight's gig was, well, had a few moments but had to work for all of them. Nights like this I try and sync up with Paul and just play for us, and enjoy the music, and we did do some fine things, LOTS of new stuff we hadn't really tried before, rehearsal is what it was, which is good.

Fiends Amy was there and brought cat toys, bonus!

But still, it is better when it is magic, and we have the people, and they are with us. I whine, I know, they can't all be great, but it was a whole lot of having sex and not making love this evening. If you see what I mean, to put it bluntly. Work, not love tonight. Still as Adam says, got paid, good gig.

And I did rock me some U2, which I can do no matter who is paying attention.

I have a lot of thoughts on gigs and if one can get people into it. I feel like it is my job to make them pay attention, to make the show, to bring them in and make this magic. If they aren't, I'm not doing my job. But sometimes, no matter how good you are, they just aren't there.

All goes with the gig, sometimes the magics there and sometimes it isn't.

Tomorrow is fun, I am going to a dressage clinic, as a watcher, not a rider, and get to see some amazing riders, which I am looking forward to. Then after, a ride myself, before nipping back to Dog.

Work next week promises to be something. We will certainly have more on what leads up to Opening of Movie. Just saw a Coraline add on TV, doesn't seem real, like something I am involved in. Very fun tho. Still havn't seen the HBO bit, but hope to soon...

Love and Sleepy,

Friday, January 30, 2009

Did Me A Show Tongiht!

Great gig tonight, really fun. It was like everyone there had a great time.

Ok, so that sentence wasn't exactly perfect, but I am tired, it HAS been a week. I know people generally have a great time at my shows, but, tonight, I think they had a REALLY great time. Felt the love. Music was good, but for some reason, my comedic timing was REALLY on, and I was on a roll.

Made it to sheep jokes in the second set, which is more impressive than it sounds.

The funny thing about the night was the amount of people there who said they had come in a year or so ago, and saw us, and come back, hoping we would be there again. I said that while I was pretty sure the Excel Center wasn't an up and coming event, they MIGHT want to come back a BIT more often..

They are all coming back for my Birthday Show, which, I am pleased to announce, is Friday the 13th February. (real B'day the 15th) We are having a PARTY! Attendance is mandatory for Twin Cities Fiends, and optional for those living far away.

For the far away, who can't make it, Dr Wicked is going to be Webcasting it live!

And, if all goes well, will be going up and live during the show!

The show will be at Charlie's Pub, at the Water Street Inn in Stillwater MN. And it is a really cool hotel, if you feel like making a night of it. Consider yourself invited.

There will be cake. Oh yes.

Did I mention that Lojo Russo is confirmed and will be there adding to the Magic? Ah, the music.....More Guests TBA.....

Oh yes.

Last night I mentioned we would be playing there after the Coraline opening, but I was seriously confused, we are NOT there that night. I am playing with Big Johnnie on the 7th, at a place I will no doubt remember and blog soon, but Friday the 6th the theater is dark. Sorry for the confusion.

On another note, I notice I have over 40 followers on Twitter, despite the fact that all I have ever done there is sign up and see what it was. I think once I hit 100, I will start Tweeting. Just saying...

This past week has been the wildest ride going. I can't exactly explain what it feels like. I can't imagine what Boss is going thru, or Kitty, or what I will get back of them when they land here.

(did I mention the Tattooed Tornado will also be at the B'day show?)

It has been a ride. You can't know how many calls I have been taking or e-mails I answering, where in an hour, I am quoted and out there. Every word counts and had better be right.

One thing I was thinking about today, in all of this, was how so very cool all of you Fiends are. You talk about my Boss in terms of work, or writing and the movie, and perhaps his Dog, or Library, all the while maintaining a 100% respect for the man himself, and his privacy.

Rare, and appreciated, I assure you. And thank you.

Love and Rock,

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Self Portrait...

Look! I'm a Goth Cousin It!!!!!

(it should perhaps be noted I have been working a LOT of hours this past week or two. I am sure this madness is temporary, and I will be just fine soon. Really. Uh-huh. No worries here. Wonder how Boss is doing?)

(Actually, I know how he is doing, just had a note from Kitty, he's holding up just fine and things are going well.)

(Why am I blogging in parentheses)

Right. Tonight, since it has warmed up here and is now 20 ABOVE, come down and see me at the Half Time Rec. I need to relax and play some music and see some people. Might as well be you as anyone, eh? Most likely better.

Thank you for those of you who wrote with offer of food and such for AFP. She sent really happy e-mails when I told her about food in Melbourne, and places to stay in New Zealand. I know she is still looking tho, France, Switzerland, Spain, if you are there , and can feed and or house and or love some AFP and the Danger Ensemble, let me know and I will pass you on....

Dr Wicked, he the Mastermind behind my new website (coming your way Friday the 13th February!) is having a gathering of anyone wanting to see Coraline on opening night here in the Cities. He is making cookies with button eyes (Dr Wicked BAKES???) and there is talk of going someone where to eat after (it's a bit of a drive, but, hey, I'll be in Stillwater all weekend, just so you know..) Details are HERE for Dr Wicked's soirée.

Just found out today that I am taking my first Dressage Test in May! I am loving My Little Pony workouts. I feel like I am starting to relax, and be able to stay relaxed while I do other things riding, and not go all wobbly, if you see what I mean. And I have lost the fear that was holding me back from really getting in and riding.

Trusting my Pony, and trusting myself.

Back to work. More lobbing, more juggling, then some rocking!

Love and Trust,

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gig, AFP and Some New Hair

Lots of things to tell you, my Fiends, if I can remember them all, and get to them in between lobbing e-mails at various people.

First off, Paul and I are playing at the Half Time Rec in St Paul on Thursday night, which I had completely forgotten about, from 8:30 to 12:30. If you want a closer gig that Stillwater, and more importantly, do not want me to become sad and lonely, please come down and see us, bringing, perhaps, as many people as you can. Then I will be happy.

You DO want me to be happy don't you????????? (MMMwhwhwhahahah!!!!!)

Secondly, I had a note from Miss Amanda Palmer, or AFP as she is sometimes known, today, asking for help around the world. She and the Danger Ensemble are doing some touring in Europe and Australia, and New Zealand and are in need of both places to stay, and food, people to do flyers and spread the word and love. In return, you would get love and free tickets.

She and the Danger Ensemble, for those of you considering having or recommending them, as houseguests, make delightful houseguests. Having had the experience, I can tell you , it's lovely. The are very neat, can and do cook for you, are very greatful, and finally, if I told you we had a 12 member touring rock band stay over and that every one of them MADE THEIR BEDS before they left, you would not believe me, but they did. I believe they are somewhat less than that in number this time tho.

You will be richer in your hearts for having gotten to know them. Trust me.

They are looking for places to stay in Pairs, Switzerland, Toulouse France, Barcelona,
and in Australia, (Sally do you hear me???) Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and in New Zealand, Auckland (We so need to hook them up with Hera!

And I think it would be really cool if a Fiend could help out here, and spread the love and increase the family. Let me know if you want to help and I will hook you up.

And finally, you wanted some new hair photos, so me and photo booth will give it a try, but I am pretty tired...(mere moments later) ok, so the light is crap, but here you have me, the new hair, the Dog and AFP's new LP, what more can you want????

Love and Everything,

Monday, January 26, 2009

Such a Day Might Come But Once....

Home now. Sort of home. Boss's home with dog. Not sure when I was last this tired.

There has not been a down moment since 7:15 this morning. I distinctly remember my friend Betsy calling this afternoon and saying "Morning Babe" and her saying "What the heck kind of day are you having? It's nearly three?"

I told her what kind of day it's been.

A rather wonderful day.

I remember getting the call from Boss's agent at 7:15am, and looking at the cell, which I sleep with like a Teddy Bear, and thinking , it's bloody early, I don't know this number, why should I be waking and starting work, and thinking bloody movie people, and then thinking, wait, they can and do call me up till midnight, and on weekends, but they don't call at 5:15am west coast time. And the East Coast book people MIGHT be at work at 8:15am but they sure aren't going to CALL me, and while Europe does call at weird hours, this is a US number, might be a telemarketer, in which case I will kill them, but perhaps I might pick up the phone and find out.

This all took about 1.5 seconds to go thru my brain.

You mostly know the rest. The only funny bit was Boss's agent had said to CALL HIM and wake him up, something that took a couple calls and stern words to the hotel to do, and make him listen to his cell phone message, only The Call had not come, but it came to the house, and while I was trying to get them his cell, having an inkling in my mind, not my first gig, what was happening, and Boss called.

I had a phone in each ear, and as Boss started asking me exactly what planet I was currently living on, in most reasonable tones, considering, I got to say "I have your call, and am giving them your cell, please answer it"

The rest you know.

I can't describe the next few hours. Very like an Oscar win I would think. My admiration for Kitty increased tenfold, as she got to the hotel, fielded more calls then I, got him packed and out to the airport, as he did interview after interview all the way to the airport.

I did call after call here.

I sent Woodsman Hans to the vet with Cabel to get his stitches out, intending to meet them there and save 20 minutes (I ran home to shower and Bengal for an hour) but he was done before I could get there. Short story, Dog doing well, has more pain pills, and is here with me now, loopy but ok.

Managed to get out of the house and off to the Coraline screening, a bit late, but there are times in ones life that one is SURE if one does not get a Chai, one will not make it.

I didn't get to see much of the movie this time, as the calls kept coming. Short joke, had it on vibrate of course, so I didn't mind, but mostly I was in the hall talking, fielding, lobbing. Lots of email too, also on vibrate. To continue short joke, great night.

So much love at this screening! Thank you! I got to meet a new recently de-lurked Fiend, Usige, which I am sure I am spelling wrong, and is pronounced "Wish" , but didn't get this in time to introduce her to Dr Wicked, Aleta, El and Beez (whose son was a delight, as was Aleta's Goddaughter) Well, Wish is a one of us, too late for you now, my dear! (Adriandalen, play NICE!)

My head is whirling. I didn't, not for a MOMENT consider ditching Coraline for Underworld 3. Nope, never crossed my mind for a moment. Never even walked BY the theater it was showing in while on the phone. Nope. Very strong I am.

I also liked all the people from the Stable where I ride, Trainer Mel, and Jen and the girls who ride better at 14 than I will ever. I got to say "Ahaha! Now I know what I am doing! and you can see it!" As mostly at the stable I am the WAY newbie.

I need to sleep soon. The Today show is one I need to catch in the morning, and this will in no way be slowing down, until, perhaps February 6th.

And then, who knows?

Love and Zombie at this point,

Some Things Are Worth Waking Up Early For...

I think this morning all that needs to be said is....

Congratulations to my Boss, writer Neil Gaiman on winning THE NEWBERY MEDAL for the Graveyard Book!!!!!!

Boss, very proud of you, and happy.

Read his post here...

Love and Dreams coming true,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Today I got to ride side saddle for the first time ever! It was a wonderful, magic, scary freaky as hell experience! I will tell this tale...

First off, there are two kind of side saddles, English and Western. This one is a Western, tho Trainer Mel has all but promised me an English one. When I asked her the difference, she said "Same thing, only less of it." Oh. Good. Here's one view...

And the other. Ready to ride?

I slipped easily into the saddle, my spirited mount dancing, eager to be off, completely calm, and eager for this new adventure, I approached this new way of riding as only a sane women would.

You can see next the ease and grace in which I accomplished this. Nothing to it, settle yourself, bring your leg over, and make yourself comfortable.

And off we rode. Sort of. Trainer Mel did the leading, and we only walked. Enough, trust me. I think my first comment after the first couple of steps was "ACK OH NO HELP I AM FALLING!!!!!!!!!!!" But really, once you get the hang of the balance and how the horse moves, it's not a bad way to ride. Thank You Mel And Jeannie!!! To say I couldn't have done it without you is an understatement!!!!!

I didn't feel quiet as graceful and elegant as I had always dreamed I would, more "Hey Horsie hope you are liking this sack of potatoes on your back" but one starts at the beginning, doesn't one, and the grace and fitness and dance of it all will come in time.

For tonight it is enough to know that I did it.

And now I have a one of these again....

Love and Dreams,