Saturday, June 16, 2007

Vending Machine Gig


You know some gigs are magic. And some are more like some sort of bizarre reality show challenge. Or an episode of Top Chef ( Season 2, I have no use for seasons 1 or 3. ) If you have ever seen Top Chef, ( and you should even tho my favourite two picks, Elia and Sam got booted out of the final four in Hawaii, my money had been on Ilia all along,as besides being the best Chef, well, she WAS really really hot... )you know that the Chefs had to face some sort of ordeal every week. Sometimes it was, Hey here you go, make us something wonderful with the very best ingredients available and impress us with your magic and skill, we shall applaud.

And sometimes it's" Here is the vending machine. Make us dinner from it" ( actual challenge, kid you not ) You should have seen their faces, it was " What the.....We are artists, we are the creme de la creme of Chefs, what do you mean make something from the vending machine???? "

My personal vending machine challenge tonight?

OK, Irish Bands, it's 90 degrees out, your pub will fill with Baseball Fans who have been drinking for three hours in a most non-air-conditioned stadium, and to make things interesting, let's remind you that drunken de-hydrated baseball fans are NOT generally into any kind of , uh, art. Or capable of paying attention for more than 20 seconds at a time.

Win them over.


It's one week now until Malena and I go out to New York with Chris to shoot video. I am beyond excited, both to see Malena and Chris again and to get a chance to work on my very first video. Malena is hard at work on her Mermaid Tail, which is going to be something out of this world. I asked her about what she would wear on top and we had a lot of ideas based on the traditional scallop shells ( I suggested TURTLE shells might be more, uh, workable, hee-hee ) but I think it will be lovely.

I am not doing too much, I think I am a street musician ( an acting stretch for me ) and a homeless person ( think Neverwhere ) but there will be ocean and music and lots of cool people, what more could a girl want????

I'll have my new hair too, which is longer, curly and three shades of red.

The Birdchick and I did hive things this week, we put down carpet tacks to keep the skunks away. I am sure she has a blog about it over at ( tho I am just as sure she doesn't go into the fact that it was 90 degrees and WAY to hot to wear anything under the Bee Suits, Beekeeper Monthly Centerfolds we were! )

Oh, and my Vending Machine Challenge tonight?

I won.

Love, music and mermaids,