Saturday, April 15, 2006

Malena goes to the Magic Castle

Yesterday was suprisingly beautiful. On our way downtown, we saw a rainbow. Spring, I mean summer is here in Hollywierd. My Japanese Iris finally bloomed (after 2 YEARS of waiting) They are 5 feet tall already.

The night before none of the petals were open, then yesterday morning..BAM! Two flowers in full bloom. Nature is amazing.

Last night, we went to the Magic Castle.

They have a strict dress code. Men have to wear a TIE! In LA! Can you believe it? Sadly, Kurt Cobain died BUT his grunge style did not...It STILL plagues the city. Miles, being the sexy casual artist type, did not like wearing a stuffy tie. (He looked sexy as hell though)
So, we pull up to the valet and I see (once again) that I am WAY WAY WAY over dressed. I guess black tie means different things to different people. Now, Drag Queens..they know how to dress. I wore this velvet dress with a feather neckline and cuffs that Lorraine bought me. And of course, my funeral hat. So there I was in all my goth girl splendor, only to find out we were not allowed to take pictures. Ah! The horror. (Miles took this when we got home)

Luckily my three friends; Lourdes, Beth, and Christina were vamped out and ready to party. Everyone at our table was "Art Dept" so Gothic fashion and tattoos ruled. Except for Miles, who doesn't need to wear anything specific to be a freak. As he says, "we were born strange." Nothing could be closer to the truth.

The magic was quite good, and very funny. (The drunk lady behind us who sounded like a mixture of a cackling hen and Fran Drescher was also VERY entertaining.) Hey, I found some RICH material for my acting class that's for sure. My favorite magician was Kerry Pollock. He was really funny and didn't take his job too seriously. The funniest part of the evening was when a customer came up and ask me if I was "the tarot lady". Ha ha! What was I to say? I decided to go the easy route and said, "Oh, thank you but NO. I'm just eating here" I don't know which is funnier, that or the lady who was startled when I moved and said, "Oh I thought you were a mannequin." Believe it or not, that is not the first time someone has said that to me. Hey, I'll take both of those compliments home with me honey!

Ok, back to work on the Malena Collection. I'm working on all kinds of wristbands, and school girl skirts. Alter Ego says the samples will be ready by June. Yeah! AND, you will be able to order my designs right off my website. Ohhhh I feel a fashion show coming on! I'll be putting out an ad for Goth models very soon.
(AND not just skinny ones!)
With Magic Wands and Tarot Cards,


Saturday Morning Fun

We need Malena to wake up and tell us about this Magic Castle Event! ( the waking is not an event that is likely to occur soon, it's only NOON out there, she says, lonely for her friend, it's like living with Ladyhawk pre-curse removal )

For myself, good gig last night, not many people , but the ones who were there were wonderful and for some reason , my playing was really hot, lit that fiddle on FIRE!. Looking forward to tonight, but it is harder when there are not so many people, I need the energy! I am going to wear my hair in ponytails, at the request of one of the waitstaff, who would want to miss that????

Don't people go out on Easter weekend?

Woke up today with 6 new messages from people out at Mini Con, in Minneapolis, all with Harlan Ellison stories, very fun, including one from a group of four mad Englishmen I had never thought to hear from again, who are over to see Harlan. Blast from the past! Maybe our Sexy Libraian will come online soon and give us the scoop on the Mini Con fun? Wish I was there!

As for the rest of this day, it is truly wonderful for one thing in particular. I woke up early and realized that I did not have to DO anything for some few hours. Of course, there are things that need doing, as ever, but no one wanted me for anything, the e-mails could wait, in fact everything could wait, and not being one to let oppurtunity slide, I made juice and tea, opened all the windows, lit a candle and crawled back in bed , in the sunshine , with a completely trashy no intellectual features whatsoever novel, while the sauna heated, and had the most lovely relaxing time of it. Even the birds were singing folks.

Now I am back at work and contemplating planting peas before going off to the gig.

Hope your days are as lovely,

Love and relaxation,

Thursday, April 13, 2006

This Just In....

Cancel the change in venue for tomorrow night. Paul and I have been moved BACK again to Charlie's, which makes me very happy. Friday and Saturday 7:30 to 11:30pm.

And we return you to your regularly scheduled blog......

My Taxes Are Done!

My taxes are done! My taxes are done! Oh hurrah and celebrations! I have no idea WHY they are so very traumatic for me, it's not like they are hard, I take my bits to Tom the Tax Man and he does some things on a computer and the whole thing takes maybe 30 minutes and then I am out of there, but I truly dread tax time every year.

This is a little picture of how I feel after doing taxes, hee-hee, tho it is actually a picture our Malena took of my last time I visited, since I fall asleep about 8 hours before SHE is ready to retire, tho women can sew an entire dress whilst I snore away, THIS is the real me folks! Tho most days my hair isn't so good, gods I am funny after taxes!

Thanks everyone who came down to the club last night, it was really cool of you to be there, I know it's out of the way, and uh, strange and not one of our usual haunts, but Bedlam truly did appreciate it. I hope it works out for them , I'd love to come back again.

Paul and I have been MOVED this weekend, we are now playing at the Liffy in St Paul, from 9-1 , we will not be at Charlies, sadly. I am not sure WHY we have been moved, but the Liffy will be fun too, hope to see you there!

Ten more days and then I get some time again for things like blogging and chatting and e-mails that don't include the sentence " No, I am sorry he can't" . LA , I am coming back! Tho Malena and I aren't much for sitting around eating bon-bons ( WHO does that??? Is that a life I missed somehow? And just what IS a Bon-bon??? ) and we have lots of fun planned, and surely there will be time for a chat in our new chat room.

Death , Love and Taxes,

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New Pub!

This just in from Johnny " Big Sexy" Sjogren, mostly for those of you in the Twin Cities area. It's a new Irish Pub, just opened, I'll be there tomorrow night playing with Bedlam from 9-1, if you're in town.

Bedlam will be playing every Wednesday from 9:30 till 1:00 at:

The Starting Gate Pub
2516 N. West 7thst. St Paul

The Pub is located at the intersection of Davern and west 7th st. which is where Hwy 5 becomes W. 7th st. right next to the BP Amoco station.

The Fabulous Lorraine will be our special guest this week and we will also have other guests sit in such as:
Paul Score, formerly from Folk Underground.
Members of “The Drunken Uglys” a new Irish band ready to tear up the local Irish music scene.
Patty Leo the waitress from Tim Malloys Tuesdays will be there.
Hippy’s tacos will be available and they also have a full menu including great pizza.
Kitchen closes at 11:00
Popcorn is available as well.
Imperial Pints of Guinness are $4.50
Jameson Irish whiskey shots are $4.50 and it’s a good pour.
They have 3 pool tables 2 electronic dart boards and other games for your amusement.
So come on down and enjoy the party every Wednesday at the Starting Gate Pub, the newest hottest Irish pub in the Twin Cities.
Slainte, up the Rebels