Friday, January 04, 2008

New Years Resolutions

I was thinking a lot last night about New Years Resoultions , and things I really want to do. I started out to write a blog, but it turned into more of an essay, and really seem to make some things clear for me..

Here you go....

What Can One Person Do?

I have been thinking a lot this season, about what is important, about the world, about what the heck can I do to make things better. I'm not rich, I'm not known world wide, I have no skills that can save lives. I'm such a dork that I don't know how to make my house look clean and today I found my paychecks and gig checks from the last month and a half piled up on my desk . Oh, and yeah, might want to deposit them and pay the bills.

What can one person do?

I play Irish music. I'm a fiddler. And an entertainer. I don't play the Excel center for 70, 000 people. On New Years Eve I played for maybe 100.

New Years Eve really got me thinking. That gig was so very good. I don't mean US, or even the music. Just what happened. All those people, coming together, forgetting the day to day, forgetting the bad, loving each other, re-connecting, coming together, loving music, and fun , making new friends, going home thinking that life is good.

A small thing making 100 people happy out of all the billions in the world. But that is happening in pubs all over the world. Every single night. 24/7. People leave feeling better . Just better. And happy.

That's one thing a person can do.

I went to our Humane Society today. Broke my heart. They have 135 cats in there. I fell in love with 134 of them. ( ok, I lie, ALL of them. ) I could have taken any of them home and loved them forever. I just made arrangements to adopt a Bengal cat. A second. I thought " What am I doing? For what this Bengal costs, I could have 20 of these"

What can one person do?

Well, I want another Bengal. And I make no apologies. But I asked if they had a Wish List and Darned if the didn't. I thought, can I afford a bag of food, a bag of litter, some paper towels and a bottle of bleach, perhaps every week?

Oh yes.

What if everyone brought in a Thing or two every week? Or even once a month. A couple things. Or even once. One thing.What if everyone told a friend , every week, hey, can you buy a bag of litter for the shelter. And then they told a friend. And so on.....So simple, so easy. That might make a difference.

That's one thing a person can do.

I can't save the world, but I can make small parts of it better.

What can one person do?

What if everyone did one small thing, whatever it might be, a bag of food to the Pantry, the Humane Society, a friend in need, smiled at the person ringing up your groceries and asked how their day was going, took a moment to chat with the harried person at the post office, noticed the person on the phone at Customer Service sounded tired and asked " hey you sound tired, long day ? " or took that ( yet another in my case ) snow parking ticket in to pay and instead of growling at the people behind the desk, made light of it and laughed, made them laugh too, and feel good for a moment.......

Just making one thing good for one moment.

That's what one person can do.

And there you have my New Years resolution.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Having a Baby!

For some months now I have been going thru something many women go thru. It's never been quite so strong for me tho and finally I have come to believe, it's the right thing to do. Yes. I want one more baby. I mean, why not? The house is big enough, I can afford it, I am a great Mother. Of course, I am not having this miracle myself, I want to adopt. So I started looking. I knew exactly what I wanted ( girl, of course ) I even knew colour.

It took a long time. She had to come from a loving home, not some sort of Baby Factory. After many many nights of searching, I finally found her HERE . There she was. The Family in fact, had six they wanted to adopt out. I have spoken to the Family, the terms are agreed on.

And here she is.....

She is just 5 weeks and will be coming to me at the end of January. She is a pure Bengal, silver marbled. They don't seem to have the first picture of her up on the website now, but if you had seen her at 2 weeks, I tell you, there is not a one of you who wouldn't have done the same.

Here she is with her Mom. ( Whose name is Saphyra. Hey, her Dad's name is Brockenmoor WhoDunnit of Magical Summit. And I thought Freaky Venus Seaweed was an odd name )

I am in love. Obviously.

I have some other sound reasons for adding yet another Bengal. Freaky Venus is WILD, and is driving poor Misty Girl kind of crazy. Misty Girl likes her, and lets her wash her for time on end, and even plays with her. But Venus' idea of " Playing" soon deteriorates into a game of " I am a fierce hunter and you are my prey. Prepare to die. " And I think Venus needs something more to do all day than shred toilet paper, scatter my belongings, pull down my drapes , hide my glasses, scream for MORE food , and try and remove her nail covers and attack me when I get home. Or try and sleep. Or wake up to feed her.

So what do you do? Easy. Get another Bengal. Seems clear to me.

Actually, I kind of found a Kitty that might just be cooler than a Bengal, but at $20,000 , no, not a typo, the Ashera seemed a bit excessive. See them HERE.

( Yes, I see you out there, shaking your heads, saying darkly to yourselves, " Trouble will come of this ..." )

She even was born in the town my Mom and Grandmother were born in, an hour away from where I was born in New York. Fate, I say.

Life should never be dull. And I do not think mine will be.

Now, what to name her.....

And oh, yes, I told Venus tonight , and she is over the moon. Here is her Over the Moon face...

Love and Freaky Kitties,

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy, Happy New Years!!!!!!

Happy, happy New Year to you all!!!!

I wish you all the joy and hope in the world, and all the magic and dreams that you can find. Or hunt down, seek , or stumble across. I hope that your New Years was as wonderful as mine, whatever you did, at home, in a pub or at the swanky-est thing going.

I had the best of gigs tonight, and also , the sort of gig one learns so much at. New Years is such an evening with so very many expectations for people, one must be at an event, dressed up and have the kiss and so many things must happen to make it perfect.

I saw people tonight who came in knowing exactly what they wanted, they had seen us before and knew what could happen, they would be with Family by the end of the night. I saw people who just happened by for a song or two and stayed the night because they discovered that This was something they had been looking for.

I saw a couple who I could not fathom why they were there, so stone faced and down, relax, smile and love each other again. I saw new friends made. I saw an entire Pub know that yes, New Years can be Magic.

I had person after person tell me " You guys are so good , you make this so fun"

And all I could say to them, was " It's not me, it's you " You make the Magic. We're just here with you.

We called other bands around town, from the stage , the Tim's, Lojo and others, and the whole audience yelled Happy New Years messages into cell phones. And all I could think was that this was going on all around the world. Everyone connecting , listening to music and loving each other.

THIS is why I do this. It doesn't come from me, it comes through me from you and back out again.

From you to me.

And this is why I believe in Magic.

Love and Happy New Years, Lorraine


Malena here. The New Years Parties were too short last night. I wanted to stay forever! I saw Kitty and her friends, which is always nice. She's off to see Lorraine and her boss very soon. I'm soooo jealous!

About Magic:
As you know, Miles drew his dreamgirl in 1996 called, Nocturna. I didn't know him back then, but every time he drew a woman, he drew one that looked like me, in every illustration. A few years later a friend gave me Spectrum 6 with this illustration in it. That's me I thought! I wrote and ask him if I could write my college paper on him. (We were studying his art in my class) A few months later, Wala! We were engaged.

Here's the illustration.

Now is the time to write out our goals for 2008. Resolutions, no! Goals and "Manifesting Lists", yes!!! They really do work. If you don't believe me, look at the drawing! I've been doing these lists for years and about 75% of the things I write down come true. Why? Because you focus on them! Magic is all about intention and focus.
Speaking of focusing, if you don't see me writing on this blog too often, it's just because I'm super busy and don't have the much time to do it all. Between my sites, my forum, my Malena Collection, my blog, our blog, myspace, our myspace, The Hidden Variable site, and all my Hollywood projects, I just can't keep up. So, I'll still post on the Malena Blog and do my best to post here every once in a while.
With Love and vintage fluffies,