Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hot Tubs and Puppy Love

I am not sure there could be much greater joy for me than I had tonight when I went into my very own hot tub on my very own as yet unfinished deck and sat in my exactly 102 degree water and looked up at the stars. Bliss, pure bliss. And no, that is not my house in the background! That is some sort of small hut that I am going to shingle and paint, then have my artist friend Laura paint in some sort of wonderful Starry Starry Night sort of thing.

Tinka, also known as M the Wonder Dog ( because of the M on her head ) or Doofus ( depending on who is speaking to her ) is curled up with her Fish, and fast asleep. She is turning out to be such a fine Dog Thing, she knows to Do Her Business on the paper if she can't get out and is a joy and a delight. Always up for fun is Tinka, little hip hop bat frog pig dog, so full of love, so sweet, so adoring.

I can't wait to hand her over to Malena.

I am so a cat person.

I am worried a little tho....I bought this the other day at an antique store, for my bathroom....A face and chair only a mother could love.....What was I thinking of?????????

Gigs this weekend, see you at Charlie's if you are in town, other than that , Tinka and I will be in the hot tub!

Puppy Love and Hot water,

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Attention Horror Fans!

Check out Kitty's Birthday bash and the Creature Features show HERE

The Horror Host Documentary is hitting the big screen here in Los Angeles this weekend at the Arc Light Cinemas.
So, if you’re into Horror, you won’t want to miss this!
October 21st at 9:00 pm


American Scary

I will be making an appearance at the screening as well as a few other surprise guests. (No Neil will not be there, he is on tour!)

The film features interviews with:

Forrest J. Ackerman
Douglas Agosti - Dr. Shock
Ernie Anderson - Ghoulardi (archive footage)
Curtis Armstrong
Bob Billbrough - Hives the Butler
Jerry G. Bishop - Svengoolie
John Bloom - Joe Bob Briggs
Bob Burns
Bill Cardille - Chilly Billy
Tim Conway
Shane Dallman - Remo D.
John Dimes - Dr. Sarcofiguy
Richard Dyszel - Count Gore DeVol
George 'E-Gor' Chastain
Lowell Cunningham
Frank J. Dello Stritto
Jeanne Dietrick - Joan E. Cleaver
Brian Easterling - Butch R. Cleaver
Reed Farrell - Christopher Coffin
Hart D. Fisher
Joseph Fotinos - Professor Anton Griffin
Neil Gaiman
Donald F. Glut
Chris Gore
Jim Hendricks - Commander USA
Timothy Herron - Baron Von Wolfstein
Bob Hinton - A. Ghastlee Ghoul
Barry Hobart - Dr. Creep
Joel Hodgson - Mystery Science Theater 3000
John Kassir - The Cryptkeeper
Eric Lobo - Mr. Lobo
Leonard Maltin
Hayden Milligan - I. Zombi
Michael Monahan - Doktor Goulfinger
Joe Monks
James Morrow
David Nielsen
Mark Newman - Dr. Mor B.S.
Kevin Novotny - Ghoul-a-Go-Go's Vlad Tsepis
Maila Nurmi - Vampira
The Patient Creatures:
Bob Beidman - Carpathian
P.D. Cacek - Moira the Banshee
Andrew Ely - Grimm
Virginia Ely - Kuzibah
Mia Rotondo - Miss Scarlett
Kevin Rice - Ghoul-a-Go-Go's Creighton
John Rinaldi - Big Chuck and Li'l John Show
Tom Savini
Keven Scarpino - Son of Ghoul
Chuck Schodowski - Big Chuck and Li'l John Show
Karen Scioli - Stella
Roberta Solomon - Crematia Mortem
Ron Sweed - The Ghoul
John Stanley - Creature Features
Patricia Tallman
Jeff Thompson
Phil Tippett
Larry Underwood - Dr. Gangrene
Len Wein
Darren Wilhite
Bob Wilkins - Creature Features
John Zacherle – Zacherley
and..........MALENA TEVES. hee heee

We hope to see you there. After all, it is the most Halloween-y movie out there and it IS OCTOBER. So put your corset and jeans on and come on down! (No, Mr. Zombie, you don't have to wear a corset!)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

All I ever learned about Dogs I learned from Tinka...

Fest is over! My gigs are spacing out nicely! My house is starting to resemble a Home and not a Place Where All My Stuff Is ! My work is no longer a looming doom of Gods You Are Behind! Halloween is coming! And so is my Hot Tub, on Tuesday , in fact! I may yet rejoin the living. Or at least the Cheerful Un-dead.

All is getting back to normal in my world, at least as close as it ever gets. In two weeks I go out to see our Malena for our favorite holiday of the year, yes, we will be webcaming or podcasting or Something for the big day, I am thinking. And in November, I am taking the entire month off from gigging. I am just going to write, and learn new songs and , I believe do some more recording.

Sleep is still in short supply. Malena, the little Goth Betty Crocker , decided what she REALLY needed to make her home and world perfect was ANOTHER Boston Terrier. Now, these are pricy little dogs out in the Land of La-la, but here in the Midwest one can pick them up at the grocery store at a bargain price, so we , Malena, Mr Gorgeous and I, thought, hey, why don't I pick one out, and bring it next time I come out???!!!! What a perfect plan.


I found the Baby easily enough, and was going to leave her with the breeder for three weeks , until said time of going out, but well, she was, uh, sort of cute, in a weirdo looking way, and lonely, and little and not really up to competing for food with the rest of the litter, and I thought, Hey! How hard can it be??? So what if I have never had a dog before? I mean it's just little?????


Some things I have learned about Dogs.

1. Make sure it IS a dog. I am not at all sure this one is. It looks kind of like a cross between a Rat, Bat and Frog.

2. At 7 weeks they are NEW. Like a baby is NEW. This means they don't know ANYTHING and they are either full on party mode or sleeping. They will not sleep for long, only a couple hours. This includes the nighttime when you will want to sleep.

3. Everything you have heard or read about online about the Crate theory is wrong. They don't want to be in the crate. They will let you know this. It will sound kind of like Armageddon is happening in the crate. They want to be with you. All the time.

4. When they wake up Get Them Outside. Fast. The weird thing about dogs is that so much more comes OUT than goes IN. How is this possible????? Don't take your eyes off the dog for a second or they will Poo . EVEN if they have just been outside and Done the Business. They will still Poo if you don't watch them. This will make your Boss unhappy if you take your dog to work with you.

5. Don't take your dog to your gig. They will not sit nicely in the crate ( see # 3 ) while you play your lilting Irish Music. They will sit nicely in peoples laps or in beer pitchers. Your guitar player may take care of it during the breaks because these things are CHICK MAGNETS.

6. If the dog is small enough, put it in your purse when you go to the stores, shops or post office. You will meet a LOT of nice new people, and besides the dog does not like staying alone in the car any more than it likes the crate. Carry paper towels with you all the time.

7. They like cat food better than dog food.

8. They like cats.

9. Cats do not like them. AT ALL. Cats will look at you and let you know they are Very Very disappointed in you, how you could have made such a grievous error in judgment is beyond them, they will wash their paws of it entirely. Trouble Will Come Of This.

10. They are pretty cute, even if you are not sure your dog IS a dog, and it looks more like a Pig Dog Rat Dog Frog. It IS kind of cute. Entertaining as all heck too, in the party mode phase. They kind of do sort of a Hip Hop Dance type maneuver when they are happy and run, and they will be very fierce when they attempt to rend and kill stuffed fish or squeaking hedgehogs. When they sleep, which they like to do on you, they will melt your heart. And you will want to protect them forever.

Everyone asks me Won't it be hard to give her up to Malena? I do love the little thing, and she sure is fun and I am really glad to have had this experience and do this for my best friend, but...

No. It won't.

Meet Tinka.

Love and dogs and hot tubs,